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Chapter 41 : Chapter 41 : Slaughtering Sheep

Re;Hell Gate

Leiu didn't look back at Luissa's corpse and disregarded any loot she dropped as it was not the time for that. His next targets were the Archer and the Mage.

Fortunately, they were a bit behind Luissa and in front of Suk, they were in the middle but what was troublesome for Leiu is that the swordsman of the party was next to them too. Apparently, he was their close friend too and once he saw Luissa's death and the sudden appearance of Leiu, his face whitened and fear surged through him.

"W-what do you want!"

Seeing Leiu rushing at them with unbelievable speed, the swordsman uttered this words in shock. His safety was the most important thing for him right now so without , he shifted his and dashed to the right whilst ignoring all his party member.

As he saw this, Leiu smirked and coldly replied to the terrified swordsman

"It should be fairly what I'm doing."

He was how to get rid of the Mage and Archer with the swordsman's presence but since he ran on his own to the darkness, it made the much easier for Leiu.

While wielding his and white sword and the chains in his left hand, Leiu threw the chains at the Archer. Contrary to the scared swordsman, the Archer and Mage were quite dedicated to their party and once they saw Leiu Luissa, they knew he came for revenge for what they did to him.

The first to react was the mage, he waved his staff and didn't hesitate to deplete all his Mana to cast [Wind Hurricane], which is a strong attack for the Wind Mages.

The hurricane was big and ravaged everything in its sight, however, Leiu was not perturbed by the hurricane, such attack could not be deflected by [Counter] but that didn't mean it can't be blocked.

He activated [Dark Empowerment] and dived straight through the big wind hurricane. Such a strong attack was not something that Leiu could block and come out unscathed, 14 of his Health Points disappeared as the damage was greatly reduced by he still received some injuries and cuts in his hands and shoulders.

It was not that painful and he was not pushed off by the hurricane. The chains struck the Archer who reacted a bit too late to dodge them as they were very fast. Very soon, the poor youth was entangled by the chains and was unable to do a thing, he only struggled and wriggled his body to get out of the chains but to no avail, his couldn't be more futile.

At that time, Leiu arrived next to him and the Mage, he ignored the entangled Archer and shifted his to the Mage, who was exhausted by using such a strong attack.

The shock Belui received couldn't be described, he was a Wind Mage and [Wind Hurricane] is his strongest attack right now, it is equal to [Fire Fox] and [Water Waves] in power yet it was blocked just like that? The damage was almost non-existent.

In some cases, such attacks could one-shot DPS yet it did nothing to Leiu. What did that mean? It means that Leiu was either a Tank or he had extraordinary stats. The first guess is wrong as it was Leiu was a DPS , from his movement to his deadly attack, one could ascertain he's a DPS , but how could he have such high defense?

"Nice attack you got there."

Leiu's mocking and a sarcastic voice rang in the Belui's ears, it was the last thing he heard before his and he died.

All Leiu did was horizontally at the Mage's neck, beheading him on the spot. His high damage, coupled with his strong sword and the buff from [Dark Empowerment], [Shadows] and [Darkness], which was doubled, by the way, it was more than enough to finish Belui as he was a Mage with very low defense and Health.

Even the Archer, who was struck by the chains was almost dead by that hit so it didn't take Leiu much to finish him, all it required was a stab to his skull.

Leiu's were brutal and merciless, even in games, one would strike in the heart, abdomen or chest. It was too gory for people to behead or stab the skull as it was disgusting and disturbing yet he didn't care. As long as it kills the opponent, then he will do it.

With the three long-ranged now dead, Leiu felt the pressure lessen by a huge amount. One had run off to who knows where and the other one was struggling and defending the multiple attacks of the Blobs.

Tank had a lot of skills which pulls the aggro on them so the all the Blobs were focusing on him and bombarding him with magical attacks, arrows.

Thankfully, his shield was quite big and sturdy and he focused on the Vitality stats as it added a bit to his defense and Health

Leiu's highest right now is not taking down Suk but getting rid of the Thief who he bypassed ago. Such a good Thief and a strong one at that is troublesome if he left him alive and focused on a big tank like Suk.

While holding the chains in his left hand, Leiu turned around and stared at , who was holding invisible strings and a short dagger in his hand.

"W-wait wait! No need to kill me, I'll not interfere."

raised his hands as if he was surrendering, from the very start he told Suk's party he would not help them if Leiu came back for revenge. Not that it happened, he was not willing to participate, especially after he saw how monstrous Leiu is. He was a freak! Literally. And he thought he was good at the game? In front of Leiu, he is but a joke.

It's true Leiu attacked by surprise, but just by the fact that he one shot 2 people and easily at that, one could see he is not normal, he even defend against the hurricane while losing a bit of Health.

could not see the exact numerical value of Leiu's Health, but he saw that his Health decreased by just a bit, that in itself was enough to warn him about Leiu's freaking stats.

Despite hearing that, Leiu didn't on letting go. He said that but he still could stab him later when he's dealing with Suk or another time if they ever met, after all, he was a Thief, his hiding abilities are way better than him even if it was at night.

There were specific skills that granted invisibility or hid the presence of the user, such skills cannot be seen by Leiu which is why he did not listen to

"Wait I said wait! I really am not going to participate in your quarrel, since I joined their party I warned them that I would have nothing to do with them and will only farm the dungeon with them. I even left their party right now!"

was desperately trying to convince Leiu, he was confident he couldn't beat him and unsure of whether he could flee if Leiu chased him so he tried finding a with words first.

Leiu stopped his steps and frowned as he was looking at , after thinking for a couple of , he smirked and said to the youth.

"If that is the case, then go bring me that swordsmen's head, you have 10 to chase him, if you are not running to his by that time then there'll be no mercy for you."

Leiu's cold and threatening voice rang out in ;s ears, without , he gripped his short dagger and rushed into the darkness where Belui ran off to. He was not on running, he knew someone like Leiu, who could venture around alone in this dungeon could easily find him. Moreover, he noticed that Leiu didn't use a torch so that means he had a way to roam in the darkness while not stepping on traps or being attacked by Blobs.

Leiu didn't bother with , he turned to look at Suk, who had a red face and sweat dripping from his forehead, he was clearly exhausted and on the brink of death.

His Health bar was at 40%, he was slowly retreating but the Blobs didn't leave any room to back off as they were slowly circling around him.

While slowly striding toward Suk, Leiu with his chains and emitted some crackling sounds with them. It was a creepy and cold sound that rang out in Suk's ears, his crackling was like some ear-deafening drums that announced his

"Tell me, how does it feel to be cornered like this? I'm quite ;

Suk's heart was beating fast as he raised his shield and blocked the arrows, but the worst thing is that his back was wide open to Leiu, who was coming toward him. He couldn't turn around to flee because the Blobs are focusing him and he would die the moment he put down his big shield.

To make matters worse is that the shield showed some signs of breaking as it sustained too many attacks, the Blobs's number increased as they became 8. 4 Mage Blobs, 3 Archers and one club-wielding Blobs which rammed its club non-stop at the poor baldy.

"I'm sure it feels amazing to be in your I wish I could feel it too.... oh wait! I think I did, but it was a short , unlike yours. I must admit, it was a bitter feeling at first, but you'll get used to it, I'm sure of it."

As he said that, Leiu raised his chains and struck down with immense force. The chains came flying down at two Mage Blobs, sending them flying to the back until they struck a nearby wall.

Following that, Leiu stayed a bit close to Suk and swung his chains at all the chasing Blobs, since all of them were focusing Suk, even when they were hit, they still ignored him.

Having a tank take care of the aggro was a wonderful feeling, Leiu enjoyed his time as he hit them again and again. He didn't get close and just swung his chains endlessly.

Suk gritted his teeth as he gulped a Health and activated [Rivalry Shield], it was a burst wave created by a swing of his shield, it stunned the enemies and flings them a distance away from the user.

The attack was used at the club-wielding Blob, which Leiu didn't attack. The Blob was sent flying near its comrades and by the next , it was struck by Leiu's chains.

Whenever he saw Leiu strike with his chains, Suk felt a cold shiver down his spines, the damage dealt by the chains is unbelievable.

Not long after, footsteps could be heard as came back holding a head in his hand, although he felt like vomitting, he held it in him and throw the head near Leiu. Who only nodded and said

"You can go then, but remember, if you try anything, I'll always come back, always...."

gulped some saliva as he heeded Leiu's warning, he took a torch and retreated way back from the fight.

The Blobs were all killed by Leiu's chains, none were spared from the brute and insane power of the chains. Their crackling continued as Leiu pulled them close to him. They were dyed with their blood and the stench was not pleasing.

Suk was breathing heavily as he felt a bit of joy when he saw all of them killed but as if he remembered something the joy disappeared and what it was immense fear and uneasiness.

He didn't even have the courage to turn his neck and look at Leiu, but even without doing that, he could feel a cold and merciless stare aimed at him.

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