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Chapter 38 : Chapter 38 : Catching Up

Re;Hell Gate

After the ended and Elena and co went to their respective and continued recruiting for a thief. Everyone continued throwing some gazes at Leiu, who in return didn't even react and merely ignored them as usual.

He headed for the dungeon entrance while receiving the angry and sharp gaze of Elena, who still didn't give up on making his life a living hell.

Her group was very surprised when they saw him enter the dungeon alone, they didn't stop him or advise him to get a party, in fact, him going alone is much better, if he was lucky enough to survive, they would kill him when they enter, it would be such a sweet revenge.

"He's stupid, thinking that because he's a bit stronger than the average , he could solo a dungeon, he would only get one-shotted!"

The Assassin youth sneered as he looked at Leiu's back, he remembered the time he got insta-killed by Leiu and wanted to return that attack right back at him. A dark dungeon is a good for an Assassin, which is mainly a stealth that is meant to sneak attack on enemies.

, when they fought Leiu, he couldn't use the Stealth Skill in time, but now, the moment they spot him inside the dungeon, he's most definitely doomed.

What this poor party didn't know is that the dungeon is considered the home of Leiu, with his clear in complete darkness, he didn't need any torch or lantern, so they couldn't find him even if they searched for him in all the floors.

He's like a crouching tiger, waiting for them to enter his trap and kill them one by one. This dungeon could be the most beneficial for Leiu, who have all his passives activated, his chains and enhanced sword, nothing could beat him in a 1v1.

Chul ignored Leiu when he disappeared from his view, he needed to find a thief for the dungeon because without it'll be a bit difficult. An Assassin has some dismantling skills but they are not as effective as a Thief. If worse comes to worse, the Assassin youth would get rid of the traps although it'll not be 100% safe, it's better than wasting all night here, but that's only if they do not find any Thief in the next hour or so.


With him prepared and his chains wrapped around his arms, Leiu held his and white sword and advanced to the dark first floor of the Dungeon.

He wasn't to find the baldy's part straight away, but he would wait here until they come to him. They may be all offline right now, they may also be in Mountain City, there were countless possibilities.

Well, whether they are here not, Leiu would grind in here until he finds them, simply searching for them everywhere would be a true waste of time. If they want to level up, they would surely come here, after all this dungeon can be effective until Level 40-45.

Moreover, even after reaching Lvl 45, killing the boss here can bring many benefits and generous Experience.

It didn't take Leiu long to arrive at the first floor, it was as cold and dark as ever. With some few lights in the darkness that indicated that there were some parties present.

Leiu didn't need a torch, his couldn't be clearer or better than it is now, with everything ready, he started searching Blobs to kill and test his new chains and strength on them.

Blobs were like him, they had a good in a dark such as the first floor, with soundless steps, he roamed the wide cave until he spotted a group of 3 Haunting Blobs.

Leiu his behind a huge boulder a dozen of meters away from them, he held the chains that were practically invisible in here.

Sneaking up on the Blobs was the easiest thing ever because their steps are very loud so it made it easier for to locate them.

However, their brown skin made them merge a bit with the environment, so one had to have keen eyes in such a dark

Whilst holding his chains, Leiu advanced near them and when he was in a range, he started his act. With a powerful swing, he threw the chains at nearest Blob, immediately entangling him and dealing a decent amount of damage.

The chain damage is usually very big and it had a high probability of crit due to Leiu's Hunt Skill. About one quarter or so of the Blobs's Health bar vanished by his strike, their Level was lower than his and his stats were overwhelmingly high, so it is kind of natural to deal that damage. If he uses [Dark Empowerment] and [Invisible Strike] There is a high chance to one shot them with his sword.

As the Blob was entangled, Leiu rushed at it with fast speed and down with his sword. It was a simple and aimed at his hands. Since the Blob was entangled by the chains, it couldn't resist, with the sharpness of the newly enhanced sword, its two hands were chopped off and blood began everywhere.

The Blob didn't die but it would in a few due to blood loss. Leiu didn't pay it any more and hastily sidestepped to the front, dodging a club that was aimed at his head, then he immediately used [Counter] to resist a frontal swing of a Blob.

The skill was as the Blob in front of him was pushed a couple of steps. Leiu followed that by a [Carving Shot], a white beam was aimed at the Blob's skull, taking more than 80% of its Health.

Leiu's main strength layed in his fast strikes, whether It's [Invisible Strike] or the continuous , he excelled in them after countless battles in the game.

After using [Carving Shot], Leiu thrust his sword yet again at the same spot, finish off the Blob.

The remaining one was the one who he dodged a ago, with his chains in hand, Leiu threw the chains at the Blob, which just attacked with its club again.

The chains with the club for a before the latter was sent flying from the Blob's hands, moreover, the chains were still flying at the surprised Blob. Before it could react, the chains hit its abdomen, pushing it down to the ground, then Leiu waved the chains and made them wrap around the Blob's legs, sealing its movements.

In fact, controlling the chains in the game is way easier, when his master in them increases, he could control them and make them move in a weird manner so they could wrap around something, such as legs, waist or arms. It could even suffocate the enemy if he is precise.

Leiu easily finished the last Blob and then looted all the corpses, the Experience he received was as generous as ever, what's more, is that killing them is much easier than last time, with the chains with him now, it's like chickens and not fighting dungeon monsters. If they are this easy, he should try the floor later.

The next group of Blobs he finished was a group of 5, although he received a bit of damage, it was quickly by a Health , these monsters didn't cause him any threat and the loot and Experience were very good, since he slept well today, he was to spend all night farming, it would be amazing if Baldy's group came.

Like this, Leiu continued farming on the first floor for 3 straight hours non-stop, he would only rest for a couple of minutes because his Stamina is low. He would always keep his Stamina above 10 and considered 10 points like 1 point and that's because he didn't want to get ambushed again by anyone. He would always be on guard and never fights close to parties to not attract too much-unwanted

The only reason he stopped after 3 hours is that he had to eat, he almost spent all day without eating anything, so he had to log off and eat and rest for half an hour.

Even if he logs off inside of the dungeon, it doesn't make a difference, so after finding a small corner with no Blobs around the area, he logged off.

He managed to Level up 5 times in these three hours and it is considered decent. Parties would level up less than him as the experience was shared but they would farm for more hours than him. Well, his Level is not bad for the moment and he didn't stop he just needed to rest then he'll continue.

After getting off the bed, Leiu ate instant food he got from the convenience store in the morning, then he cleaned his apartment and took out the trash. After finishing that, he took a shower to freshen himself then he opened his laptop to check the Leaderboard and some other stuff about Hell Gate.

1 Acyle Lv44

2 Emperor Lv43

3 Kirito Lv43

5 Mister Kind Lv42

6 Fluffy Puffy Lv42

7 Commander Luo Lv40

8 Frakenstein Lv40

9 Saasha Lv40

10 Lv40

'A lot are at 40 already...'

Leiu was indeed left behind because he had to work, but in the next days, hopefully, he could catch up to them or at least not fall too much behind.

As he was browsing the forums, an about the Dungeons bosses are posted. Since there were 4 Main Cities, there were 4 beginner dungeons. In Leiu's city, the boss is apparently called 'Nuppepp?'.

Apparently, it's a passive, genderless Blob that can directly eat Stamina from the , no of beating is are posted and some died when they tried facing him.

It had a huge size and was made from sticky , some that fire is very effective against it but it was only a rumor.

After reading some stuff for some time, Leiu closed his laptop and went back to his room to resume He put on the game headset and logged in to the came.

As he opened his eyes, he found himself at the same , no Blobs were near him and the was still dark. His passives activated and the log from before he logged off was in front of him.

[Chains Mastery : Basic Lv3=>4](passive) : When using Chains, you deal 8% more damage and have 95% chance of entangling for 5

[Counter : Normal] : Basic Lv3=>4: You can counter any physical attack and return 120% of the damage.

Cost : 1 Stamina

Cooldown : 28

His skills are growing at a fast pace, although once the Level of the skill is higher, it harder, if he fights for long of time, they are bound to level up sooner or later, so he wasn't worried.

The Durability of his sword and chains are still very high as they were made from special materials so it is way harder for them to break. Only if the item is made from trash material does it break very fast, like the Steel Sword.

He could fight all day and his weapons would still have high Durability, Iron is a material that is very durable after all.

Just as he started advancing, Leiu's eyes landed on a crude looking chest not far away from his It was in a corner, laying there silently, anyone would presume it's a treasure chest, Leiu also did when he first saw it last time.

In dungeons, treasures chests are common but so are mimics, Leiu was not interested in treasures chests so much as to sacrifice himself. While holding his chains, he approached the crude looking chest.

'Let's see if you can sneak-attack me now you bastard! I never what you did to me!'

Although it was not the same mimic as last time, Leiu still it as it was from the same race or the same category, whatever it was, he was not on letting it go, if it was indeed a treasure chest and it got destroyed, all its contents will vanish that's why almost all would be hesitant on whether to attack it or check it first. Leiu was not that kind of person, he would attack it either way.

When he was just a couple of meters away from the chest, Leiu used all his strength to swing the chains down at the crude looking wooden chest.

As the chains struck the chest with immense momentum, the crude looking chest which was silently laying there emitted a weird sound.

At that moment, Leiu knew he hit the mark and it was indeed a damn mimic. Before it could retaliate, Leiu activated [Dark Empowerment] and swang down his chains yet again with a power stronger than the last one.

The strike was too powerful as the sound it emitted was very loud, Leiu didn't care about that and rushed at the mimic after entangling with the chains, making it unable to take out its limbs. Only its ugly and big mouth was opened and biting on the chains.

With his sword in hand, he charged at the mimic and used [Invisible Strike] taking a huge chunk of the tanky mimic. These strange creatures not only were they good at acting, they had a lot of Health and were deadly. He didn't pause as he followed that strike with another one.

A white sword beam came out of his and white sword, the sword beam hit the mimic's tongue, cutting it and making blood come out of it. But like last time, the tongue was instantly regenerated. Leiu was unfazed by that as he thrust his sword deep into the mimic's mouth. The entanglement was almost over, so Leiu backed away from the mimic while holding his chains.

He couldn't entangle the mimic for another 5 If he could endlessly entangle the same enemy it would be a cheat, so once an enemy was entangled, after it was over, he couldn't be entangled again for 5

It was a short time but it was enough for most people to dodge or find a , that's how chains were, if you are not careful, getting paralyzed or entangled over and over again is a common thing.

While holding the chains and sword, Leiu backed away, he didn't lift his gaze from the mimic, who already had its long disgusting limbs come out for its body.

It only had 15% or so Health remaining, but it would be too reckless to dive straight at it.

Leiu waited for it to leap at him before he raised his chains and struck yet again, the chains were meant only as a , he purposely missed the target and waited for the mimic's hand attack to reach him.

Just as the weird looking hand was going to hit him, a green circle appeared in front of him and countered the attack. Leiu used [Counter] and deflected the attack, the mimic backed away a couple of steps and some of its Health decreased. Leiu didn't let it the time to stabilize its body as he followed with a clean from his sword, finishing what remaining from its low Health.

"....tsk tsk! What a tough fucker..."

Leiu really hated the mimic but he had to kill it as the Experience he received was worth 10 or more Blobs, so it was worth spending so much effort in killing it and it's not like he lost any Health so it was a win-win

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