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Chapter 37 : Chapter 34 : The Longest 30 Seconds Ever

Re;Hell Gate

The dark forest around the huge Mountain was gloomy as ever. Leiu was feeling a bit depressed as the more he went deeper into the forest, the more centaurs he

Unlike last time, Guthne remained silent the whole trip, he learned his lesson from last time, moreover, Leiu never ceased warning him to keep silent.

With his clear in a dark forest such as this due to his , Leiu was able to spot centaurs from afar, he would never get too close to them as try to limit the sounds he emitted as much as he could.

With his current Level, equipment and strength, there is absolutely no way he can defeat these centaurs.

If he is unlucky enough and gets by more than one centaur, the only thing he could do is die. He managed to get away from the centaur because of the Ice spike, but he would not be as lucky as that time and hit the centaur's legs with the Ice spike.

The centaur with the lowest Level he spotted was a Lv48 centaur, it looked as domineering and strong ever. He couldn't help but tremble when he remembered that strong thrust of the centaur.

It sent his body flying a couple of meters and took more than half of his Health! The sheer strength of that strike was not something to underestimate.

Fortunately, he somehow raised his sword to reduce the damage but a bit and activated [Dark Empowerment], so the damage was greatly reduced yet it almost insta-killed him.

"Hey, didn't you say there are small caves in this area? how come there is nothing since we began advancing!"

Guthne, who was leisurely walking behind Leiu, shrugged his shoulder and retorted with his loud voice

"How should I know, I only heard rumors and that's it, don't put the on me!"

Leiu really wished he could kill this short old man, he was such a hassle, not only is he useless, he was very loud when he is speaking, if there was a centaur nearby, it would surely have heard this dirty old man.

"You..... speaks with a low voice, damnit!"

Leiu grunted as he warned the Guthne yet again, but his warning seemed to be useless as the old man acted as if he didn't hear him and continued walking while enjoying the view.

It has been half an hour or so since they diveintode the dark forest for the time. Leiu managed to spot a dozen of centaurs a couple of times, and each time both of them would make a big detour to avoid them. The detours would take a lot of time so that's the main reason they are advancing so slowly.

'The day is going to be waste on this damn quest!'

As he saw cursing like usual, Leiu and Guthne finally stumbled upon a small cave. It could barely be called a cave, it's more like three boulder in each and a big one on the top, making it seem like a cave.

Fortunately, there were no centaurs in the surroundings, Leiu sighed as he walked to the cave with Guthne.

"This should be it"

Guthne strolled to the cave as he waved his mining axe happily, once he was inside the cave, he began touching the big boulders randomly, seemingly searching for something.

"What are you doing, hurry up and begin, this is not your garden to stay like this!"

Leiu really wanted to abandon this quest, the more he stayed with Guthne, the angrier he became. He was of the presence of the centaurs. Monsters do not stay at a constant pace but they would roam the whole forest, so sooner or later; they would come here and when that happens, he could do nothing but flee.

"Shut up! I'm concentrating.... *sigh*, these days can't even respect their elders."

Leiu raised the hilt of his white sword and at the short old man while speaking

"What did you just say?"

"Ehmm... I said that you should keep guard and focus on protecting me from those monsters."

Leiu's raised sword was put down as he ignored the old man and stood in front of the cave, at his surroundings, if he spotted anything strange, he would grab the old man and make a run for it. The centaurs were not the only creatures living here, there were other monsters so the possibility of one this deep in the forest is very high.

Very soon, Guthne started mining the Iron after finding their To make the chains, there is no need for a huge chunk of Iron, just some would be more than enough.

'pang! pang! pang!'

The sound of mining resounded in the silent dark forest, each time he heard the sound, Leiu could feel his heart bleeding, he didn't want to die or be by any creature.

He wiped the invisible cold sweat from his forehead and tightly held White Edge, he could not drop his guard down, especially at a time like this.

Despite acting so leisurely earlier, the old man did his job meticulously, each hit was precise and took a small bit of Iron. He was indeed an experienced and a good miner.

After having mined for about half an hour, Guthne dropped his axe and layed on the ground, he was feeling dead tired after exerting so much strength in mining.

"Ahh, I'm so exhausted...."

Leiu noticed this, he shifted his gaze to the small Iron chunks near the old man and knew it was not enough to make his chain.

'Only this much after a whole 30 minutes? You must be kidding me!'

Each was important yet this short old man, who appeared to be working hard, did nothing but take out this meager amount of Iron.

"Why did you stop? This is not enough."

While laying on the ground, Guthne turned his dirty head to look at Leiu and retorted

"I know it's not enough but I'm tired, I can't even lift a finger, much less mine Iron, if it were normal Iron, I would have finished a long time ago."

Leiu didn't get angry this time, he knew that raging and snapping at the old man would not help, so he tried a different tactic.

" Guthne, this is dangerous, we should hurry up and finish the quest, the sooner the better, it is no time to be resting, please do your job that you were assigned to."

Hearing the respectful tone of Leiu, Guthne a creepy grin and replied

"This of yours is useless, I'm already old and I can't put too much stress on my body."

Seeing that his 'Super Polite Tactic' didn't work, Leiu clenched his fist tightly as he walked toward the old man with a deadpan face.

"You... what are you going to do?"

Guthne, who was grinning a ago, became a bit afraid as he saw the look on Leiu's face. He even crawled back from him.

Once Leiu was a meter or so away from the old men, he picked his mining axe and started imitating what the old man did

It would take forever to wait for him, especially in such a dangerous , he just couldn't wait any longer, since this useless is unwilling to finish his job, he got no choice but to do it himself.

Moreover, it's his style anyway, Leiu preferred doing the job himself more than relying on others, it's just that he doesn't know how to mine, but after seeing the old man mine, he kind of grasped it, well not completely, but he could always imitate him.

'Pang! Pang!'

Leiu's Strength was higher than the old man, so each hit was worth 3 or 4 hits of the old man, moreover, he focused on the Iron inside the boulder.

Not even 3 minutes passed when a blue message popped in front of Leiu.

Mining skill acquired! Mining (Grade : Normal) (Passive : Basic Lv1) : When mining, you Stamina decreases 10% slower. You have 0.5% chance of obtaining a rare material when mining.


The skills from and such, the basic ones could be obtained by practicing them, such as mining them, but there were special skills to mining that could not be obtained just by practicing, these skills are the ones that could be put in the cross-skills bard, as for the Mining skill, it is constantly active and even if Leiu is not a miner, he could still use it.

Seeing that his efforts are paying off and Iron chunks are falling one after another, Leiu became a bit ecstatic as his mining is way better than Guthne, who was supposed to be a good miner.

"I say, kid, you sure know how to mine, are you perhaps a miner in disguise?"

Leiu totally ignored the old man and kept mining with all his Strength, there was no time to waste and each is important.

After 10 minutes, Leiu managed to mine a even bigger than the old man, who mined for a whole 30 minutes, but the problem is he is stuck right now. There was a huge chunk of Iron inside the boulder, but no matter where or how much he struck it, it wouldn't come off.

Guthne also noticed this, so he stood up and pushed Leiu from near the boulder while proudly saying

"Time for the experts to do their job now, watch closely and be amazed by your ;s greatness"

As he said that, another mining axe appeared out of no where, the quality was better than the one Leiu was using and its tip is made from special Iron, unlike Leiu's which was a bronze mining axe.

"What! You have another mining axe?!"

Leiu's eyes nearly popped out of their own sockets, , he thought the old man was a poor bastard, so that's why he wasted effort to go back to where he dropped he(Guthne) throw his axe in the fight against the centaur, but here he is, taking out an even better mining axe.

"Of course I do, this is my main mining axe."

As he said that, he waved it in front of Leiu, as if a priceless treasure.

"Then why did you make me go all the way back to retrieve this piece of junk!"

"What do you mean piece of junk, that mining axe in your hand is also good quality, I didn't want to waste it because you didn't manage to defeat that monster"


Leiu didn't retort the old man and just watched him, waiting for him to do his thing.

Guthne raised his axe high up in the air and struck the huge chunk of Iron. The axe shined with a hazy green colour and when it struck the Iron, a loud sound rang in all the surroundings.

Before Leiu could react, the old man disappeared from his , he was already running away. God knows how he managed to collect all the scattered Iron and that big chunk, but he did it, not only that, he left him for dead and ran for it.

By the time Leiu snapped out of his surprise, 2 centaurs were running straight at him, but the problem was not that, it was that another creature was chasing them.

It was a Calygreyhound, with a body of a deer, of an eagle on its forelegs and the hooves of an ox on its hind legs. Its appearance was horrifying, its speed was unbelievable as although it was a long distance away from the centaurs, it managed to close the distance in a matter of !

Leiu already unsheathed his white sword and focused on fleeing, he launched an Ice spike at one of the centaurs, hoping to slow them even for a bit.

Unfortunately, the centaur was ready for it as shattered the Ice spike with a simple sweep from his silver spear.

'I'm doomed, definitely doomed!'

Seeing that his attack did nothing and the centaurs were closing in on him, Leiu felt despair as he couldn't do anything. If he turned around and faced them, it would only result in him before cut into several pieces by those spears.

If only he could manage to survive 30 , only 30! At that time, he could bring out his mount and flee. The only to bring it out is to be out of fighting-mode for at least 30

Since he just fired the Ice spike, it could be considered he just left the fighting-mode for barely a , and the centaurs would catch him in less than 10 , so how in the world could he buy some time?

Leiu mustered all the Strength he currently had and focused on just running and nothing else, the centaurs were escaping from the Calygreyhound, but at the same time chasing him, do they want to use him as a bait or are they ignoring the beast behind them?

The trees in this dark forest were not long unlike the home of the Crazy Apes, but , Leiu decided to go with the crazy and reckless idea that struck him just now.

It may be completely suicidal and but he was out of choices, but try it and die than die without doing anything.

Leiu charged straight at thick tree a couple of meters in front of him, it was barely 3 meters tall and had many branches and leaves.

Without paying much heed to the two centaurs just behind him, Leiu leapt at the thick trunk in front of him, he used all his strength in his leap and when he was just about to crush into it. He used his left leg to press on the tree trunk and launch himself to the opposite

It to a backflip but much more efficient as he used the thick tree trunk as a momentum to launch himself in the air. His jump was rather high and he purposely jumped toward this way because the Calygreyhound was coming from this !

He didn't know if this huge beast would mind him or not, but hopefully it won't. This Calygreyhound had a body a bit bigger than a normal and an agressive demeanor.

Whilst diregarding the beast which had its mouth wide open and staring at the his with a look, Leiu rushed at the Calygreyhound as he was prepared for whatever would happen.

Fortunately, his leap seperated him for the two centaurs, they were still behind him but when they noticed the Calygreyhound, they instantly turned around and ran hastily with their gallopping horse legs.

'Please ignore me, please ignore me, please ignore me!'

Leiu continuously wished the goddess of Luck would help him and make this -like beast ignore him and chase the centaurs.

He wasn't to crash into the tiger, when he noticed the centaurs turning around and fleeing, Leiu changed the he was fleeing at by just a bit as the Calygreyhound was already near him, it was too late to completely choose a and flee toward it.

He forcefully changed the he was fleeing at by a bit so this way, he would pass barely next to the Calygreyhound.

His hopes were on the Goddess of Luck, if she didn't help him and make the Calygreyhound ignore him, he was 100% dead.

Only half the time of 30 passed, he only needed to hold on for 15 more but it sounded like an eternity for him, who was in such a dire

As he was just about to pass the Calygreyhound, who was ignoring his existence, Leiu felt a strong pain in his right side of his waist all the way to his shoulder.

Next thing he saw was his own body flying at a great speed while blood from the grievous wound he just received from the Calygreyhound.

The seemingly normal deer legs transformed into long sharp which hit Leiu's right side of his body, his body stopped flying only when it struck a tree not far away.

And to make him even more unlucky, the he was sent to was precisely were the two centaurs were fleeing towards.

The strike was too strong, before he could react, he was already heavily breathing under a tree, blood came out of his severe wounds and his Health was rapidly decreasing, he didn't know why he didn't die, but it seems that whoever wished for him to live, wanted him to suffer more than this.

One of the two centaurs suddenly threw his Silver Spear at Leiu, who was barely able to stand up. An injured prey appeared in front of them, so why would they not kill it?

Seeing the flying spear coming at him, Leiu didn't launch an Ice spike or use White Edge to block, but he forcefully moved his body and rolled to the right, barely dodging the spear.

He didn't know if being injured meant being in fighting-mode or not, but he deeply hoped it was not the case.

'O'Goddes of luck, Fortuna, please have mercy on me, I'm just a beginner doing a quest! Why throw all these monsters on me!'

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