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Chapter 36 : Chapter 37 : It's a Small World Indeed

Re;Hell Gate

After fully preparing himself and his Stamina, Health, and Mana, Leiu headed to the part of the forest where the dungeon is situated.

There was an astronomical number of trees and thick bushes, which made it look a bit gloomy and dark. All his dark passives were activated along with the buff. His damage now has risen by an insane amount.

There were some people scattered here and there, but not as much as the first part of the forest, this one was a bit harder for parties because if they get caught by a ;s routs, they would all perish, so most would farm in the first part while shooting the Crazy Apes down with bows or long-ranged magical attacks.

Leiu didn't bother killing any monsters as it was not the time, he bypassed them all and went straight toward the dungeon's

It didn't take him a long time while mounting Milkan, the reason he decided to mount him is that it's a bit dark here and even if they saw him, they wouldn't be able to properly see his appearance so there is nothing be worried about.

Milkan's speed was very fast, along with the atmosphere of the forest, it's nearly impossible to see Leiu's appearance, they would only see a shadow with a cape, nothing more unless a had some kind of Unique skills that is to the eyes and made everything clearer, but that probability is low, very low!

After traveling Milkan for sometimes, Leiu finally arrived at the grassy small in front of the dungeon. He unsummoned Milkan before going out in the open to attract less and troubles.

Of course, he got some gazes when he got out of the forest, but nothing too , it was the usual gazes, as he was wearing a grey cape, hood and there was a white sheath in his waist, it is bound to attract some stares but no one would be dumb enough to try to rob him in public.

The sky was already dark by the time he arrived, so his passives are still 'On', which made it even more safe for Leiu.

Leiu didn't mind the other people and went straight ahead after confirming that the baldy's party is not outside like last time. When he was checking the people here, his eyes landed on a certain group of four people, but he didn't pay any heed to them, however, that didn't mean the other party ignored his presence.

In fact, the moment he stepped out, they were not paying too much , but once he got a bit too close, one of them gave a non- and was startled.

It was the first group that died by Leiu's hands and the one who first saw Leiu was the poor mage, Elena, who lost her staff when she died by his hands.


She didn't even bother telling her party as she snapped at him, just looking at his leisurely walk and covered head made her blood boil and her heart beat rapidly due to the shame of what happened last time. She was the one who bore the greatest grudge toward him, he used her body a meat shield and she got ripped to pieces by the Crazy Ape, it was a total disgrace to her as a and most importantly as a woman.

Elena didn't dare attack him recklessly, but that doesn't mean she would stay calm and composed. The moment she snapped at Leiu, it attracted all the unwanted he wanted to avoid. Leiu could only sigh and stare at the enraged Elena.

Even her party, which was discussing what to do and who to recruit was greatly surprised by his appearance. Chul felt resentment and hate, the assassin youth felt indignant and embarrassment, as for the Archer, she wanted to make peace and avoid an unnecessary trouble with this , last time they got owned so hard by him, so what makes them think they could kill him now? They weren't that naive to think he won last time because of the apes, it's true they helped him in some way, but almost all the work was done by him and him alone.

Leiu looked at Elena while remaining silent, he just wanted to wait for her to finish her outburst and be done with it, he's going to kill the other party but if this one also dared to attack, he got no problem in finished them off a bit early too, after all, they would die by his hands or in the dungeon, either way works for him.

"What are you doing here? You dare show your face in front of me?"

Elena was truly angry as she couldn't calm herself down, she had a curvy body and a beautiful appearance, coupled with her serene attitude, she was like a fairy, but now, she looked like a tiger more than a fairy.

Leiu still didn't reply as he patiently waited for her, he isn't going to wait all day but if it's just spending a few minutes to let this woman speak whatever is in her mind, then it's fine, as long as it gets rid of this nuisance of a lady.

Elena walked straight toward Leiu and once she was too close, she stretched her hand to punch him on his face, although she was a mage, she wanted to beat him up with her fists and not with magic, moreover, with the excuse of relieving hr anger, she could beat him up without any resistance, or so she thought.

Just as her punch was going to land on his hooded-face, Leiu side-stepped to the left, easily dodging the slow punch that even a turtle could dodge.

The crowd of people watched this while grinning, everyone enjoys the misery of others and so did they, seeing Leiu going to be beaten up by her was a rare and nice sight, so they just remained silent and watched this show.

What they expected didn't happen, the hooded-man dodged Elena's punch and then kept staring at her, it was kind of creepy and unpleasant, no one would like to be stared at by him, especially when you don't know what is laying under that hood.

Elena was the most surprised as she never expected Leiu to be this shameless, seeing him stay there, she originally thought he was going to her punch like a man and to atone for what he did to her party and her especially, but no, it didn't appear to be the case.

Not only did he dodge, he also kept staring at her, the anger increased by another level, her head turned a bit red from embarrassment as she didn't know what to do, does she keep punching or attack with magic?

What to do?

"Shameless bastard! After what you've done, you still dare not receive punishment? Coward!"

Elena tried calling him names and insulting him, but Leiu didn't even flinch, it's like he turned deaf and didn't mind whatever she said to him. Even calling him a dog or a would not be effective, it's like talking to a statue, or rather, a moving statue.

Elena felt a gentle hand touch on her shoulder when she turned around, she found her best friend Sui, she was looking at her with a soft smile while shaking her head.

"It's futile Elena, just let it go...."

Despite hearing this, Elena was not willing to do so, whether, in fighting or verbal abuse, she couldn't win, Leiu only said a few words to her party last time, but each one of them was like a knot stuck in her heart, it was an disgrace.

"Sui is right, it's not the time for this, maybe we'll meet in the dungeon."

Chul was the one said this as he coldly looked at Leiu, he was not confident in dealing with him, however, if it's in the dungeon, even if Leiu had a party, with a sneak attack it is possible to kill him.

Elena seemed to understand the meaning behind Chul's words so she nodded and retreated back to her party without minding Leiu any further.

Seeing that the problems finally ended, Leiu felt his mind cool down for a bit as that female mage was as noisy as the crazy apes and his boss, she really had a foul mouth.

He continued his way to the dungeon entrance as if nothing happened, with his new sword in hand and the chains wrapped around his left hand under his sleeves, Leiu finally entered the dungeon fully prepared to carry out his revenge

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