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Chapter 35 : Chapter 36 : Slaughtering Apes like Chicken

Re;Hell Gate

Leiu headed to the South part of the city, which led to the gigantic forest. His was the Crazy Apes's home, he wanted revenge for what they did to him and get used to his new weapons and stats.

Rushing straight to the dungeon is a bit and reckless and he isn't someone who rushes toward the enemies without thinking.

The outskirts of the city were as crowded as ever, solo- or parties were scattered in every , they were killing low-leveled monsters and busying themselves with the quests.

Leiu ignored them and headed toward the first part of the huge forest, his goal, for now, is to get used to his chains and learn how to properly use them from a long distance to entangle enemies and possibly paralyze them. His main goal is to grasp that paralyzing effect, it would give him countless golden opportunities if he could paralyze the enemies by a sneak attack then go rage-mode on them.

Not only do the chains have a paralyzing effect, they could entangle enemies and bind them, although bind is not that effective, it could restrict the enemies by a fair bit too, so it shouldn't be ignored. If he could get rid of that damn Healer in that party, then everything would be perfect, paralyzing the Healer, killing the long-ranged and then taking care of the rest.

By easier said than done, it seemed like a simple but it was extremely hard, without the chains it's nearly impossible unless he had some help from others which is something Leiu would never do, it's his revenge and he doesn't want to implicate others in this matter.

When Leiu arrived at the first part of the huge forest, the trees were still as towering as ever, there were much more people here, mostly parties, there were rarely some rogues like Leiu, after all, who in their right mind would dive to this alone without

If it was a skilled Ranger, Archer or a mage, soloing the Crazy Apes may not be impossible, but for a melee Too difficult! Unless the apes jump at them, it wouldn't be possible other ways.

A long-ranged can always kite his way till the end, and if he's very good, finishing them with attacks followed by stuns and blinds is possible too, but one had to be a and these kinds of people are rare and sparse.

Leiu ignored the other parties and dived deeper into the forest until he spotted 2 Crazy Apes jumping around the tree and emitting some strange and unpleasant sounds.

'As loud and freaking annoying as ever!'

Leiu couldn't wait to squash these two, just their appearance is enough for anybody to hate them, adding that with their voice, it literally couldn't be worse, even a monster such as the Calygreyhound is not as ugly as them.

With the chains in his left hand, Leiu sneaked up on them without emitting any sound.

These two apes were probably as they were jumping between two trees for no apparent reason, sometimes they would punch the trees and howl, it was a weird sight.

The trees in here could even reach 15 meters, but fortunately, the Crazy Apes would not stay that high, the developers made sure of that as if it were the case, no one would be able to kill them.

It is hard for an attack to reach 20 or 15 meters, maybe an arrow skill or some Archer with a lot of points in Strength, or a mage with a high Intelligence, but apart from that, it would not be possible to kill apes at that height.

The two apes were approximately on a branch 2.4 meter above ground, as for their distance from Arthur, it exceeded 3 meters by a bit.

While readying himself and hiding behind a tree, Leiu prepared himself and suddenly showed himself in front of the two creatures.

Since the distance between them was not that big, the two apes immediately noticed him, however, before they could react in time.

Chains came flying at the closest one to Leiu, the voice it emitted was high as unlike the silent arrows, these chains only is that it emitted sounds when used, but if the attack is fast enough, the enemy would not be able to react in time.

The chains that Leiu threw were unimaginably fast, after all, his stats are considered too high, especially when fighting Crazy Apes. Just with his stats, he managed to finish the apes, so with his improved stats, it would be a piece of cake to one shot them with his sword, but he was not aiming for that.


What Leiu didn't expect is that despite his attack being fast, it didn't hit its target, the chains were a bit heavy and hard to aim from that long distance. They hit the spot under the ape's legs and a bit of tree was demolished.

Although it wasn't on purpose, that hit managed to make the ape lose his and fall from that tree, Leiu didn't hesitate as he gripped the chains and swang them right at the falling Crazy Ape.

The chains came flying down at the still surprised ape, falling from a tree is a common thing for apes, especially newly born ones, they could still stabilize themselves and a fall from that height would not hurt, but the problem is that not only were they sneak attacked, the chains were still chasing it even when it was about to focus on landing.

With the chains speed, it hit the ape before it fell on the ground, you could feel bones cracking when the target was hit, it wailed from pain and ignored the fact that it was in mid-air.

Blood from that newly made injury made by the chains, but that was not the end, as the ape fell on the ground, the chains fell on him and what followed next was even more bloody and gory.

Leiu was already running straight at the ape since it lost its , so by the time it hit the ground, the and white sword was already upon it, with a clean sweep, the red furry neck of the Crazy Ape was easily cut by the sword. Leiu didn't even need to use a skill and the bonus damage gotten from the and the mount are not even activated.

He didn't bother looting the Crazy Ape, Leiu turned his head toward the remaining ape, which was petrified by what just happened. Normally, apes wouldn't mind what happened to their as they are selfish creatures, they would relentlessly chase their enemies until they die, just like what happened to Leiu.

But seeing one of its kind easily apprehended in just a few , then it was mercilessly beheaded without resistance, how could it not feel fear from Leiu?

Without turning back, the Crazy Ape jumped from the tree, retreating at full speed, it didn't even dare throw rocks, escaping is all it thought about.

'Oh no you won't!'

As he saw the prey get away, Leiu chased it with a speed greater than the ape, his Agility was probably more than double the ape's, adding that he swung the chains at it whenever an opportunity arose, the Ape started feeling despair just after a dozen of

Not one of Leiu's attacks landed on their mark, it was indeed very hard to properly aim with the chains, be it brute force or speed, it had them all, but to be precise with it required practice, constant practice with it and that's what Leiu was doing right now.

"Hahahahahah, fun this is fun, who's the prey now you ugly thing!"

Leiu evilly laughed as he chased the poor ape, he hated the fact that he was chased by such weak creatures and what he loved the most is getting revenge on whoever wronged him. Seeing how he was with the ape and even leading it wherever he wanted with his chains, Leiu felt ecstatic.

Just as he swinging his chains left and right at the jumping Ape, the chains finally hit their mark and entangled the Ape's legs, making him fail his jump and fall straight on the ground.

The hit was not fatal and only caused some bones fractures but what was worse is what would happen next. Leiu smirked and started pulling his chains as they were entangling the ape's legs.

The red-furred creatures struggled and tried getting rid of the chains with his two strong arms but failed to do so, no matter what he did, it was totally futile.

Leiu was like a Death Reaper as he was pulling it closer and closer to himself. When the ape was in front of him, it suddenly stopped struggling and suddenly stretched its hand to rip Leiu to pieces, but Leiu kept smirking and just used [Counter].

An illusory white shield appeared in front of Leiu, just where the ape was going to hit him, [Counter] was activated and the attack was returned at the ape. Leiu didn't know how this attack works so he used it to see the process.

Just as the small white shield appeared, the ape's body was pushed to the ground by a strong force and blood appeared on its chest. It appeared to have received a blunt attack straight from the front. The usual annoying wail came out of its mounts so Leiu finished it with his chains. He just tightly held them and swang down, completely crushing the ape's bones and body, its heart burst and its head was turned into minced meat.

You obtained a new skill(passive) : [Chains Mastery : Basic Lv1] : When using Chains, you deal 5% more damage and have 70% change of entangling for 5

'It's getting better and better'

Leiu looted the poor drops of the ape and continued hunting these ugly creatures, it was a very fun process and full of excitement, especially when he gets to swing his chains left and right without them hitting back, it was totally one-sided but it was still very amusing for him, one could even say he's a bit of an S...


"Come on! Come on! Weren't you chasing me a few days back? Come at me!!!!"

Leiu said that as he threw his chains at a group of 3 Crazy Apes which were jumping away from him. The three just happened to land on the same tree branch and Leiu already predicted that so he threw his chains there in advance.

The chains were precise this time, hitting the back of the middle ape, entangling around his waist in a , not only that, the low probability Unique Skill of the chains was finally activated after swinging it around for 2 hours!

The two nearby Apes were stunned for 1.5 , noticing this, Leiu forcefully dragged the entangled ape out of the branch, pushing the ape at the left from the branch too and making it fall with the entangled one. The only one which wasn't touched was the one at the right.

Two apes fell from that tree branch, one was entangled and couldn't hold on to the tree to not fall but the other managed to forcefully hold the tree after the stun effect was done. Leiu leaped at the entangled ape and thrusted his sword at its skull, instantly killing it, then he looted and made its body disappear.

Only a few passed since the entangled ape touched the ground yet it was already dead. The one which held the tree was now climbing like crazy and attempting to flee, as for the other one, it had already leaped to the furthest tree.

'This is fun, I could do this all day!'

As leiu was rejoicing about this new chains and enhanced sword, he lifted the chains and hit the climbing ape, making it fall yet again, then without much , he finished it with a clean sweep of his sword.

The third ape was already far away, but Leiu never to let it leave, he looted the ape and went in hot pursuit.


[Chains Mastery : Basic Lv2=>3](passive) : When using Chains, you deal 7% more damage and have 90% change of entangling for 5

'90% is enough!'

After spending more than two hours practicing with the chains, Leiu managed to somehow get used to it. Of course he can't wield it perfectly, his with it is not too but he should be able to kill that group, they are not that good after all, if they were, they would not be so shameless to attack him together, not only that, he almost killed the baldy with his last desperate attack.

His stats were perfect, his Lvl was average but it can be fixed soon, everything is prepared, the only thing to do is get his revenge. He wanted to get the achievement but now was not the time, once that group's Level reached a certain number, they would no longer need to rely on the dungeon so time was very limited.

[Counter : Normal] : Basic Lv2 : You can counter any physical attack and return 100% of the damage.

Cost : 1 Stamina

Cooldown : 29.8

Hunt (passive : Rare) (Lv3 => 4) : When hunting monsters, you gain 12% chance to deal critical damage and 18.5% bonus experience.

You can level up this skill if you kill enough monsters: 0/500

Invisible Strike (Rare Basic :Lv6=>7) : You can a time with a fast speed: The attack would deal 180% the damage of the first strike.

Cost : 7 Mana

Cooldown : 13.5

Dark Sword Mastery(Basic Lv6=>7) : When wielding a one-handed or two-handed sword ; you deal 22.5% more damage.

Carving Shot(Basic Lv5=>6)(N) : You can heavily swing you weapon Horizontally dealing 165% damage, there is 14% chance of causing the enemy to be stunned for 3

Cost : 10 Mana

Cooldown : 29.5

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