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Chapter 32 : Chapter 32 : Mining Iron

Re;Hell Gate

From the back of the room, a short old man appeared. He had a dirty face filled with some spots due to smelting and of the weapons.

He wore some normal cloth that was also very dirty and he had an iron hammer in his right hand. He was scanning the customers searching for the one who talked a ago.

It didn't take him long to spot a strange looking man, who had a grey cape and a -hood, he didn't know why but he had a strong hunch that this man was the one who said that.

Without even confirming his guess, he strode toward Leiu and yelled

"What did you just say right now?"

Leiu just shrugged his shoulder and calmly replied

"I said that chains are a weapon too, for the most famous shop in this city, I find it rather lacking if it does not even produce a simple weapon like iron chains."

As he said that, Leiu kept shaking his head as if he was disappointed, then without minding the old man anymore, he continued to walk toward the exit of the shop.

The old man was shocked as he stayed silent for a couple of , when he heard the door open, he snapped out of it and shouted again

"Who the hell did say that we do not make chains! Not only do we make chains, we have good quality chains too!"

With a smirk hanging on his covered face, Leiu turned his head toward the old man and retorted

"But, that man just told me you do not sell chains neither do you make them, is it natural for the most famous shop to joke around and lie to its customers?"

Leiu pointed at the burly man behind the desk and kept mocking the shop. He kept calling it the most famous shop whilst it in the next sentence.

The old man was infuriated as he shifted his gaze to the burly man, who was furrowing his brows as he was unsure of what to do or say.

"You.... Tom! You lazy fucker! I always warned you to stop with your bullshittery and help the customers find what they come here looking for! This is the 4th time this week! You're fired! Do you hear me? Damn muscle brain!"

Tom's face paled as he heard that, what was said was indeed the truth as he usually ditches the customers who ask for difficult things, he wanted to get rid of them as fast as possible, just like with Leiu earlier for example.

The foul mouth of the old man reminded Leiu of his boss, Nari, except that one was a dirty old man and the other was a peerless beauty, it's such a pity she has a rather special attitude.

The old man, Guthne, started attacking Tom with his hammer, he tried hitting on his head but the and burly Tom kept dodging the strikes of the old man, however, he didn't dare fully dodge them or else he would anger Guthne even more, so he willingly received some hits on his shoulders and legs.

As he was groaning from pain, Guthne looked at Leiu and said with a somewhat apologetic tone

"I'm very sorry for the of my subordinate, he'll be properly punished for what he has done. You said you were looking for chains right? Come with me, I'll show you what we have."

Now that he knew it was Tom's fault, Guthne didn't Leiu for what he said as it was justified. After all, he came to the best shop in the city yet he was told they do not sell the weapon he was looking for.

Leiu nodded and followed the short old man to another room. This room was way smaller than the other one and there was no customers in here. Apparently, it was the for the here. There was , smelting materials, hammers and so on.

Leiu saw some with thick arms hammering a hot piece of iron, each hit was done with extraodinary strength and it was precise.

After walking for a dozen of , the two of them arrived in a very small room. It was crude looking and there were some broken and rusty weapons all over.

"Chains are rarely sought for, so they are not with the other weapons, but we have a dozen of them with varying sizes, take a look"

The old man pointed at a batch of chains in a corner of the room, some were rusty and could barely be qualified as chains and some were a bit special as they were made from Steel.

Steel Chains(Normal) (Length : 2 meters ) : +5 Strength / +2 Dexterity

'Not enough...'

Refind Iron Chains(Normal) ( Length : 1.5 meters ) : +3 Vitality / +3 Strength / +1 Dexterity

'Still not good..'

Leiu was not satisfied at all with these chains, they were not long enough, and if they were long, they were lacking in other aspect.

"Do you only have these batch of chains?"

The old man kind of suspected that these chains would not please Leiu, despite that he showed them to him perhaps he would buy one of them.

"Yes, we only have these, chains are very rare and hard to use, so most of the here do not waste time on chains that will not be sold, it would be a waste"

Leiu's hopes were crushed when he heard that, although this is the first shop he visited, it was the best in this city, so if there is only these chains in here, there was a high probability that the other shops won't even have a single chain!

There was no other choice but to buy one of these chains for the time being and when he find a good one, he'll buy it.

Just as he was about to tell the old man he'll buy the Refind Iron Chains, Guthne smirked while showing his yellow and dirty teeth and said

"Although we do not have good chains, that doesn't mean we can't make good ones, we just... lack the necessary materials."


"Yes, materials, it is basic knowledge that to make a good weapon, one needs good materials, the same goes for chains, it's only made from one material, which is usually Steel or Iron."

Leiu nodded to Guthne's , but how will he get the materials.

"What are the necessary materials?"

Guthne eye's shined as if his plot , he continued grinning and replied

"Just one thing, Iron, it is mined from the Mountain, are you willing to get it for me?"

New Quest 'Mining Iron' : Difficulty : E+

Requirements : Mine Iron from the Mountain

Rewards : Unknown

Do you the quest Mining Iron : Yes/No?

Since an opportunity like this appeared, of course, Leiu isn't going to waste it.

'Yes, I the quest'

Mininng Iron (E+) Quest has been

Time limit : none

The Mountain area is unknown to many, there was not much about it. Where the dungeon was situated or the big forest Leiu dived in, it was in the opposite of the mountain.

It is rumored that monsters near the Mountain are very high-leveled and there was even some mythical creature so it was better not to go there yet.

Despite knowing this, Leiu still The game won't give you a quest that is impossible to clear, there has to be it away to clear it and he just has to find out the way.

"Great! Since you , then we can go now!"

Hearing this, Leiu frowned and looked at the happy old man with


"Yes, we! Who is going to mine the Iron? Don't tell me you'll do it? It needs experienced individuals such as myself, not a beginner like you!"

Guthne's Level was 34, it was higher than Leiu, but in terms of combat ability, he was far weaker, he only managed to reach that Level due to being a all his life.

'Why does it have to be like this....'

Leiu started feeling regret after hearing that, not only does he have to go near the Mountain the mine Iron. He had to bring Guthne with him, isn't that making it freaking harder? He had to pay special and protect this old man from the monsters there.


The short old man patted Leiu's shoulder heartily and happily said

"That's more like it, these days have to rely on their elders more! good good! Now let's go!"

As he said that, he didn't wait for Leiu to reply and headed out of the small room.

Sounds of grinding teeth could be heard, Leiu was not happy at all with all of this. Not only does he have to bring the old man, he had to protect him, heck! It would be a miracle if he could defend himself from the strong monsters in the Mountain, much less this dirty old man!

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