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Chapter 30 : Chapter 30 : Hye Nari

Re;Hell Gate

"Monster Bounty Hunter? Is it a Rare I've never heard of it... or maybe it's a Unique !"

Jane was surprised as she learned Leiu's She thought of him as a total beginner and had a shabby normal that's why she wanted him to join her party and helps him Level up and gets used to the game.

"It's a Unique ;

Hearing his reply, Jane jumped in surprise as she looked at him with her two round and sparkling eyes. It is a well-known fact that every person who earned a Unique is good at the game. The game is not distributing Unique for normal people, but for those who did something great at the beginning 10 Levels.

Even she herself, who was a Bard, did many things to be able to acquire, to Leiu must have done something too. She thought of him as a newbie, but perhaps he is a dragon in a pig's clothing?

For Jane, Leiu appeared like the kind of guy who is not good at games, some people would think the total opposite of her when looking at his passive and reserved attitude, but she thought differently for some odd reason.

"How did you get it?"

Jane didn't think that Leiu would lie to her as he had no reason to, him having a Unique was already an established fact for her so she dived directly through and asked the most important

As he was busy doing his job, Leiu paused for a to respond and continued busying himself.

"That.. I cannot say, each person has a specific method he acquired his Unique , such as you, I'm sure you would rather keep that for yourself, am I right?"

As she was eager to know how he did it, Jane was taken aback when she heard that, without knowing how to respond she dropped her heard while muttering some words that Leiu couldn't hear

"I would have told you if you asked...."

After muttering that, Jane clenched her small hands and lifted her head to stare back at him and said resolutely

"Yes, you are right, it was foolish of me to ask you that."

Jane then used the excuse of 'working' to get away, she had a sad look as she really wanted to good friends with him and possibly with him the game, but no matter what she said or how she tried, Leiu kept that passive attitude and rejected all her tries.

Leiu didn't mind Jane and resumed working with a bit of sleepiness lingering in him. He was still a bit sleepy even after that shower he did. The night was extremely long for him as he waited for the moment his shift ended.

Jane didn't bother him again since that time and continued serving the customers with a bright smile. Unlike Leiu, she was doing this job for fun and to gain a bit of pocket money. Her family was well-off and didn't lack any money, it's just that she felt like doing a waitress job as it suited her character.

After an hour passed, customers came and left and Leiu kept washing the dishes, throwing the trash, preparing simple meals that didn't require any skills and sometimes, taking care of the storage room and unfolding the cardboards full of raw ingredients.

His job required a lot of physical endurance, with him mentally exhausted from the get-go, at the end of the night, Leiu could no longer hold on. He really wanted a bit of sleep, so he managed to squeeze half an hour from his boss and took a small nap in the resting room.


At 6:30 AM, Leiu's shift was finally over, for him, this night was like years and not merely hours. He couldn't wait until he went back home and took a long sleep. He was eager to Hell Gate too, but with his current , it's practically impossible.

As he was changing from his work outfit, his boss who barged into the resting room, scaring the hell out of his co-workers.

Leiu's boss was actually a woman, not only that, she was very beautiful. Apparently, she owned the whole building. No one knew how she got it or why would someone so young take care of this building, but one thing for sure, it all belonged to her!

She was in her mid-twenties, possibly close to thirty. A voluptuous body and alluring curves. She wore casual clothes but you could see her two-round mountain peaks and her perky butt. Despite her having an enchanting body, no one dared to directly look at her.

This boss of Leiu had one nasty thing about her and that's her attitude. Contrary to her fairy-like appearance, her attitude was very negative. Very rarely do you see her smile or in a good mood.

All the time, she is either yelling at Leiu and his co-workers or reprimanding them for doing this and that. She didn't like people who off so all her pent-up anger which came from who knows where would always be lashed at Erik or Sylvester who was most famous for ditching their work.

Despite being angry at them, the boss never kicked them out of their jobs as she knew that unlike Jane, they didn't do this for fun but to earn living money.

Her name was Hye Nari and everyone present in the resting room obeyed her orders by the letter or they would be yelled at endlessly.

Her voice is unimaginably loud and she would curse whenever she's extremely angry.

Leiu was rarely yelled at by her as he always did his job meticulously. The only reason he left all his other jobs and remained working here is because the pay here is the best.

Nari would give him a raise when he worked hard and did some extra-hours. Her attitude toward him could be considered neutral. She even let him rest for an hour earlier when he asked for it. If it were someone like Erik or Sylvester, they would get shouted at for half an hour instead.

"You bunch! I only came here to tell you about something!"

As usual, her voice very loud. With her hands on her hips and a somewhat ambiguous pose, she talked to Leiu and the others while gazing sharply at Erik and Sylvester who were ditching their work earlier.

The atmosphere remained silent after Nari spoke, no one dared to interrupt her talking as the consequences would be dire!

"The building would have some renewal the next couple of days, so you don't need to come!"

Erik's face paled as he heard that, he misunderstood what Nari said, moreover, her gaze was resting on him and Sylvester so his thoughts became erratic.

"M-manager! Are you firing us?"

As she heard that, Nari became angrier and cursed at Erik

"Fuck! Are you deaf or what? I said I'm going to do some renewal to the building, so it is unnecessary to come to work for 3 or 4 days!"


Erik swallowed some saliva and backed away, hiding behind his friend Sylvester. Nari's tone was as if she would leap at him at any given , so how could he not be afraid?

After working for some time in this cafè, Erik came to know the demon also known as the manager, no one dared to retort to what she said and always followed her

"So does everybody understands? No need to come! As for you, Erik! Damn bastard, your dumb always make me angrier, if you dare speak one more nonsense, I'll have you come help in the renewal!"

Erik face stiffened as he didn't even breath loudly, he remained behind Sylvester and tried hiding his body from Nari's sharp gaze.

After staring at Erik for a couple of , Nari diverted her gaze and spoke again

"Any ;

She at the other workers, waiting for someone to ask a but no one dared to do that. Erik asked something and it ended up with him being yelled at like that.

Finally, someone raised his hand and said

"Emm.. Manager, does the pay for these days off will get revoked too?"

The one was so daring to ask this was none other than the lovely Jane. Her with Nari is considered friendly as she has known her before even working here.

Nari never got angry on Jane and she would always help her out when there is some customers who try to cling or harass her.

"Since it's me who told you to not come, I'll not revoke the pay for these days, but if one dares to not come after these 4 days, I'll revoke his pay for the whole month, no need to tell me you were sick or your uncle died, I do not care!"

Jane smiled and nodded continuously at Nari. She was not like Leiu who works here 5 days a week, as she had high-school, she was can't spend every day working.

Well, technically, she is on as it was summer break but it would end soon and at that time, she could only work a few days and her shift would be changed as spending the whole night working is a big no-no for a high schooler, especially when it's not necessary to work.

"I see that no one have a fine! Dismissed"

After she said that, Nari turned around to leave, however, just as she was about to exit the room, she remembered something so she turned her head to look at Leiu and said

"Oh, Leiu, before you leave, come see me at my office, I need to tell you something"

With his usually face, Leiu nodded back at her and continued changing his clothes.


The manager's office was quite normal looking despite the of the cafè and other facilities in the building.

There was a simple desk and a chair for Nari, on the other side of the desk was a small table and two other chairs.

There were papers all over the and a sofa not too far from the desk. Nari had a laptop on the desk. The office was a complete mess yet Nari didn't seem to mind.

Leiu headed to the office after changing his clothes. After knocking on the door, he heard his boss's voice.

"Come in"

He grabbed the door's handle and opened it, what faced him was a messy office with all sorts of thing, ranging from paper to many cups of coffee.

Leiu ignored the mess and walked toward Nari until he was near the desk, then he waited for her to speak since she was the one who called out for him.

"How is your work in the cafè?"

"It's fine"

Leiu instantly replied with a perfunctory answer, speaking was never his forte, moreover, he liked limiting his to simple and answers.

He worked hard since young and didn't have the chance to interact with a lot of people despite working in a lot of types of jobs. He grew up without parents and had to take care of his little sister, so how could his time talking with girls or searching for girlfriends or friends general.

Without doing that, he barely managed to take care of himself and his sister. Her school fees, cram school, living expenses and so on were all paid by him alone.

Leiu preferred spending money on his sister rather than himself, although he was still young, compared to his sister, he could be considered a responsible adult right now, as for his sister, she's still a young high-schooler.

He gave her money to watch a movie with her friends, buy clothes and so on, for him, her happiness is his happiness. Unlike him, his sister didn't have the joy of parents when she's young as they died when she was only two so he had to take the role of parents and take care of her.

Despite studying at the university, he never off in his jobs as although they had their grandfather, who died not so long ago, the he provided was not enough at all, moreover, Leiu had to pay for his medical expenses too.

Now that he is deceased, it was a bit easier for Leiu, it's not like he considered his grandfather a bother, but it just was a bit too tiring that's all.


Nari sighed as she heard Leiu's answer, she stared at him with her two sharp eyes but could not see through his face.

"You asked for a rest earlier, are you sure it's not too tiring?"

She knew nothing of Leiu except him being a graduate from university. Although to work here, he had to provide some personal , Leiu did not disclose all of his personal

He only put his address, his age and name and the university he graduated from. Since he began working, he never and worked hard and that's why she promoted him and gave him a few raises.

"I was only feeling a bit sleepy, the work here is perfect and is by no means tiring."

Leiu gave an honest answer and he looked back at Nari, he didn't have any strange thoughts of this manager of his as he had no room for his heart for such needless things.

"I see... do you want to a waiter? I think it would suit you better as you are hard-working"

Nari knew his reserved , but that can be , Erik and Sylvester are both waiters but since they a lot, the cafè is always busy, so if she added Leiu as a waiter, with his hard-working attitude, it would be much better for him and the cafè, moreover, the money gotten from being a waiter is much more than what Leiu is currently receiving.

"No thank you, I prefer my current ;

Nari expected this answer from the very beginning, she just wanted to ask him that perhaps there is a chance he would but it didn't look it was the case.

".. *Sigh*, alright, you can go home now.."

Leiu didn't linger there any longer, he bid farewell to the manager and quickly left the office.

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