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Chapter 31 : Chapter 31 : Little Nightmares

Re;Hell Gate

It didn't take Leiu too long to return to his apartment. He was feeling tired, both mentally and physically, so he didn't both opening his laptop of logging in to the game.

He changed to more comfortable clothes to sleep with and jumped on his bed. As he was pretty tired, Leiu fell asleep in less than a minute. the game all day and then heading off to work all night is draining, be it mentally by all those fights he did in the game or all the physical activity he does in his work.

Moving storage food, cleaning the dishes or doing the usual stuff maybe be simple to others, but Leiu was the kind of person who does everything thoroughly, whether it's something as simple as moving this from here to there. He would not off or divide the work into parts, it's just how he does things.

Hours passed quickly as he was soundlessly sleeping, Leiu did not set up an as he wanted to get rid of all his fatigue.

Sometimes, when Leiu is asleep, he would have small nightmares, they were not traumatising, but they still affected his mood. These nightmares are not random or some scary ones like the ones little kids about.

It's mainly about his childhood. He was 10 when his parents died, compared to his sister, it is a bit better as she didn't experience parental love, when they died, she was still a baby.

It was way easier for her to get over their death, as for him, it was hard, extremely hard. He cried until he couldn't tear up anymore, it became just whining or grunting, but he still cried his heart out. For him, his parents were everything for him, after all, for a 10-year-old child, it is not easy to the death of their parent no matter who they were.

It is due to this incident that his passive attitude was born. Little children are innocent but they could still say hurtful words. When he was met with the death of his parents, going to school became harder and there would be kids mocking him as he was orphan.

He didn't truly mind them in the surface, but each time he was mocked, it caused pain to his heart. All of this was the past for the present Leiu, he had long since about that, however, the pain is still lingering in his heart.

Nightmares would now and then, they are mainly about the bullying and the death of his parents, whenever he thought about them, he became more passive and uninterested in interacting with others.

He is not to after what happened of course, but there is still room for change, he could try to change his attitude for the better, make some friends, for example, Jane's offer yet Leiu was not willing to do that. For him, the current is good enough.

By the time Leiu woke up, it was already 13:35 PM. He didn't sleep that much but it was large enough for him to get rid of his

He found out that he was soaking from sweat due to his nightmares, so after a quick shower and eating some food, he layed on the bed and logged to the game.

Last time Leiu logged off, he was in Mountain City. There were many things he wanted to do today, and the main thing is his revenge. It is a bit complicated as he really needed a long-ranged weapon before facing them or it would be twice harder if not more.

Dealing with that Healer and the long-ranged would be a pain in the ass for Leiu, who have a melee so the chains are what he needed most at the moment.

When one thinks of weapon crafting, they would think of the to craft or the weapon for them. So that's what Leiu did, he headed to the shop of the city.

There were many shops in Mountain City, not all of them were good shops , there were even some scammers that do not have any skill in weapon and only have a shop to show off.

Just like there are bad shops there is also some top which are usually visited by the nobles and high-officials of the city.

The system in Hell Gate is undoubtedly huge. There were countless of different types, be it a fisher or a painter, a city guard or even a king!

Some simple do not have offensive skills or have some but they are very limited contrary to fighting , however, these supportive such as , tailor or so on are important too.

Each in Hell Gate has its unique skills but that doesn't mean it's impossible to get them. A can get up to 4 cross skills, for example, Leiu can get a bonus of 4 other skills from other but of course it isn't that easy.

Those 4 cross skills could only be used for supportive such as , fisher and so on.

Moreover, he can't get the high-level skill but only the beginner skills, but this is more than enough for Leiu, who already have two Unique

Leiu began roaming the city and visiting shops. He inquired about the best shop and began with that as it was the most logical thing to do.

The city felt less crowded than yesterday, it was not because there were fewer but it's because everyone is outside doing quests, farming or enjoying their time.

Mountain City was very big, it could easily hold of people without being crowded, it's just that yesterday was a bit troubling because everyone gathered at the Central Square of the city.

There was a special district for nobles, the king's castle was to the north of the city, it had its own valley. kinds of jobs were , without the quests such as delivering food, finding stray cats, helping an old lady carry things.

Believe it or not, this kind of quests do exist but almost no one does them, the rewards are so meager that they could be ignored, you would spend an hour searching for a stray pet then only get 10 coppers, who in their right mind would do that?

Hell Gate is for all people, it doesn't matter their age so it is not surprising to find elderly the game. But those old people the game to and not to exert too much mental and physical strength on chaotic battles.

In fact, most people who chose supportive were old people, they would open a shop, go fishing by the river which is in the outskirts of the city. The river is very close to the city walls and there are no monsters in its proximity so it was rather safe to fish there.


Leiu arrived at the first shop, it was nothing special, a two-story building made of normal brick. It had a sign saying 'Iron Jack's ;.

Customers were going in and out of the , whether it's NPC's or

Unlike other games, the non- characters in Hell Gate are very life-like, they live a life of their own, do their own thing and unless they are harassed by , no problems would

It is prohibited to harm an NPC in the city, but once outside, even if you kill one, nothing will happen, it's just like killing other , if it's a strong NPC, then there is a chance you'll loot one of the items in its inventory or the equipment it is wearing.


Leiu opened the door and entered the building. The was not what Leiu expected, it was a broad room filled with people, a desk was at the end of the room with a brown skinned man with a burly bad standing behind it. There were rows of weapons on the left side of the room with some prices under them.

Be it axes, hammers or even sledgehammers, everything was present, there were even swords and axes that had a whopping price of 250 Gold!

Leiu wasn't here for sightseeing, he walked to the desk where the brown-skinned man was and once he was standing not far away from the man, he casually said

"Hello, I would like to know if you sell chains?"

The burly man did notice Leiu from the very beginning, he was not someone who judge based on appearances. He just waited for Leiu to begin the talk.

Once he heard what the other party said, he frowned and retorted

"Chains? We are , we do not make chains."

Seeing that the denied his request immediately, Leiu felt a bit too gloomy, this was one of the top shops in this city yet this didn't make chains? Impossible!

"Chains are a weapon too, for the most famous shop in this city, I find it rather lacking if it does not produce a simple weapon like iron chains...."

Leiu sighed and shook his head helplessly and turned around to leave.

"Wait! Who said that our shop is lacking? Lacking my ass! We sell every weapon here!"

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