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Chapter 27 : Chapter 27 : Mimic

Re;Hell Gate

Leiu never expected this to happen, he tried retreating, however, the mimic was too fast as it bit off his whole left arm.

Blood from his torn grievous wound, the pain was agonizing and his Health decrease by more than half and it kept decreasing.

'Fucking mimics! I about them!'

The ugly looking mimic had two long and thin legs, coupled with its creepy mouth and arms, it looked like a hideous monster.

Leiu couldn't get used to the pain as it was truly heart wrenching, even if it is only 20% it was still hard to bear with.

He retreated from the mimic-range as he tried to stabilize his body and think of a

He launched an ice spike at the mimic and stabbed his sword at the ground, then with great speed he retrieved a Health and gulped it down.

The continuous blood loss lessened and some of his Health was , however, the was not good at all.

Leiu activated [Dark empowerment] and held his white sword. Despite being hit by the Ice spike, the mimic was still madly charging at him while opening his big mouth and its sticky tongue and sharp teeth.

The mimic used primitive attacks but its strength was another level compared to the Blobs or even Leiu. If he got hit head on, there is no way he would survive with his current remaining Health.

A kick came flying at Leiu, so he clumsily rolled to the left, then he leaped at the mimic's left side and used [Carving Shot].

A white sword beam was created and struck the mimic's body, the hit was very fortunate for Leiu as it not only stunned the mimic for 3 , it also dealt critical damage.

A huge chunk of the mimic's body disappeared, Leiu didn't stop his barrage of attacks as he used [Invisible Strike], damaging the mimic even more.

The 3 were almost up, so after stabbing one last time, Leiu backed off. He retreated a couple of meters away from the mimic and sent another ice spike at it.

The ice spike managed to slow down the mimic, this thing screeched from the pain, the noise it emitted is even more annoying than the Crazy Apes.

Leiu grasped that opportunity to rush at it from behind, he used all his speed to circle around and attack from behind.

While exerting all his strength, he sliced horizontally at one of the mimic's legs. His attack was at the right leg of the mimic was cut off.

However, what Leiu didn't expect is that another leg instantly grew from that wound, it was literally instant, not only that, the mimic's face appeared on its back and came biting at Leiu's head.

The sudden attack was too abrupt for Leiu to evade, he was still stabbing with his sword and was not fast enough to dodge this attack.

The couldn't be worse as the gigantic mouth was closing in, at such a desperate , Leiu somehow managed to push his body onward and lift his white sword upwards.

White Edge only managed to block a small of the mouth, as for the other part, it totally bit off Leiu shoulder and chest, more blood and his Health bar decreased and was almost empty.

There way for Leiu to get away from this mimic's sharp teeth. He swung his sword and used [Carving Shot] at the mimic, he didn't aim precisely as he couldn't, the pain and the huge body of the mimic blocked his view.

Even in a like this, the stun landed yet again, which stopped the mimic from biting off Leiu's shoulder.

Seeing this opportunity, Leiu followed with [Invisible Strike] and continuous stabs and

The mimic's Health decreased rapidly by his strikes and finally fell on the ground. A weird screech resounded and its body transformed into smoke.

"Shit.... this has to be a boss monster not a goddam mimic!"

Leiu panted heavily as blood came out of his injuries. He gulped down another Health and rested on the ground, although he still had Stamina, this sudden and near impossible fight mentally exhausted him.

You gained a new skill (Active) : [Counter : Normal] : Basic Lv1 : You can counter any physical attack and return 90% of the damage.

Cost : 1 Stamina

Cooldown : 30

'At least it's worth it now'

It was a hard fight but the harvest was not bad at all, it didn't drop any money or items but the skill gained was more than enough for him, this kind of skill can be life-saving at desperate

The chopped off arm of Leiu didn't grow back as it was impossible to do so just by drinking normal Health

To regrow a lost limb is either by killing yourself and reviving at the city or by the help from a priest in the city's Divine Church.

They were a powerful in this continent and the priest, and other would get their skill from the church, - quests are also gotten from there.

Leiu did not want to go back to Mountain city right now, he was still not done farming, moreover, he would just log off in half an hour or so.

After pondering for a bit, Leiu decided to go back to the city, after all, fighting with only one-handed is not that efficient, so it was a bit reckless to continue farming.

He started leaving the dungeon's first floor and heading to the exit, with his great in the darkness, it was a piece of cake to avoid the monsters.

The journey out of the dungeon was rather quick and devoid of dangers. Leiu was just a distance away from the exit when all of a sudden, a white , it blinded Leiu's and by the next , Leiu felt a pain in his chest.

Due to the sudden white and him dropping his guard off, he couldn't react in time, whoever ambushed him didn't intend to let him live.

The attack already struck him yet Leiu still used [Carving Shot] at the last before he died, his strike dealt critical damage to the enemy and took a big chunk of his health.

Before he died, Leiu managed to get a glimpse of his killer, it was actually the bald man...

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