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Chapter 26 : Chapter 26 : Jumping Levels

Re;Hell Gate

With Leiu's Agility, crossing the small distance separating them was done in just a couple of

The reason these Blobs didn't see him from afar is thanks to the boulders which littered the cave, plus, the abundance of stone walls, which were all over the , it was rather easy to hide if you have good visibility like Leiu.

While charging at the group of four, Leiu didn't use [Dark Empowerment]. He had enough confidence in his deal enough damage even without that buff, moreover, that skill was for emergencies as it was used to reduce damage in desperate

As he closed in on the Haunting Blobs, an Ice spike was shot from beside him, it was aimed at the closest Blob and before it could react, the ice spike already hit it.

Leiu followed that with [Invisible Strike], two hit the Blob with the one dealing tons of damage.

After he received three hits from Leiu, the Blob's Health was already at 30%. However, the chain attacks of Leiu stopped after that, as the other Blobs joined the fight and swung their wooden clubs at Leiu.

Leiu kicked the Blob he was just hitting, making him back away a couple of meters and causing some damage, then he used the momentum from the kick to do a backflip.

It was not perfect, in fact, it looked like a clumsy backflip but at least it was effective as he managed to dodge the combined attacks of the Blobs.

As he landed, Leiu rushed yet again at the Blobs, he at a Blob which was at his right, it was a clean and fast

Green blood from the newly made wound that Leiu inflicted to the Blob.

The damage he dealt was insane, but that didn't mean it was easy as dealing with four enemies at the same time is never easy, especially if they are dungeon monsters.

Leiu didn't stop after he the first Blob, he raised his white sword to block a chop from a wooden club. The blunt damage taken from the club was not much as he managed to somehow withstand it, however, it caused him to retreat a few steps.

The blobs didn't even let him take a breather as they swang their clubs at him without mercy.

Leiu backed away as he used another ice spike toward the Blob who was heading straight at him. The Ice spike was faster than the Blob an the distance between Leiu and the Blob was meager, to begin with, so this spike hit its target without any resistance.

Leiu aimed the ice spike at the enemy's chest and it was pretty effective as it created a heavy wound on the Blob's head and stunned him.

Seeing that the Blob is paralyzed, Leiu rushed at him and used [Carving Shot] which finished it instantly.

The first Blob out of the four was dead, the first one Leiu hit was still wounded as he charged at him with slow speed, as for the other two, they continued attacking him relentlessly.

Having killed the first Blob, Leiu used the throwing method and threw the corpse of the deceased Blob at his , completely blocking their view and slowing them down. He then rushed straight at them, swinging his sword horizontally and causing astronomical damage to the Blobs.

It was a bit tricky to deal with four Blobs but it was never impossible, Leiu finished the other three easily, he never felt threatened despite receiving some attacks.

His Health only decreased by 10 points which were immediately by a Health

After the fight, Leiu began harvesting the drops.

+40 Silver

Level up! +1 to all stats.

Hunt (passive : Rare) (Lv2 => 3) : When hunting monsters, you gain 10% chance to deal critical damage and 15% bonus experience.

You can level up this skill if you kill enough monsters : 0/300

Leiu was overjoyed when he saw how much money he looted, It way better than farming outside, moreover, the experience he got was even better, he got a whopping 10% for each kill!

If he continued killing them for one hour or more, he would level up like crazy.

With that thought in mind, Leiu rested for a bit to restore his Stamina and then resumed his hunt.

His passive gained from his Unique job couldn't be greater as it not only increased the chance to crit on monsters but also increased the Experience he got from killing, it was perfect for farming in dungeons.

With his great in this darkness and his high stats, coupled with his skill in fighting, Leiu continued hunting in the first floor for about 2 hours before he stopped.

Level up! +1 to all stats.

Invisible Strike (Rare Lv4=>6) : You can a time with a fast speed: The attack would deal 170% the damage of the first strike.

Cost : 7 Mana

Cooldown : 14

Dark Empowerment(Basic Lv3=>4) : For 30 , you gain 29% physical and magical damage and 19% more damage

Cost : 15 Mana

Cooldown : 9 minutes 10

Darkness (Passive Lv3=>4) : At night, you deal 22% more damage.

Dark Sword Mastery(Basic Lv5=>6) : When wielding a one-handed or two-handed sword ; you deal 20% more damage.

Carving Shot'(Normal); Basic Lv4=>5: You can heavily swing you weapon horizontally dealing 155% damage, there is 13% chance of causing the enemy to be stunned for 3

Cost : 10 Mana

Cooldown : 30

TITLE(S) : Invincible / A life in the blink of an Eye

Level: 28(77%) : Dark Knight / Monster Bounty Hunter


Strength: 84

Intelligence: 50

Agility: 87

Wisdom: 54

Vitality: 69

Dexterity: 73

- - - -

Health: 53/53 Mana: 50/50

Stamina: 32/51

After spending 2 hours hunting the Blobs on the first floor, Leiu managed to level up a few times, and if he continued killing, it would not be hard to reach 30 tonight.

His skills are honed in every fight, whether it's his strikes, dodges, they are better. He was totally immersed in fighting and killing the blobs to the point that he lost track of time.

He would kill a group of Blobs then head toward the next, only when his Stamina is very low would he rest for a bit.

He almost died a few times, although it was not hard, it was not easy either, there was some group which had up to 6 Blobs and dealing with them alone is close to impossible.

Even Leiu had to kite them to be able to kill them all, he would retreat behind a wall or a boulder then send an ice spike to diver their then he would do the finishing blow from above.

At times like this, Leiu wished for a long-ranged weapon, especially the chains.

If he had them, dealing with a big group of Blobs would be a piece of cake, with the help of the chains, even if he's inexperienced with them, it wouldn't be impossible to use them to bind the blobs or launch some attacks from a distance.

Unfortunately, he didn't have it yet, so he only relied on White Edge's skill and fired Ice spikes whenever he could, it was not easy but he endured and emerged

With his clear at this darkness, Leiu avoided every group of he , if he wanted, he could sneak up on them and finish them when they were fighting some Blobs but he didn't, it was because he was not interested in killing them and there was no reason to do so.

He even looted some good boots which he equipped, they were Normal Grade but they still added good stats and were comfortable to wear.

Boots of Feather (Normal) : +8 Agility / +2 Strength / +5 Dexterity

They were Brown boots which didn't have anything special about their appearance, Leiu was not someone who pays a lot of to appearances, especially of the equipments, even if they were yellow boots, he would wear them as they were worth it.

It was 19:45 PM right now, Leiu to log off after half an hour to get some sleep before heading to work.

He walked around the huge dark cave, he was still searching for Blobs and wanted to Lvl up to 29 before logging off.

As he was searching for preys, his eyes landed on a crude looking chest at a dark corner of the cave. It didn't look alluring but Leiu knew that in dungeons, there would be treasure chests and there was a big chance that it would have rare items.

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