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Chapter 24 : Chapter 24 : Dungeon (1)

Re;Hell Gate

Leiu did not go back to the city immediately, it was still too early.

It hasn't been an hour since he left it so why should he go back?

He rested for half an hour to all his Stamina before he looted the corpse of the Crazy Ape and continued roaming the forest.

The first part of the forest is home for the Crazy Apes, once you cross the first part, you enter the part, where there would be more monsters.

Leiu learned some things about the part, it is where the local dungeon is, not only that, some of the killing quests are situated there, so his is that

There were not monsters in the part, but it is said that its thick forest if filled with herbs but those herbs are always guarded by carnivorous , not only that, there were tree monsters and other strange creatures lurking there.

Leiu had 2 killing quest and 1 gathering quest, he had to kill 3 'Bitter Trees', the said that they are big moving tree located at the part of this forest.

The monster he had to kill is a called 'Drosera', they are not big, less than 1 meter in height, but they can control a lot of roots which can stun you or slow your movements, what's more, these roots have special poison that would drain your Health over time.


Leiu carefully walked in the first part of the forest, he didn't dare act of reckless, one had to know that the part of the forest if fore Lv20+ and they had to be a well-organized or else they would perish.

Whenever he spotted a group of Crazy Apes, he would make a long detour to avoid them, these monsters were his weakness.

He managed to kill the Crazy Apes by chance as they were leaping at the mage and the others, but if they harassed him with rocks, he would die sooner or later.

Leiu already decided to get a long-ranged weapon, whether if it's against people or monsters, he needs a mean to attack from afar, the ice spike skill was not enough.

If he had a bow or some long-ranged weapon, he would be able to deal with the apes, or if he battled people, especially mages, he needs to harass them with afar before he can strike from up close.

Although he is not proficient at bows or crossbows, he still needs a long-ranged weapon, he would practice until he good at it, just like he did with the swords.

The game had a special mechanism to help him grasp sword skills and so on, but for the most part, it was his skill and talent that allowed him to reach this point.

He was never a fan of bows or crossbow, but these were not the only long-ranged weapons.

Throwing daggers can be a good thing, or daggers which had threads attached to them, he would throw them then grab them with the tip of the string, it was a bit too hard though so he gave on that after some

'What else is there.......'

Leiu pondered as he thought about multiple long-ranged weapons, there were too many, but not all of them were suited for him or his combat-style.

Finally, after spending a couple of minutes thinking about it, a thought struck him.

'Yes! How could I about chains!'

Yes, chains, they are rarely used in games, they are both a close-ranged and long-ranged weapons.

Not only could they deal tremendous damage, they could bind and entangle enemies too, it was a perfect choice for Leiu.

Leiu decided on getting chains as a long-ranged weapon, but the problem was, how or where would he get them?

Chains may not even exist in this game, the only way to get them is to craft them himself, but he wasn't a crafter...

Fortunately, there were countless crafters in the city, whether it was new or NPC's, so he to ask someone to or create chains for him.

They needed to be long and not too restricting, they would surely ask him to get the materials, so the first thing he needs to do is find some good iron or material to make the chains.


Leiu spent half an hour slowly walking around, avoiding the Crazy Apes and heading deeper into the forest.

After half an hour, the surroundings changed, there were no long trees, but what layed ahead of him was a totally different forest.

Thick trees and 1 meter long bushes here and there, the atmosphere was a bit gloomy, but what made Leiu excited is that it was to the forest in the beginner's area.

So, his passives and buffs would activate once he entered it.

Just as Leiu entered the forest, a message popped up.

Darkness (Passive Lv2=>3) : At night, you deal 19% more damage.

'Hell yeah!'

With his white sword in hand, Leiu carefully entered the thick forest and readied himself, he was looking around and checking every bush that seemed strange.

The carnivorous were small but deadly, so he had to be on guard all the time or else he would miserably die.


It hasn't been 5 minutes since he entered the part of the big forest and Leiu already spotted a monster.

It was a 3-meter tall tree, its two arms were actually branches and its two legs were two roots the thickness of a young adult's waist.

It didn't look hideous or scary, it roamed slowly, its speed was of a turtle, if someone does not focus, he would not be able to distinguish it.

It looked like the other trees except being a bit bigger, the tall and thick bushes were a cover for it and if someone was careless, he would be attacked by it.

Leiu carefully approached it from behind, he stepped on his tiptoes to not make any sound.

Bitter Tree Lv24

Its Level was quite high, however, that didn't make any difference for Leiu, he slowly sneaked behind it and hid on a thick bush.

With White Edge in his hand, he waited for the perfect moment and then charged at the tree from behind. It was a rather simple , but very effective as the enemy was very slow.

Leiu used [Carving Shot] at its back, a white beam and hit the huge tree's back, making a long sword scar and cutting some branches and roots.

The tree was indeed a monster but it didn't have any blood, its body was just made from wood and leaves.

This monster did not have high offensive power, its prowess is in its defenses, it had a strong body that could withstand many strikes, its only weakness is fire, so the groups that came here always tried to bring a fire mage with them to make things easier.

Leiu was not someone who needed that, he couldn't use fire but his strikes were more than enough, with his skill and passives, coupled with his high Strength, the skill he used did no less than 40% of the target's Health.

Despite being hit by Leiu's strike, there were no screams from the tree like the Crazy Apes, instead, it used its long left arm to swing back at Leiu, who was behind it.

Leiu already predicted such movements, so he ducked and thrusted his sword at the left arm of the Bitter Tree.

He used [Invisible Strike] after that Thrust and with that, the tree was already down on the ground, it couldn't even cause any damage to Leiu.

It was very easy to get rid of it once you know the trick, if one has sufficient strength and speed, it was easy and simple to finish it.

Compared to the Crazy Apes, it was leagues easier for Leiu, who didn't have a long-ranged weapon to deal with those annoying pests.

Bitter Tree roots x2

+140 Coppers

Leiu looked at his experience bar when he killed it and was excited and happy to see that it increased by 3% just by killing it!

For some, 3% may sound a meager amount, but for him, it was a lot as the higher the Lvl, the lower the experience got from the monsters, especially the common ones like these.


Leiu started his hunt, his hunter titles active, his passives and buff from his mount, all of these combined gave him outrageous power and efficiency in dealing with Bitter Trees.

Not once was he hit by a strike from the slow tree and in just an hour and a half, he got the achievement!

Achievement Gained! You managed to Kill 50 Bitter Trees : +1 to all stats

Not only did he got the achievement, his skills leveled up too!

Dark Empowerment (Basic Lv2=>3) : For 30 , you gain 26% physical and magical damage and 16% more damage

Cooldown : 9 minutes 20

Cost : 15 Mana

Dark Sword Mastery (Basic Lv4=>5) : When wielding a one-handed or two-handed sword ; You deal 19% more damage

Darkness (Passive Lv3=>4) : At night, you deal 20% more damage

Carving Shot'(Normal); Basic Lv2=>3 : You can heavily swing you weapon Horizontally dealing 145% damage, there is 12% chance of causing the enemy to be stunned for 3

Cost : 10 Mana

Cooldown : 30

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