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Chapter 22 : Chapter 22 : Blame Yourselves

Re;Hell Gate

Leiu looked coldly at the , he didn't have a good of them, especially the sword-wielding guy, he was the leader and he was the one who told them to go this way so it was mostly his fault.

"You... why did you attack us and kill my friend!"

The sword-wielding guy shouted righteously at Leiu, he was angry for his didn't go as and the Crazy Apes were in hot pursuit behind them.

He only caught a glimpse of Leiu, but that was enough for him to decide to lead his team toward him(Leiu). He wanted to use Leiu as a meat shield to gain a bit of time for him and his team to escape, after all, his team's survival is more important than a stranger's life, moreover, he would just respawn and only lose a Lvl.

For the sword-wielding guy, Leiu was the one at fault as he was at a bad at the wrong time.

However, Chul, which was the name of the sword-wielding guy, never expected this to turn out like this. Never did he expect this unlucky fellow to suddenly kill his comrade and try to kill Elena and Sui without

This fellow didn't even utter a single word, nor did he apologize or give a reason for his , it was sure that he was a bad guy.


As Leiu heard Chul, he snickered and retorted.

"Why am I attacking? I'm only repaying what had been done to me"

Chul couldn't help but frown and shout at Leiu yet again but before he did that, he at the Crazy Apes and was a bit when he saw that they were still a bit behind, in just a dozen of they would be here.

"What do you mean! This is the first time we meet, you saw us being attacked by those Crazy Apes, yet you not only helped but you launched a sneak attack on us!"

Leiu knew that talking with people like this one is useless, they would put all the on him whatever he said, so took out a Healing , calmly gulped it and then drank a Mana , then he shifted his gaze back to Chul and responded

"Since you don't know why am attacking, then you can die not knowing why you died!"

As he said that, Leiu launched himself on Chul while wielding his white sword, his Health has mostly and since he didn't use much Mana, a single Mana was enough to refill it all.

Sui one third of her Health and was already holding her bow, Elena readied herself as she saw Leiu coming over and was ready to bombard him with fireballs, however, just as she was going to do so, she heard screeching from behind her, her hair stood up and a sense of fear lingered in her heart, she knew that the Crazy Apes were just behind her.

Leiu spent these couple of to use those on purpose, he wanted to and most importantly wait for '; to come and give a helping hand.

Although the Crazy Apes didn't discriminate between the four of them, it would be rather easy to dodge the flying rocks or their leaps as he was proficient in that aspect, and those three would be busy dealing with the apes and at that time, he would finish them first.

Leiu never thought of sparing them, it was just a game, so killing them is fine, and that's what they deserved anyway, plus, it's said that killing give a decent amount of experience, it was fairly generous yet not so outrageous to the point of chain killing to Lvl up at a fast pace.

When you kill a , there is a chance upon death that he or she will drop one of their equipment, especially those that have low durability, although Leiu was not killing them for the equipment, he didn't mind looting some.

The assassin didn't drop anything, which was a bit of a pity, but if the mage dropped her staff, it would be great as mage weapon were a bit expensive in the beginner Lvls.

After some time, probably a week or two, the trading center will open and that is precisely what Leiu is waiting for.

The trading center is something most games do, it's a website linked to bank and to the game, it's like a shop actually.

A puts a weapon or anything from the game that is worth something and if someone is browsing the website and sees something of his liking, he can buy that thing with real money.

The price can be put by the seller or the bid for by many or the buyer can negotiate with the seller for a reasonable price.

Since Leiu quit most of his jobs and is only left with one, with the money he , it should be enough to live for a while, but he needed more money for his sister's school fees and living expenses.

So, this method was rather effective, he can get good items and put them on sale, as long as he gets some money out of them then that's great, he really couldn't wait for it.


The Crazy Apes threw stone rocks the size of a fist at them, so Elena and Sui couldn't focus on Leiu or else they would be hit, for like them, one or two hits would be enough to finish them, especially if the hit stuns you, the apes would then jump at you and tear you apart.

Rocks were thrown at the four of them, it seems that each ape focused on a person, but Leiu disregarded the apes and easily dodged the rocks while he continued dashing at the sword-wielding guy.

By the look of it, the archer and the mage would be busy dealing with the apes and dodging their attacks, but Chul is a bit stronger than them, moreover, he was a melee with good defense, so he managed to defend against the rocks without moving.

He just waved his sword and deflected the rocks, and while he was busy doing so, a shadow appeared behind him and horizontally at his back.

Chul didn't about Leiu, it just that he didn't see him fight, he only saw him finish Elena's produced fire fox.

For him, the apes were much more dangerous, plus, he didn't think that Leiu would totally ignore the apes to deal with him.

As he was going to turn around and block with his sword, it was already too late, the white sword beam which was the result of [Carving Shot] struck Chul's back.

Leiu's stats were way above average due to him having double unique , receiving achievements and owning good equipments, so that skill managed to half of Chul's Health bar.

Chul was shocked as he saw half his Health disappear from that, not only that, he found himself unable to move and to make matters even worse, a few rocks came flying at his chest.

Leiu's skill stunned Chul, which surprised Leiu as the probability of the stun was rather low, so he didn't take that too much into , but now that it happened, it made things much easier.

Without , Leiu used [Invisible Strike] at Chul, immediately finishing him off and depleting all his Health. The bloodied body of Chul fell on the ground and some Iron leg guards appeared beside him.

Without looking at its , Leiu picked it up and stored it in his inventory, then he rolled to the right while launching an ice spike at some rocks.

Not all the rocks were deflected and some of them hit him albeit him rolling and using the ice spike, but the damage was minimal and he already weakened the flying rocks.

What that was a cry from not too far away from him. Sui, who was the weakest amongst Chul's group finally to her death. She somehow managed to dodge rocks non-stop, but two Crazy Apes attacked together, they jumped at the same time and killed her.

Berfore her death, she managed to injure one of them as it had two arrows engraved on its body, one on its leg and the other on its shoulder. Blood came out profusely as the Crazy Apes screeched and screamed for pain, even though Sui already died, it kept hitting her body and tearing it apart, the sight was very brutal.

Elena was better off as she had better control of her skills, she barely dodged and even managed to almost kill the Ape attacking her, it had most of its body burned. When Chul joined them a couple of ago, she used a Mana to replentish her lost Mana, but she couldn't all, or else she would have killed the Ape.

As for the remaining Ape, it was now crazily Leaping at Leiu, its body was a head shorter than Leiu but it had very long arms and had a red fur, the creature looked scary with its sharp teeth and loud and annoying screams.

Now that he saw the monster jump at him, Leiu didn't retread, instead he jumped at it too.

The ape threw rocks at it was closing in on Leiu, its strength layed on its strong arms but from long distance, it would harrass its enemies with rocks.

Leiu used White Edge and deflected the rocks, they were flying at him with great speed but if you compared it to the body of the snow wolf, it was lacking so he managed to barely deflect them but that even that was not enough to ward them all off.

Two of the rocks hit him, lowering his Health further, Leiu also felt some pain coming from his abdomen, but he gritted his teeth and thrusted his sword at the hands of the ape.

White Edge was rare Item and was quite sharp, with Leiu Strength and Dexterity, and adding his fighting experience over the course of the past two days, it can be said that he improved by quite an amount.

The thrust was clean and precise, it hit the mark as a loud scream came out of the Ape's mouth. White Edge created a horrible wound on the ape's chest, it was aimed at its heart but Leiu was not sure where it was exactly so he just aimed at the upper right side of the chest but it seemed he failed to kill it instantly.

However, that didn't mean the attack did nothing, it actually heavily injured the Crazy Ape. Leiu twisted the sword which had part of it in the Ape's chest, and that only made it screech louder.

Leiu could feel his eardrums burst, this wailing was really quite annoying.

'Just die already!'

The Health bar of the ape kept decreasing rapidly until it reached 0%, no matter how much the ape struggled with its body, it could not shake off Leiu. Whenever it tried grabbing the sword or him, he would twist the sword even harder to freeze its body and it was very effective.

At this point, only 10 passed since he struck the ape, its body finally fell to the ground and White Edge was taken out of its chest.

The two Crazy Apes which were ravaging Sui's body were finally over as they leaped on some trees and were already leaping at Leiu, just by instinct, they felt that he was more dangerous than the mage, so they focused on him first.

One was endlessly throwing rocks while the other jumped on Leiu from above, it was quite a troublesome but Leiu didn't panick, he did not have time to loot the corpse as the attacks were upon him, so he jumped back to dodge the two attacks and at the same time close the distance between him and Elena.

He wanted to use her as a meatshield just as they wanted to use him, facing two Crazy Apes is difficult, especially if they only throw rocks, he can't climb trees or jump at them as they were very high on the trees, so the only way is to take advantage of Elena and use her as a temporary barrier.

His speed was fast as he ran toward Elena, who was almost done dealing with her opponent, the Crazy Ape facing her could barely walk and struggled to get back, all of its body was burned and some were still lingering on its red fur.


"Ahh, these damn monkeys are annoying, I can't even take a breather, hey Sui.."

Elena was busy from the very beginning dealing with this ape so she didn't notice what happened to her comerades. Only when she turned her head and saw two of her remaining dead on the ground and a hooded-man running at her with speed did she realize that things are bad, very bad!

She was worn out from the fight, she couldn't even finish the struggling ape as all her mana was depleted, moreover, only 30% of her Health is left so how could she resist this man.

Elena could only retread, but her speed was way slower than Leiu.

It didn't take him much more than 5 to arrive next to her, Leiu didn't with his swords but he forcefully grabbed her hand and mustered all his strength on his left hand which was holding grabbing her then he threw her on the Crazy Ape while saying

"You can only yourselves for being foolish enough to try to use me..."

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