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Chapter 20 : Chapter 20 : Outskirts of the City

Re;Hell Gate

Mountain City was really a huge and busy city, although the outside is also full of people. However, to the of the wide stretching for a couple of miles ahead, there usually are no crowded areas except if there is a unique boss, contrary to that, in the city, especially in areas, it's bustling with NPC's and

As Leiu left from the city gates, he saw the tall and thick walls that surrounded the city, they were made from a special stone which seemed very durable. As for the city gates, they were towering, reaching as much as 3 meters and were made from iron.

Leiu was dumbstruck when he saw the guards which were Lv60, each and every guard was Lv60 or higher, no wonder it's one of the main cities!

Just as he left the city, wide grass stretched for a couple of miles and were scattered everywhere, they were killing the weak monsters situated around this area.

Leiu purposely didn't take killing quests for this area as the rewards were meager and the monsters were just too weak.

They were probably the same strength of the forest wolves so, with Leiu's current stats and equipment, it would be a piece of cake to kill them, as for the achievement, he believed that it was snatched away, although it was just a hunch, he was someone who strongly believed in his instinct.

Albeit that, it didn't mean he wasn't going to try killing them to earn the achievement, it's just that it wasn't worth it right now.

He'll do the harder quests and check the nearby dungeon and if he had spare time, he'll come back here to clear the achievements.

There was 3 type of monsters around this area, first were the boars, they were called 'BackMountain Boars' and their Lv ranged between 11 and 13.

They were slightly bigger than normal boars and had simple ways of attacking.

As for the type, it was frogs, disgusting and sticky frogs which were rather big. They were 2.5 meters in height and used their fast and long tongs to catch their targets, they were harder than boars but if you can attack from behind, which was their weak spot, you can easily them. Usually, their Lvls are 13-15.

Last but least, there were slimes, but rather than normal slimes, they were mutated slimes. Unlike the slimes in the beginner , these ones were bigger and harder to injure.

The problem about all slimes is that they were invulnerable to physical attacks, their bodies were transparent and varied in color, the only way to hurt them is with fire or strong blunt damage that could crush them completely.

The ones situated here are the highest in Lv, ranging between 15 and 17, they were very easy targets for fire oriented mages which could finish them with one fireball or even berserkers or which dealt with blunt weapons like clubs, hammers and so on.

Leiu passed by these and didn't interact with any of them, no one paid him any special too, he was neither a celebrity nor a well-known figure, although his appearance was rather special, it didn't mean he'll attract wherever he goes.

Some people threw a couple of at him, but nothing beyond that.

His grey cloak, hood, and white sword were quite weird yet unique, almost all had normal equipment which were and only some rare ones had the privilege or luck to obtain one unique item, much less 3 or 4 like Leiu.


One thing Leiu was surprised about was the PVP ( versus ), it was allowed to kill other outside of the city, however, he saw no one engaging in bloody battles, everyone was peacefully minding their own business, even if a problem arose, they would talk it out.

But it's really rare for problems or fights to as the was very big and there were more than enough monsters for all people.

One more thing that shocked him is girls or the female gender in general. In MMORPG games in general, the between girls and boys was never equal as the latter had much greater numbers, it's not that girls don't these types of games, but boys who it are much more.

But in Hell Gate, Leiu saw many girls of all ages, and there was not a few, he saw a lot of them, just like in real life. He only considered this an interesting and fascinating game, but it seems like it will not be just a game as almost everyone is it and the numbers are increasing by the

Just thinking by the amount of money LobiSoft gets every day made Leiu's mind go crazy and he started imagining himself owning the whole company but all of this lasted for just a couple of before it shattered as he came back to his senses when a boar came charging at him.

Usually, monsters like these, which were in the outskirts of the city, won't attack you unless you get too close to them, and Leiu got near a boar which resulted in the beast charging at him.


As he regained his senses, Leiu swiftly unsheathed his white sword and easily dodged to the left, the speed of the boar was a bit slower than the wolf so it was not a problem to dodge an attack of this caliber.

Just as he dodged, Leiu down with his sword, finishing the boar's life and engraving a bloody scar on its body.


The amount of experience earned was very little, as for the money, he only looted 61 coppers, it was more than the wolf but it's still not a big amount.

Leiu continued walking until he entered a forest, unlike any of the forest in the beginner's which was thick with bushes and trees. This one had long trees and no bushes, there were a small number of shadows which made Leiu a bit depressed as his passives would not be activated if it's like this.

He had to collect some fruits from those long trees for one of his quests and also kill some monkeys which are known as 'Crazy Apes'.

When he entered the forest, there were much fewer here and most of them were high leveled as the monsters here are on another level compared to outside.

The Crazy Apes were at least Lv20 with some even reaching Lv24, so it was quite dangerous if you come unprepared or alone, of course, this rule doesn't apply on Leiu.

Although he wasn't sure if he could handle a group of apes, he had enough confidence to be able to at least finish one, and by hunting more and more, it would easier even if they attack him in groups.

Actually, from the NPC who gave him a killing quest for the apes, he came to know that these monsters only attack in groups and it's very rare to solitary ones.


Leiu carefully advanced as he held 'White Edge' in his hand and moved his eyes between the trees, he wanted to spot an ape to test his power and see how he would do against it.

Time passed slowly as he advanced, thankfully, the fruits he needed were rooted at the bottom of the trees and there was quite an amount of them scattered in every corner, so it was rather easy to find them, as for apes, there was no sign of them despite searching for 5 minutes already.

The gathering quest was already done, as for the killing one, it's still on hold as Leiu couldn't find any ape but the search was finally done as he finally stumbled upon something.


"Elina! Quick! Shoot your fireball at this jumping monkey!!"

"Jack! Quit shouting and distracting me, I'm trying but it keeps jumping around, I can't get a proper aim!"

Not far from him, approximately 30 meters or so, Leiu noticed a group of 4 people, there were 2 girls and 2 guys, the girls were on the back, one was wearing a robe and holding a wooden staff with a finger-sized gem on its top and the other was holding a bow.

Just one look at them and you can easily guess the first one was a mage and the latter was an archer or a long-ranged

As for the two guys, the first one was the guy who shouted at 'Elina', who was most likely the mage, he held a 3 foot Steel Sword and wore an iron armor around his chest, he also had a helmet on his head and was at an ape in front of him.

The last one was hiding behind a tree a couple of meters away from the other three, he was on a thick branch 2 meters above the ground and was probably waiting for a chance to sneak attack the apes.

Leiu judged the last guy to be an assassin-type

This group of four was surrounded by 4 Crazy Apes and there was already a corpse of an ape not too far from the sword-wielding guy.

The was easy to guess, they were attacked by a group of 5 Crazy Apes and are trying to defend themselves while escaping.

Leiu noticed them backing out bit by a bit, but at this pace, it would be quite hard for them to completely escape as at least one of them will perish.

The sword-wielding guy was alright as he was dealing damage to the apes which came flying at him from all , but the archer and the mage were in tight as they couldn't properly dodge the apes or even aim at them.

The monsters were swift and never stopped moving, they leaped from branch to branch and would sometimes use random rocks to throw at them so the wasn't looking good for this party.

Leiu watched this from afar, he had confidence in dealing with one ape, at most two, but he couldn't deal with four, and even if those bunch helped him, he was still not to help them out, they were neither friends nor so why would he expand some of his Stamina to aid them?

They would die and revive at the city, not a big deal, it's not like dying means the end, they could come up for revenge or whatever they want to do.

Leiu was just about to turn around and leave when all of a sudden, the group of four completely gave up on attacking and began running at full speed.

But the problem wasn't that, the issue is that they were running toward him, god knows how they knew he was there or if it was mere luck but just by coming toward him meant more trouble for him which annoyed Leiu even more...

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