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Chapter 16 : Chapter 16 : 'Die! You Persistent Fuck!

Re;Hell Gate

Leiu was only pissed because he died, losing the Level or the stats was not really a problem as it can be gained back, but he didn't easily defeat, actually, he never defeat, he would challenge whoever or whichever killed him until he wins.

Before leaving the beginner's , Leiu sold all the wolf fangs and furs.

Surprisingly, a single wolf fang was 20 copper and he had 64 wolf fang so that's a whopping 12 silvers.

After selling everything, the total amount was 1 gold and 41 silvers, it's a lot, adding his money, he now had 2 gold coins and 41 silvers.

He bought 5 Steel Swords just in case and departed from the , he disregarded all the monsters that he stumbled upon, his only target right now is the snow wolf.

After he kills that wolf, he will come back and get the achievements for the Bees and the Rabbits.

Although the wolf could use Ice Magic when its Health drops under 30%, it was not impossible to kill him.

It's true it could use magic, but it was not a powerful kind, it's just some Ice spikes that come flying at Leiu, and since he's busy avoiding the wolf and fangs, he didn't have enough time or speed to dodge the spikes, which resulted in him dying.


Leiu managed to arrive at where he was in just half an hour, it was already 18:55 PM, however, Leiu didn't mind, he was to sleep at 18:30 PM before he heads to work but now that he got killed, there's absolutely no way he's going to log off and do that tomorrow.

He can't focus on work if he doesn't kill the wolf, there is still three hours left before his shift begin, so it's probably enough for him to deal with the snow wolf.

The wolf was still at the same , its Health to full, however, even the wounds and such disappeared and was healed which is a real shame as Leiu had managed to cut the half of its

'Let's see if you can kill me now too!'

Leiu dashed at the snow wolf, with his Steel Sword, it was already night so his passive was active, along with 'Dark Empowerment', his attacks became deadly.

The wolf seemed to Leiu, although it didn't treat him as an ant anymore, the arrogant look in its eyes was still present, it's as if it was saying

'I already killed you once, so killing you another time isn't that big of a deal!'

The wolf counter-attacked by using its body to at Leiu with an incredible speed, fortunately, Leiu already predicted this, he may be much slower than his opponent, but if he could predict it and think of a way to dodge or resist, then it's completely different from taking the attack head on and not be being able to even predict it.

The of Leiu which was in mid-way suddenly stopped, he tightly held his Steel Sword and while mustering all his Strength, he threw his weapon at the wolf.

Then, without even seeing the results, he jumped a few meters back, no matter if his attack was or not, he was not dumb enough to stay there to check, once he was sure he was in a somewhat secure , then he'll check, otherwise it'll be meaningless if the wolf resisted the attack and continued to at him.


Blood dripped from the snow wolf's body, dying its pure white fur with red blood, the creature emitted painful howls, the Steel Sword was engraved in its back, probably 2 to 3 inches into its back, so it's to be expected for the wolf to feel the enormous pain coming from the injury.

It shook its body, it even tried to its body to a nearby tree to shake off the sword in its back and after a few tries, it

The reason Leiu didn't attack when the wolf was getting rid of his sword was due to his inability to do. Once he threw his sword, to equip another one he had to wait 5 or else he had to fight with his limbs.

He wasn't a Martial Artist to do that, he may have precise kicks and punches, but they would not deal much damage compared to the Steel Sword.

Just as the 5 passed, he equipped another Steel Sword from his inventory, then without wasting any , he rushed at the enemy.

His attack took 12% of the wolf's Health bar, it was a definitely a critical attack and the injury was by no means superficial.


Just like that, the two sides with each other, a Leiu is being sent flying by a powerful attack from the wolf and the next , the wolf is injured by an invisible strike from Leiu, its body was covered with cuts and bloody wounds caused by the Steel Sword.

Leiu had to admit that this wolf is the hardest and strongest enemy he so far, it really was an enemy not to be reckoned with, the system was right when it warned him to not try it alone but with a party.

After all, who would dare to try killing it alone? That's straight out suicide!


The wolf's Health finally reached 30% and it started using its magic, Leiu had already used 5 Red and 9 Stamina Points were used too, the fight was very tiring and difficult.

It was not guaranteed that every exchange between the two of them would result in the wolf suffering injuries, in fact, it's the opposite, it was Leiu who suffered more, he, fortunately, had the Red , or else he would have died much time already.

Each time he managed to attack the wolf, he didn't hold back and tried to aim for a vital to deal critical or even fatal damage, Leiu could feel himself improving slowly but surely, with many attacks coming from all , it allowed him to improve at a faster pace.

Ice spikes which were 50Cm long were coming at him, the good thing is that the wolf could only deploy 2 spikes at best, and most of the time it was only one spike which appears when Leiu is busy dodging the wolf's attacks.


'Arghh, fuck! That hurts!'

After an endless struggle and lots of dodging and jumping around the dark forest, Leiu somehow managed to decrease the snow wolf's Health to 5%.

The wolf is almost dead, but the fight has begun half an hour ago, Leiu felt his body ache and his Stamina is decreasing faster since he is injured.

Right now, he just got attacked by an Ice spike which hit his left hand, making him unable to even move it, the cooldown for the Red is still not up so all he could do is bear with it.

Blood was flowing out of the hole made by the spike, his clothes were dyed by the blood, even his Steel Sword was all red from the enemy's blood, it's like he was in a war and a lot of people, but all that blood was from the wolf, which was also tired from the fight, it lost too much blood and it had many injuries on its body.

Its appearance looked even more pitiful than Leiu, but it continued to resist and attack mercilessly, sometimes it would emit angry howls.

Leiu was only afraid that it would call its comrades, but that thought disappeared after hearing that growls many times without any more enemies coming.



An 'Invisible Strike' just hit the wolf's body, it was aimed exactly at a bloody wound, dealing even more damage, the wolf's Health is almost gone.

Although Leiu just hit the wolf, it cost him something too, he received a horrifying wound in his shoulder made by the wolf's fangs which were deeply engraved on his shoulders.

The wolf did this as the last struggle, its Health reached 0% but this bastard still didn't let go of Leiu.

"Damn! Let go!"

Leiu shouted as he shook his body to throw the wolf off him but it didn't work, so he tried twisting his sword which was thrusted deep in the wolf's body, but except some weird groaning made by the wolf, nothing happened.

The agonizing pain coming from the fangs of the wolf made Leiu dizzy, he almost fell on the ground as blood flowed endlessly, he couldn't even use a Red , so he just continued thrusting his sword at the wolf's back, trying to finish him as fast as he could.

Continuously, he his Sword, whether it's 'Invisible Strike' or a normal thrust, he used everything, the wolf was now red, one would surely say it's a red wolf as all his fur was either gone from the numerous wounds or dyed red by the blood.

Leiu was no better than his opponent as his Health was already at 5 Points, even his Stamina reached 3 Points which made it even worse.

He disregarded the wolf, which didn't let go of him no matter what he did, without paying any more to the beast clinging to him and biting his shoulder, he attacked again and again while shouting

"Die! Die you persistent Fuck! Just die!!!!"


The fangs of the wolf, which were engraved deep in his shoulder finally loosened and the wolf's body fell on the ground.

With 3 Health and 2 Stamina points left, Leiu also fell to the ground, he was breathing heavily as blood leaked out of his wounds.

He gulped a Red and layed his back on the ground, he stared at the sky, which was covered by the high and thick trees, he didn't have the energy to even move his hands, much less stand up.

Several messages popped up, but he dismissed them all and laughed, he laughed like a maniac for a dozen of as he was feeling delighted and satisfied by his win.

"Hahahaha, you see this? You fucker! I'm the one who won, HAHAHAHA!"

After heartily laughing for a couple of minutes, Leiu decided to log off, this fight and all the ones had exhausted him mentally, he needed some sleep, even if it's just a one-hour sleep.

As he logged off, Leiu took off the headset and soundlessly fell asleep, his phone was already to set to wake him up at 9:30 PM.


Leiu only slept for 2 hours and 30 minutes, although it was not enough to totally get rid of his sleepiness, it was enough to let him a bit from his mental fatigue.

Even though it's just in a game, continuously fighting for a whole day, moreover adding a difficult and almost impossible fight at the end made things even worse, which is why he logged off without even seeing what he got from the wolf.

Leiu cooked an omelet and ate it along with some vegetables, it may seem a little for someone in his age, but it was more than enough to make his stomach full.

After satisfying his hunger, Leiu opened his phone to see the leaderboard and some other before heading to work, he still had 10 Minutes before going out.

1 Acyle Lv27

2 Emperor Lv26

3 Mister Kind Lv25

4 Kirito Lv23

5 Dylena Lv23

6 Commander Luo Lv23

7 Messiah Lv22

8 Leyu Lv22

9 Frankenstein Lv22

10 Little Rabbit Lv21

As he checked the Leaderboard, he was a bit surprised... the top three was still the same, but that was not what surprised him, but their leveling speed, it was truly fast.

He knew how much difficult it the further your Level is higher, but they still managed to level up this fast!

He also noticed that he became Lv22, so the wolf must have given him 2 Levels, which was more than enough for him, he was more excited for the loot more than the experience he got.

After going through the forums and checking the new pieces of about the cities, Leiu left his apartment and headed to the cafè.

His mind was thinking about what he just read and all the new details about the 4 main cities and the dungeons, etcetera...

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