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Chapter 15 : Chapter 15 : Training, Improving and Farming.

Re;Hell Gate

Leiu killed wolf after wolf, without stopping, he didn't miss anyone and looted them all, he looted weapons and a leather armor, but they were truly useless as the stats bonus or the quality was very poor.

2 hours, that's how much time he spent killing wolves and he didn't to stop any time soon, it was 16:30 PM right now, so he had about 2 more hours before he has to log off.

The experience given when killing a wolf was meager, so he only leveled up once, Lv21, not much but he was satisfied and he was not aiming to level up right now but to improve and hone his skills.

In the course of those 2 hours, some of his skills levelled up, although it was slower than the normal skills, it's a level up, which is amazing.

Dark Sword Mastery(Basic Lv3) : When wielding a one-handed or two-handed sword; you deal 17.5% more damage.

Darkness(passive Lv2) : At night, you deal 18% more damage

Dark Empowerment(Basic Lv2) : For 30 , you gain 23% physical and magical damage and 13% more damage

Cooldown : 9 minutes 40

Cost : 15 Mana

Invisible Strike (Rare Lv4) : You can a time with a fast speed: The attack would deal 150% the damage of the first strike.

When Leiu saw that 'Darkness' the passive skill could level up, he became so overjoyed that he he was in mid-fight and almost died by the multiple attacks from the pack of wolves.

Usually, passive skills never level up, so it seemed strange, but it's not like he's going to since it was a fortunate thing for him.

Furthermore, something unexpected popped up after 1 hour and half of hunting wolves.

Achievement gained! You managed to kill 100 forest wolves : +5 Agility

He never knew he could gain achievements either, so with that thought in mind, he decided to Rabbits and Bees later until he got the achievements too, he was sure that there were achievements for them too, he just didn't kill enough to get them apparently, moreover, the reward was not bad, in fact, it was extraordinary.

Right now, after spending 2 hours grinding on wolves and training himself, he can deal with 9 wolves at once, it may not be a difference at he was able to deal with 6 wolves when he started but the difference was really huge.

Adding 3 wolves is not a simple thing, one must not that wolves are clever creatures, they rely on numbers and teamwork, they may not use tactics, , they are an opponent that should not be underestimated.

A pack of 9 wolves is not something that can be dealt with just because you have good equipment or have good stats, they can easily overwhelm you with their numbers if you are not careful.

From the 104 Red and 27 Blue , he used 9 Blue and 29 Red , it's a lot but it had to be done, Leiu's ability to dodge is extraordinary, however, he cannot dodge everything, sometimes the doesn't allow him to evade the attacks.

Although he used a lot of , he still had 75 Red and 18 Blue , so they should be able to keep him two more hours, perhaps even more.

As for his Stamina, he would fight three packs of wolves and rest for 10-15 minutes to fully , Leiu didn't know if Stamina exist or not, but even if they do, they must cost an astronomical amount, and must surely be a very rare drop.

He didn't loot any Red or Blue from the wolves, but he had 134 wolf fur, and each fur can be sold for 5 coppers, it's not a lot, but if he sold them all, that's already 5 silvers.

Moreover, he had 6341 coppers from the 134 wolves he killed, if you convert it to silvers, that's 63 silvers, so this 2-hour grind had allowed him to gain 68 silvers, that's a great amount.

But he was sure that most people could gain more if they already went to the main city, it's said that the quests there are generous, moreover, the monsters drop better equipment and more money, which is more alluring so that's another reason for most to quit the beginner's

Leiu wasn't greedy on money in this game, he may be in need of money in real life, but no here, what interested him more is this forest.

He went deeper and deeper, but there were only wolves, it's already been 2 hours yet no new monsters popped, the thought of this forest being endless crossed his mind a lot of times, but he dismissed it every time as he was sure that something is ahead, a boss or any monster, whatever it is, he was bound to it and get it!


Leiu used the momentum gained from kicking a wolf who jumped at him from behind and jumped high in the air, his jump this time was precise as he his legs landed on a tree 2 meters ahead of him.

His legs perfectly landed on a thick tree trunk, he kicked the trunk to gain a better momentum as he flew through the air with fast speed and at a nearby wolf, cutting it in half.

He didn't stop as he was in mid-air, he made a clumsy leap in mid-air to at a wolf which was not far from the other one which was now dead.

Despite the clumsy leap, the attack was precise and enough to kill the wolf. Leiu then landed on his two feet, he didn't pause and backed away a few steps to stabilize his body and at the same time evade a leaping wolf.

The wolf which saw the enemy dodging his attack, was preparing to back away to try to grasp another opportunity, however, it wasn't that lucky as Leiu used 'Invisible Strike', the Steel Sword smashed the wolf's head, pulverising it and at same time, it shattered and metal pieces landed on the ground.

Although the Steel Sword was destroyed, Leiu was smiling as he just dealt with a pack of 11 wolves, he wasn't totally sure but he managed to do it and only lost 9 Health Points, so how could he not be happy?

When he began his hunt, he had the Steel Sword he got from the Trials and 5 others, the one just shattered, so he took another one and looted the corpses.


It's 17:35 PM right now, the Level of the wolves became 14 for some reason, it ranged between 13 and 12 but now they all became Lv14.

Their prowess didn't increase and the loot didn't change, he just looted wolf fangs more often now.

Wolves dropped their fur and fangs, in the beginning, out of the 134 wolf, Leiu looted 12 fangs, that in itself shows how rare their fangs is, but now, the Lv14 Wolves dropped fangs very often.

Out of 10 Lv14 wolves, 6 fangs would drop, as for fur, they would drop every time.

Currently, Leiu had 217 wolf fur and 46 wolf fangs, he didn't know how much they cost, but he didn't need them so he was already to sell them to the merchant along with the fur and the useless items he looted.

Speaking of useless items, they were a mix of leather armors, basic gloves, basic boots and so on, he also looted bronze swords, but he didn't bother keeping them and threw them out of his inventory, it was already full so adding junk which isn't even worth 10 copper is needless.

He was already Lv21 at 44%, although the experience got is almost non-existent, but if you kill as many as Leiu had, there's bound to be an increase of experience.

Moreover, the Lv14 Wolves gave a bit more, probably between 0.3 and 0.5%.

The forest became much darker as the trees became thicker and increase in number, it's already the end of the day and the sky already became to darken.

It was a good think for Leiu as his skills would increase too, whenever he more than 10 wolves, he would use 'Dark Empowerment' to make things easier, it was really helpful.

The damage was reduced by a lot so even if he got hit, his Health wouldn't decrease by much, plus, he deals more damage.

His skills didn't increase since that time, it's a pity but he wasn't in a hurry, sooner or later, they will level up.

Leiu kept killing wolves without stopping, he loved doing this, and by the end of each fight, he would improve by a little bit, the improvement is not the experience bar, neither it is the loot, but the skills, the fighting style.

His dodging is more and more perfect, his attacks are more , most of the time, he would only attack the vital of the wolf, the head or the chest, he wouldn't recklessly attack anywhere, that would barely do any damage and it's useless, better finish it fast and aim for the fatal !


It's 18:10 PM, Leiu finally stopped after endlessly killing wolves for more than 3 hours, the reason he stopped was not that he was tired or bored, but because he what he was looking for.

It looked like any other wolf, the only difference is its fur, it was white, pure white, just like snow, it even made someone ask themselves 'What is a snow wolf doing here?'

It's deeply resembled a snow wolf, although it was a bit bigger, it nevertheless had the appearance of a snow wolf.

Its two blood red eyes were staring at Leiu, unlike the normal dark wolves, which gazing at him with ferocity, rage, and anger, this gaze was calm and haughty.

It's as if it was looking at Leiu arrogantly, not even seeing him as an opponent, much less a threat.

The white wolf didn't even see Leiu as a prey, that gaze was if someone was looking at an ant, it made Leiu a bit annoyed, he never liked these kinds of gazes.

Although it's the first time he was looked at like that, it was a bit to those young masters who came to the cafè, they were filthy rich and would spend a lot of money just for a simple lunch there, they would treat the waiters badly and act arrogantly, it's like they are above the whole world.

Leiu tightly held his Steel Sword and stared back at the white wolf, he didn't turn his head or back away, instead, he faced it directly, not willing to let himself be frightened or looked down upon.

Elite : Distant Snow Wolf(Rare) : Lv25

<WARNING> It is advised to form a party to kill this creature.

'Fuck that! Do you think I can't deal with it?'

As Leiu cursed the system, he leaped on the wolf, who also didn't stay still, it looked down on this Human, yet its instincts told it to be and finish him fast.

The first thing Leiu did was a at its head, trying to finish it with one hit, but those were all pointless hopes and wishes, the system already told him to form a party, and what does that mean?

That means it's practically impossible to solo it, a tank is needed to keep the aggro, a healer is needed to heal the tank and damage dealers are needed to do their job and kill the boss, that's how games like these works, one cannot just barge in and solo.

However, that's exactly what Leiu was to do. Form a party? That never was his style, he always solo-ed everything in other games, there were some where parties were needed, but even in those cases, he would just abandon the quests and search for other ones.

It would be a lie to say he never formed a party or never have been in a party, because he did, but those time can be counted with one hand and each of those times went horribly wrong, Leiu was not used on so he just ignored the party and went on killing the monsters which resulted in rage and insults from every person in his party.


The of Leiu was precisely aimed the wolf's head, but the creature didn't just stand there and receive it, it dodged to the site, and hastily its body to Leiu's waist, sending him flying 10 or so meters.

Fortunately, 'Dark Empowerment' was active, or else the damage would have been much more

Just that took 11 Health points!

While holding his abdomen with his free hand, he supported himself with his sword to stand up and hastily jumped back, the white wolf was already jumping at him, it showed its sharp and white fangs as they were going to be engraved in his neck.

He somehow managed to roll on the ground, barely dodging the attack, his hair was disheveled and dirt covered all his body which was bloodied by the from earlier, although it was only a , it resulted in some bloody injuries.

He gulped a Red when he was rolling, it was an easy thing to do, fortunately, 15 Health points were restored and his Health was back to full, the injuries were healed and the blood stopped leaking.

But Leiu didn't let his guard down, he expected the wolf to be strong, but not this strong, he was even stronger than the puppet lord, it was very fast and just a from it took a big chunk of his Health.

He got up as fast as he could and rushed at snow wolf, who was also coming at him, this wolf was many times faster than a normal wolf, even Leiu would barely cope with him.

Compared to normal wolves, Leiu is slightly faster, which allowed him to deal with a bunch of them, but compared to this wolf, he was slower, a lot slower, the only way he managed to evade his attacks is by reflex, his countless fights with wolves helped him a bit this time, they were not useless after all.

The wolf's were coming at him as the snow wolf was aiming at his face, trying to rip him to shreds, it thought of Leiu as something to an ant, so it disregarded him, but now it couldn't, after all, this ant somehow survived its and dodged its attack.

With 'Dark Empowerment' still active and using 'Invisible Strike' Leiu his Steel Sword with the wolf's , the first strike barely withstood the before it pushed the sword back, but the strike, which was invisible and much faster, hit the

Half of the were cut and blood came out of them, the wolf emitted an angry howl as it backed away and stared at Leiu.

'So its defense is rather weak....'

Honestly, it's to be expected for it to have a weak defense, after all, no monster was strong in all aspects, there surely must be a weakness.

The Health bar of the wolf decreased by a bit, probably 3%, but it nevertheless gave some hope to Leiu, his only thought was 'If it bleeds then it can die! Surely!'


You died! You will be transported to the beginner's in 10




The white wolf's Health bar was at 25%, Leiu struggled with it for 20 minutes, barely dodging by a hair's breath and sometimes receiving its powerful which sent him flying a dozen of meters, the was the only attack which cannot be avoided, it was just too fast for him.

He used 8 Red , but the problem was that when it reached 30%, the wolf became able to use magic, it was not powerful magic, but it was long-ranged, coupled with its fast speed and strength, it became harder for Leiu to beat it, , he managed to decrease its health to 25% before dying by its hands.

As Leiu saw the arrogant gaze of the wolf, he was both angry at it and himself, it was his fault that he couldn't do it, but dying was not the end, he would try as many times as possible until he kills it!

'Motherfucker! Just you wait! I'll come back and rip your eyes out of their sockets and we'll see who's looking down on who!'

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