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Chapter 12 : Chapter 12 : Last Trial (2)

Re;Hell Gate

As Leiu crossed the door, he was surprised to see that he reappeared inside the room, or more precisely, the room that looked like an office.

The third Trial will begin in 18 minutes and 4

Since there is still time, Leiu decided to roam the manor a bit more, but it seems that the system or whatever is controlling this manor doesn't want him to do roam.

He couldn't leave the room as the familiar repelling force kept him inside, so the only thing he could do is on that sofa.

He already examined the desk but there was nothing inside it, neither on top of it, the only noticeable thing is that painting.

Since Leiu had literally nothing to do, he just sat there to rest and try yo predict what's the next Trial would be, he tried beginning the trial but it didn't begin, it seems he had to wait...

He gazed at the painting for 5 minutes until he got bored, it was an extraordinary piece but anyone would be bored after looking at it for some time.

Time passed slowly as Leiu sat there silently, he almost fell asleep, it's a doable thing in this game, you can even have sex or take a bath, which is amazing.

Of course, anyone who tries to or assault a woman would be struck by the system's lightning, killing him instantly.

Even if you try to assault a female NPC, the same thing would happen, however, killing them is still possible, of course, if it's to a quest, you can't just go around massacring every NPC you meet.


The third Trial will now begin!

Leiu was standing when the message popped, he didn't dare act as he doesn't know what's going to happen, there was a high chance that he will get teleported again.

Just as the message popped, Leiu's darkened and he lost , when he opened his eyes again, he felt that he was in a different body.

Just from the surrounding and the height of the person, or rather, the height of the 'boy', he knew it wasn't his body.

Furthermore, he couldn't control the body, he was just seeing with its eyes, that's it.

He also couldn't see his appearance, so with nothing to do, he just gazed through the eyes and saw what was the boy doing.

Time seemed to past quickly in the body, he saw the boy grow up, his father was a farmer and his mother stayed at the house, a peaceful family.

Until war broke out apparently, some hideous looking creatures appeared and killed the boy's parents, he survived by hiding in a secret basement.

After that, the boy escaped and joined a refugee, years passed quickly, he became a soldier, trained sword arts, but his country lost the war and the hideous looking creatures even more people, it was bloody and gruesome.

Every time, the boy who now became a man would barely survive while his comrades and friends perish.

Feeling sorrow and grief, anger and rage toward those creatures, a thirst for revenge were created, the man left the army, secluded himself and trained for several years.

He invented skills and techniques, many magic attack and powerful spells, when he came out from that , he roamed the deserted land, killing countless of those creatures, sparing none.

The man became more and more powerful, his skills got better to the point that he became invisible, literally.

With nothing to do, he secluded himself in a dark and just trained there, bored of the killing, he wanted to change or stop the massacre, his thirst of revenge that ignited him back then had long since disappeared.

He already became an adult for a long time, with a beard and several scars in his body, but the muscles shined even more than the scars.

Someday, he met a mortal woman who was injured, after saving her life, she decided to stay with him to repay for the favor, although he first ignored her, special and strange feelings overwhelmed him as time passed.

And by the time he realized, he had already fallen in love with her, but that was only followed by a tragedy, as the woman was injured by one of the beasts, it was a strong one at that.

The man raged more than he ever did before, the beast and his whole army, yet he did not stop, the woman was dead because of the injury, after all, she was only a mortal.

Leiu also came to know that the man was the same as the one drawn into the painting, the woman too.

So after that incident, the man kept killing, again and again, time passed quickly, he only stopped when he beheaded the last hideous creatures on the continent, and at that time, while feeling empty and sad, the man went into again.

It was at that moment when the man entered a manor that the between Leiu and the man was cut off, it's as if Leiu was repelled but at least, a joyous message appeared.

! You have passed the third Trial!

+1 Level

You earned the tittle 'A life in the blink of an Eye' : You experienced a life in a short amount of time, you saw all the experiences of the person and shared his/her feelings.

A life in the blink of an Eye(Epic) : +10 Wisdom / +10 % experience when killing monsters.

You relived the life of the first Dark Knight that ever existed, seeing all his experiences, fights and techniques you managed to raise your power : +1 to all stats

Sword Master(Basic) has levelled up : Lv8=>Lv9 : When wielding a sword : you deal 9% more damage.

You have finished all the 3 Trials! , you became a Dark Knight.

Dark Knight : A Unique that only one person managed to acquire, it focuses mainly on the dark arts with many skills, the main weapon can either be a one-handed sword or a two-handed sword depending on the user, due to a Dark Knight : +11 Strength, +8 Agility, +8 Dexterity, +5 Intelligence, +5 Wisdom, +8 Vitality, +10 Health, +5 Stamina, +5 Mana.

You obtained the skill 'Dark Arts'(Unique) : It is composed of skills and not just one, the further you level up the more you obtain ;

? Darkness(passive)(Lv1) : At night, you deal 15% more damage

? Dark Empowerment(Basic Lv1) : For 30 , you gain 20% physical and magical damage and deal 10% more damage

Cooldown : 10 minutes / Cost : 15 Mana

Sword Master(Basic Lv9) has transformed into => Dark Arts ; Dark Sword Arts(basic Lv1) : When wielding a one-handed or two-handed sword : you deal 10% more damage.

There was too much , so it took Leiu a couple of minutes to read them, well it took less than 30 to read but to understand them fully, he needs more time.

Next thing he did was open his status window.

TITLE(S) : Invincible / A life in the blink of an Eye

Level: 20 : Dark Knight


Strength 52 Intelligence 42

Agility 51 Wisdom 46

Vitality 45 Dexterity 51

- - - -

Health 43/43 Mana 40/40

Stamina 41/41

Leiu smirked as he gazed at his stats, he could feel the power surging in his bones and muscles, 12 instant increase in strength can be felt as it strengthened him.

His stats now can be considered high, well, if he doesn't in a day or two, people would surely surpass him, it said that killing bosses would usually give unallocated points, so raising stats is not hard, even training or doing push ups would help.

It may not increase them by a lot, but little by little the stats would increase, there were too many ways to do that, so he should not off.

The good thing is that most people right now should not have stats to him unless they earned a lot of titles, have a lot of good items or did trials which is unlikely.

Just by reading the comments on the forum, he was sure that Unique jobs are almost non-existent.

What's more is that the quest for normal are so easy, to be a swordsman, for example, you only need to 5 forest wolves.

The current Leiu had the confidence to deal with dozen of them, much less 5. His level increased too, which is fantastic.

There was a guide, it didn't give a lot of but it definitely said that mounts can be used when you reach level 20, they are not pets, which unlike mounts, can help you fought.

Mounts can only be used to travel or move at high speed, that's it!


Now he finally had his , the trials are off and the system already showed him a message telling him he could teleport out of the manor, but he was still hesitating a bit as he noticed that the repelling force had now disappeared...

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