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Chapter 9 : Chapter 9 : Class Quest (3)

Re;Hell Gate

As he faced the 4 wooden puppets, Leiu couldn't help but wipe the invisible cold sweat on his forehead, just thinking about that made him feel restless and uneasy.

I mean, what are the chances that he could finish hundreds of those puppets, they would jump at him from all , unlike the dark beasts which had a large frame, these puppets could easily overwhelm him if they had enough numbers.

While gritting his teeth, Leiu stood there, waiting for them to attack, although they gave him 30 between each fight, it was not enough to restore a lot of stamina, so while thinking about that guess, he decided to let them attack and use the least strength he could to get rid of them.

He must preserve and save as much stamina as possible, because if his guess was correct, and it definitely was, then he would need a lot of stamina, heck! Even if he had full stamina there was still a chance of failure.

The wooden puppets didn't stand still and watch him, they rushed at him simultaneously, they didn't have the weapon, yet! So it was easy for him to counter-attack and avoid their kicks and punches.

With and fast strikes, he avoided an punch and cut a wooden puppet in half, then he side-stepped yet another straight punch aimed at his abdomen while shopping down with his steel sword, finishing another puppet.

There were two remaining, one flying down at him with a kick, while the other also did a Brazilian kick, they really used dangerous martial arts, but Leiu didn't let himself get hit even once while throwing his sword at the flying puppet.

He met the Brazilian kick with a kick too, although he was very bad at martial arts, it's not like he couldn't punch or kick.

He was able to resist the kick because of his strength and defense, the Brazilian kick was stopped and the puppet was sent flying.

As for the flying puppet, it was cut by the flying sword.

Leiu then jumped to catch his sword and waited for the last puppet, which was sent flying 3 meters or so by his kick.

The wooden puppet got up and rushed at him again, its leg was barely , yet it didn't mind and attacked Leiu again, but its fate was as it was easily finished by Leiu.

It's extremely fortunate for Leiu that the wooden puppets were very fragile, it's like hitting paper, easily cut, even a strong punch from him could get rid of them, if aimed correctly of course.


Like this, Leiu kept getting rid of the wooden puppet, it to 8.. 16.. 32.. he didn't move from his , trying to limit needless movements.

He was enough experienced to not waste any movements, it's like he didn't start fighting today but had spent all his life doing so.

Dealing with 32 puppets was not easy, no matter how much strong he is, he still got hit and lost 4 Health points.

Fortunately, the puppets were all fighters, so they were either crushed or cut by his Steel Sword until he was the only one standing in that empty space.

From his 30 Stamina points, 4 Stamina points were used, for others, it's not a lot, however, for Leiu it was a lot! God knows how many times he had to deal with those wooden puppets, so spending 4 Stamina points when it's still the beginning was not a good start, that's for sure.

As he hit the 64 mark, wooden puppets appeared one after another, but this time, there were some abnormalities.

'I knew it! It couldn't surely be this easy since the first Trial was hard!'

Seeing that his guess was also correct, Leiu didn't feel happy, quite the opposite, in fact, he felt stressed, as, amongst the 64 wooden puppets, about 10 of them held swords and a small shield on their other side.

Since they had swords now, only standing would be a bit of a problem, he had to get rid of these wooden puppets first, they would surely be more troublesome.

Leiu launched himself as he dashed between the wooden puppets, if a puppet was close enough he would cut it in half, otherwise, he would ignore it, his aim was the ones holding swords.

His speed was decent as he appeared in front of abnormal wooden puppet in just 10 , the distance separating them was not long, to begin with.

Without , he thrusted his sword toward the wooden puppet, which didn't stay still, of course, it held it's shield to obstruct the sword.

The Steel Sword and the small shield , the latter managed to hold off for a before it was destroyed, but the sword was bounced off too, Leiu then kicked the wooden puppet, finishing it and jumping in the air to avoid the attacks of the other wooden puppets.

They may be puppets, but they are not meant for training, staying still and waiting for their death, while Leiu dashed between several of them and finished some, they didn't watch but jumped on him, either punches or kicks, some of the abnormal puppets used the swords to at him too, so he didn't have a choice but jump on the air.

The ground was full of puppets, there's no to land, he used the momentum from his kick to jump in the air and ruthlessly land on a normal puppet, crushing it, he didn't stop there, he multiple times, not to use [Invisible Strike] which deflected dangerous attacks and finished the opponent with the strike.

The strike was totally invisible and probably twice as fast as the first, the skill was very useful as it not only deflected attacks, it also one-shotted enemies.

A strike even managed to crush a small shield of an abnormal puppet, but it didn't stop there, it crushed its whole arm and head, killing it instantly.


By the time the 63 puppets were dead, Leiu was not heavily panting but he still felt a bit tired, as he checked his stamina, the 26 stamina became 18, so he used a whopping 8 points to get rid of these 63 puppets.

The reason he didn't kill the last one, which was a fighter puppet, was because he had a crazy idea. As the puppet came rushing at him, Leiu skillfully cut off its legs, like this, it didn't die, and at the same time, he restricted its movements.

The idea he had was keeping a single weak puppet and use it to gain time, time to Health and Stamina, rules were not given to him, so even if he tried breaking them, they should warn him right?

As he cut the puppets legs, he also cut one of its arms, leaving it only 1 arm, the puppet didn't disappear as it was not dead or crushed, so it started using its hand to crawl toward Leiu and attack him, however, its speed was very slow, like a turtle.

Leiu just went 20 or 30 meters away from it and sat up, the puppet kept crawling, it didn't feel tired or desperate, it just kept repeating the same thing until it reaches its target.

So like that, as he cheerfully looked at the puppet, Leiu used this golden opportunity to all his Health and Stamina.


15 minute or so later, Leiu stood up and finished the crawling puppet, his Stamina was fully , so is his Health, his idea worked, fortunately, maybe the system or the trial host let him do so as it was simply not possible to finish it without Stamina, in any way, like this, he had more chance win to pass the trial.

128 wooden puppet appeared, this time, even more types were added, they held wooden bows and had a set of arrows at their back, Leiu's gaze turned as he gazed at them, his happiness seemed to disappear and his face turned uglier than it already was.

'How is this fair? At least give me a or a pet tsk tsk!'

While leaping at the enemies, he tried to limit the contact between his sword and shields, so as to not drop its durability even more, but even despite that, it already dropped to 3, some cracks appeared on it, Leiu was sure it would not hold on much longer.

While using some of the wooden puppets body to cover himself from the rain of arrows, which managed to kill some of the puppets, he dashed at the archer wooden puppets and finished them one by one, he only a bit when he finished them all, the next problem was the ones holding swords, the fighter and much easier to kill and dodge.

His Level already rose, considering every puppet gave 2% then he leveled up, moreover, the archers and sword wielder puppets gave a bit more, not a huge difference but it the difference still existed.

30 minutes, that's how much time it took him to finish 127 puppets, unlike the last one, he was panting excessively, only 9 stamina left, this time, there was much more sword wielder puppets, which were troublesome to deal with, even more than the archers.

They were more resistant and had shields that can block, for Leiu, the archers were more like a gift as he defended against their attacks while using their comrades bodies, they were a bit taller than him and by ducking a bit, he easily avoided the arrows, plus, it's impossible to be wide open in this as there were too much puppets swarming around him, so the archers can't aim at him.

If they were composed and used strategies, it would be easy, but like this? It's impossible for the arrows to hit him, it's just a matter of perseverance, if his Stamina does not ran out then he can deal with them all.

He left the last puppet and did the same and started resting, but just as he sat, his Steel Sword shattered and metal pieces fell on the floor, he was only holding a hilt right now.

As he was going to curse his luck, a message popped up.

Due to not having a weapon, you will be given a standard weapon of choice.

'Ah!! At least they have some pity!'

'Give me a one-handed sword'

As he said that, the space distorted for a bit before a Steel Sword fell on the floor, unexpectedly, it was exactly the same as his Steel Sword, maybe it gave him this weapon on purpose, well, it's not like he cares, the problem of weapon durability has been solved and the stamina problem was also solved, which is good enough for him to pass!

Leiu equipped the sword and rested to regain his Health and Stamina, his health decreased by 10 too, he managed to dodge most of the attacks but there is some that it's impossible to dodge them unless he can teleport so he had to grit his teeth and take those attacks head-on.

What's good is that he only let the fighter puppet attacks land on him, them and them alone, no attack from the sword wielder puppets or archers did touch him or else the damage would be more fatal.

After half an hour of resting, he fully so he finished the poor crawling puppet, a 30 'resting' time was given, something appeared which contradicted Leiu's guess, it wasn't an army of 256 puppets, but something else.

To be honest, him dealing with 128 puppets is basically impossible, to anyone who is a beginner it's impossible, it's just that the puppets can be one-shotted, excluding the sword wielder puppets who only needed 2 , all others needed 1 strike from him.

Maybe they made it easier for him because he is low levelled, but it's a quest for the love of god, why would he a high level when taking this one.

If anyone heard about the trials, then they wouldn't believe it, but seeing the A difficulty, then it's to be expected right? However, unlike normal A difficulty quest, which didn't appear yet as the game was just launched, the normal A difficulty quests CAN be done with a party, unlike this one, which seemed totally unfair.


Leiu smiled helplessly as he gazed at what's in front of him, 5 meters in height, rusty metallic armor and a huge axe in its hands, it was a big wooden puppet, it had a helmet, shoulder and knee guards and last but not least is an armor.

It excluded some pressure as it wielded its huge two-handed axe.

'Of course, how couldn't I predict this, a boss for the final, isn't this great? Couldn't be worse than this..'

Wooden puppet Lord Lv20

As he gazed at the enemy, Leiu felt a bit of despair, throwing a boss at him when he was a beginner, what's up with this trial, moreover, this was only the Trial, what about the last one, it surely won't send him to hell and tell him to defeat the devil, right?

Looking at the good side, Leiu gained a bit of stats, some messages popped up when he was fighting, and when he rested, he checked them all along with his status window.

Invisible Strike(Rare) levelled up! Lv1 => Lv2 :

You can a time with a fast speed naked to the eye, an invisible attack : the attack would deal 130% the damage of the first

Cost : 3 Mana / Cooldown : 15

Showing movements and exceeding humans limits, from countless fights and experiences, you managed to surpass what others called unsurpassable : Strength +1 / Intelligence +2 / Dexterity +2

TITLE : Invincible

Level: 17 : NONE


Strength 33 Intelligence 31

Agility 37 Wisdom 28

Vitality 30 Dexterity 33

- - - -

Health 30/30 Mana 32/32

Stamina 33/33

Not a great increase, but it was enough for him, Leiu was not sure if he can defeat the boss or not, but he only had one thing in his 'never give up', that was his only rule when games, unlike others, he was about this game, sure he it for fun, but he wanted more than fun, he to achieve other amazing things.

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