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Chapter 8 : Chapter 8 : Class Quest (2)

Re;Hell Gate

Leiu Stamina was almost depleted, 2 left, his arms and legs trembling, barely able to stand, much less fight, but his will was strong enough to somehow allow him to deal with the beasts, it has been exactly 40 minutes since the beginning of the fights.

Leiu truly reached his very limits, no matter how strong he is, he couldn't fight anymore, it took him 4 to 5 strikes to deal with beasts now, and even more, his two remaining are gone and his health decreased to 6, wounds and injuries covered his body and even the gloves were destroyed now.

As he was about to fall on the ground, the howling and footsteps of the beasts disappeared, the silent ruled over the again, the darkness was gone and torches one after another start emitting light until all the was visible.

Leiu, with half-opened eyes, gazed at the surroundings, he was very surprised to see that he was in a somewhat gloomy and big manor, it was really confusing, in the beginning, he walked a lot, so how could he be in a manor?

It really looked despite it feeling a bit gloomy, a fascinating and big chandelier was hanging on the roof, it was filled with long candles.

There was also wide stairs leading to the floor apparently, apart from that, there were other rooms too, but since they were a bit far, Leiu couldn't see what's inside unless he went there.

There was no or anything of the sort, there was also no sign of the beasts, not even one, and apart from the blood dripping from Leiu, there was also no corpses of the beasts, of the blood that from them, if we're talking about their blood, there is some of it on the Steel Sword, apart from that, the floor was clean.

A red and smooth carpet was on the stairs leading up, the carpet extended from the door, which Leiu only noticed when he turned his head.

There was a very big door, which seemed to be the main door of the manor, it had some engraving sculptures in it, but Leiu couldn't comprehend them, so he didn't focus much on them, what was more interesting is that there were 2 sculptures on the edges of the stairs, they were in the shape of beasts, just one look at them and Leiu was sure that they were the same beasts that attacked him.

The manor had a weird feeling to it, gloomy, silent and a bit creepy with those sculptures, Leiu didn't roam around, he just sat on the ground and heavily breathed, his Stamina was almost fully exhausted and his health is in a critical state right now.

He had to rest, at least half an hour, so as he sat up, a message finally popped up.

! You have passed the first Trial. Reward : +3 to all stats, special item 'Sinister Hood'

Sinister Hood (Rare) : +5 Agility / +3 Dexterity / +5% damage if you attack an enemy from behind.

The Trials will begin in 58 minutes 42 If you want to immediately begin, please proceed to the floor.

Leiu was feeling too weak, but he managed to read those messages, he felt happy, at least, even if he failed the next trials, he already got the 'hood' and the stats, he didn't believe that they would take the rewards back if he failed, which made him feel a bit at ease.

Sinister Hood equipped!

A dark hood that covered most of his head appeared, the stats given by the hood were really generous, but that's to be expected right? After all, it's a 'Rare' item, and that 5% increase in damage, Leiu couldn't feel more

It was only the first day, yet he got it, but albeit feeling proud and a sense of achievement, he knew for sure that there were some people to him, after all, this is a worldwide game, of people would be it, there is bound to be people who had to Unique quests too.

TITLE : Invincible

Level: 14 : NONE


Strength 29 Intelligence 26

Agility 34 Wisdom 25

Vitality 27 Dexterity 28

- - - -

Health 5/27 Mana 29/29

Stamina 2/30

It seemed that his health decreased yet again, but apart from that, his stats increased by a lot, seeing his status window, he felt confidence surging in him, he thought that all trials were made into one and that was fighting the beast, but it wasn't the case, if the first trial was this hard, then what about the other 2?

Also, his Level is now 14, isn't that fantastic? Usually, Vitality has to do with health , stamina , and defense, so considering his Vitality increased, then his of Health and Stamina should faster right? In many cases, he had 58 minutes, so it should be more than enough.

The problem is his weapon, the Steel Sword had 5 durabilities left, what would he do if it's destroyed, should he use the bronze sword? That's the only , however, that bronze sword is so useless, it wouldn't even hurt a dark wolf, much less one of those dark beasts.

While Leiu was resting, he opened the message log to see what he got apart from that level up, because he saw a bunch of others, was it all the messages caused by the level up?

Sword Mastery [Basic] Levelled up : Lv4 => Lv5 : When wielding a sword: deal 7% more damage

Sword Mastery [Basic] Levelled up : Lv5 => Lv6 : When wielding a sword: deal 7.5% more damage

Sword Mastery [Basic] Levelled up : Lv6 => Lv7 : When wielding a sword: deal 8% more damage

Through consecutive battle, you managed to create a skill(Rare) : You can a time with a fast speed naked to the eye, an invisible attack : the attack would deal 120% the damage of the first

Cost : 3 Mana / Cooldown : 15

Please name the skill.

Leiu never imagined he would create a skill, but since he created one, shouldn't he give it a legendary names? Maybe it will go down in history.

'Name it 'Invisible Strike' '

The skill has been named : Invisible Strike.

Would you like to confirm the name Y/N?


Invisible Strike(Rare) : You can a time with a fast speed naked to the eye, an invisible attack : the attack would deal 120% the damage of the first

Cost : 3 Mana / Cooldown : 15

Leiu was overjoyed as he gazed at the message, a skill! It would surely help him a lot, the cost was not that much and the cooldown wasn't high either. Maybe when he used it earlier, it wasn't the actual skill but just an , since no mana was used, anyways, since he got his first skill, he will surely try it later.


35 minutes or so passed, Leiu's Health and Stamina fully , he equipped the old beginner's armor, which was totally useless, at least it wasn't totally destroyed like the newly bought one, as he saw the state of that armor, Leiu could only feel sadness and grief, he lost a whopping 3 silver for it, yet it didn't even last an hour!

After taking a breath of fresh yet cold air, Leiu got up and headed upstairs, there is really no use staying here, he tried roaming the manor and inspecting the other rooms, but he couldn't step in them, as if an invisible force not letting him pass, it's a pity as he was about this , maybe there is a hidden treasure, but his hopes were crushed when he found out he was unable to enter any room.

With one last look around the , he climbed the stairs slowly, he was wary of his surroundings, you never know when an enemy would jump at you, hopefully, the lights won't go out, it's true he got used to fighting in darkness, but having some light is never bad, right?

As he climbed all the stairs and gazed around, he saw many doors, all of them were closed, the atmosphere in the floor seemed completely different if the first floor seemed gloomy, this one felt creepy and cold, it's like it's snowing in here.

Leiu roamed around the broad floor, he counted at least 20 doors, but he couldn't open a single one, all of them had the same repelling force as downstairs.

After spending 10 minutes roaming all the floor, it was huge, for a floor in a manner, of course, it may even be a castle, he tried opening every door he stumbled upon, but none opened until he a room, without a door.

First he gazed at it from outside, a bit and , but after pondering for a minute, he decided to enter it, and to his surprise, unlike the other rooms downstairs, which also had no doors, this one didn't have a repelling force.

As his foot stepped on the room's ground, a message popped up.

You have entered the Trial's ground, the test will begin in 30 , please prepare yourself.


Although he somehow expected it, he never imagined it will only give him only 30 , furthermore, it didn't even give him an about the trial, again!

Leiu could only grit his teeth and unsheath his sword, while tightly holding it, he looked around, inspecting the room.

The room looked decent, it's like it was someone's office, there was a wooden but desk, and what seemed like a comfortable wheelchair near it, there was also a sofa and a small table in front of it too.

Apart from that, there was nothing else that caught his , until his eyes landed on a painting. It took a large of the wall.

It a fine piece of art, truly, although it's only a painting and Leiu was not an artist or an expert in those things, he was sure that such painting would attract even in reality.

A man, with long hair and a long dark sword behind him, were on that painting, he was on his knees while holding a women in his arms, she seemed to be and blood was on her white dress, as for the background of the painting, there were countless dragons, giants and other weird beasts coming toward the man's

A sunset was also drawn, the picture looked so realistic and filled with life, yet at the same time, it excluded a bit of coldness, it's like it had

30 passed in the blink of an eye, Leiu's was drawn toward the painting that he didn't notice that the time was up.

Nothing happened for a , but all of a sudden, his surroundings changed, he now was on a dark space, much like the first trial, but there was a bit of light, like a sun.

The was weird, although it's dark, there bright light high above, providing enough light for him to see his surroundings. There was nothing special to gaze at, the only normal ground which was the same as the one in the manor, apart from that, there was literally nothing.

After 5 , something happened, more precisely, something appeared, approximately 10 meters from Leiu.

A wooden puppet, the height of a normal person appeared, it had no features, no nose or ears, neither did it have a mouth or eyes, just a normal wooden puppet, although it was bigger than usual, that was it.

It took a weird stance, like a kung-fu or karate user, as if reading itself, it was facing Leiu, who was a bit shocked.

But that shock only remained for a before he held his sword and charged, at least this trials was better, it presented an enemy in front of him, so he had to defeat it right?

With a fast speed, he rushed at the wooden puppet and with his Steel Sword, the enemy was not able to react in time as the sword easily the wooden puppet and cut it in half.

Maybe it was just a weak opponent, at least that's what Leiu thought.

As he got rid of the enemy, he looked around to see if there was any other, but there was none, fortunately.

He stood there for some time, waiting, and just as he guessed, after 30 , 2 wooden puppets appeared.

Wooden Puppet Fighter Lv11

As he gazed at their health bar and Level, Leiu felt a bit relieved, they were not that strong, compared to him that is, like the one, those two took a fighting stance, but before they could launch their attacks, Leiu was already next to them, with clean and precise sword strikes, he finished them, they were even easier to kill than the beasts.

As for the amount of experience that it gave, it wasn't that much, only 2% or less, and he couldn't even loot them, so it was a bit disappointing.

Speaking of looting, he didn't loot the dark beasts too, it's not like he tried and failed, but he never tried as he couldn't, they didn't give him time to loot, it took 2 to 3 , but even those were important and crucial.

30 more passed and 4 wooden puppets appeared, all of them were fighters too, as he gazed at the enemies, a crazy yet logical thought struck his mind.

'Please don't tell me it's what I think it is, please....'

He read far too many stories that had things like this, the enemy would duplicate when you kill them, it the most annoying and hard trials one could face and here he is, probably doing it.

First, he didn't think like that, but as he saw the 4 wooden puppets, how could he not think like that.

Be it 10 or 20 wooden puppets, he could deal with this amount, they were not that hard to begin with, and easy to kill, but what if there were hundreds? He was not superman or a cheat like character, he began a few hours ago.

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