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Chapter 7 : Chapter 7 : Class Quest (1)

Re;Hell Gate

Leiu was surprised as most of the were special, he really didn't expect this, he didn't know anything special as far as he knows, so why all those good choices?

It's a pity he didn't know that what he did what practically impossible, who is crazy enough to hunt Bees and Rabbit for several hours? For most people, it's a waste of time.

The choice was hard, it's like putting several types of cakes in front of you and telling you to only chose and eat one, it was that kind of

He couldn't choose immediately, he was not that reckless, well the choice he excluded from the beginning is the 'Swordsman', , the others are way better, just by their name, he could kind of imagine what each does.

What caught his eyes the most is those 'Epic' and 'Unique' , the others are not bad too, but if going by rarity, then 'Epic' and 'Unique' looked more appealing.

"Hey, Old man, can't I see what each do?"

The old man at him, somewhat annoyed and said

"What? So many good are proposed to you and you still want an for them? Not everything is easy, boy, it's already amazing that you have this many extraordinary choices, others would even dream of having just a 'Rare' , just trust your gut and choose what you think suits you!"

Although he seemed a bit angry, the old man praised Leiu albeit feeling annoyed for some strange reason.

Leiu didn't mind or didn't seem to notice the attitude of the old man as he was engrossed in the , such good appeared so he can't recklessly choose and just pick one randomly

5 minutes passed yet Leiu didn't move as he pondered about what to choose, choosing the main is one of the most important in every game, after thinking, again and again, he was stuck between two jobs.

' Dancer and Dark Knight... hm what to choose, what to choose, aaaaaaaarghhh! I JUST DON'T KNOW!'

The two seemed very interesting and powerful, he leaned more to Dancer, with how he fought , he judged that it would suit him alright, as for Dark Knight, it was a complete mystery to him.

First of all, what's a knight, usually, a knight would hold a shield and a one-handed sword, maybe a spear or a lance, that's what most games do at least, but dark knight, what is even the difference between a knight and a dark knight?

A and Unique , it really intrigued someone as as Leiu, who wanted to unravel everything and learn about what is unknown, and this definitely fits that criteria.

"Huh, so you finally made a , good good! I like your personality, brat!"

As the old man that Leiu finally made a , he nodded in as if approving his choice and praised him yet again.

"Old man, I choose Dark Knight!"

The old man nodded and replied

"I knew you would pick it, hehehe, but it's not so easy to obtain it, first you need to finish the quest, you sure you can handle it?"

Leiu just waved his hand in annoyance and said

"Just give me the damn quest and stop acting like a celestial sage of some kind!"

Leiu was annoyed because the old man first acted coldly then changed his attitude, he seemed to switch between the two every 10 , it's really annoying, one he's praising him, the other he's acting coldly and ignoring him, why would not feel mislead and confused?

"Alright alright, no need to have such bad attitude.. *sigh*"

The old man dismissively waved his hand, and a message popped in front of Leiu.

Dark Knight (Unique) : A very special and Unique only given to ones who showed extraordinary abilities and fulfilled some requirements, the darkness is your friend and the shadows are your , use the night to your advantage and countless enemies with the power of darkness. The Dark Knight is a heavy damage dealer , yet it can have decent defense capabilities with some unique attacks.

Quest : Finish the 3 trials and you will get the job

Difficulty : A

'A? What, you are fucking kidding me right?!'

"Old man! What's with this A difficulty, it's just a quest!"

The old man grinned while responding to the infuriated Leiu

"Brat, don't me now, it's you who chose this , it's to be expected for the quest to be A difficulty, it's a Unique ! Furthermore, if you fail, then you can't retry and it will be removed from the choices along with the good other , you'll only have swordsman left, hehehe"

"You motherfu--"

Before he could finish, Leiu was teleported out of the , he couldn't even finish his insult and express his depressing and angry , he was startled for a before he calmed down and gazed around him.

The quest said 3 trials, but it didn't say what are they or where he was and confused about what's happening, it's a good thing he bought Red and an armor because this quest automatically started without any warning.

Leiu could only calm himself down, free himself from the anger and and try to think things through.

He was teleported into a dark , there was no roof or nearby walls, he didn't even know where he is, the only thing he could feel is the ground, it didn't feel like a forest or a cave, it's a smooth ground, like an apartment or more ground?

Because of the darkness, he couldn't even see the ground, all he saw was darkness.

1..3...10 minutes passed yet nothing happened, no sound came out of any , no enemies and no messages, Leiu already started roaming, but it seemed endless, it's like he either was walking in circles or that was huge, the only thing he could hear is his footsteps.

After 10 minutes, Leiu managed to somehow be able to see a bit, after all, any eye would get used to darkness after spending some time in it, he couldn't see far away, he just saw that the ground was , bot because of the darkness, it was just

He didn't see any light around him, the more time passed, the more confused he felt, although the message said trials, it didn't anything.

'Am I supposed to find a way out or what?'


It's been 30 minutes already, Leiu became annoyed rather than confused, it's like a prank more than a trial, he began regretting choosing this

First, he thought that this may be a bug, but there's no way there is a bug when it's just launched right? After all, there was a beta test a few months ago, a game like this should have been tested by the developers countless time to find any bugs.

That was quickly deleted from his mind, but if it's not a bug, then what the bloody hell is happening.

'At least give me damn hint!'

As he was cursing in his mind, something finally happened, he was feeling delighted yet angry at the same time, what happened was not a message popping up, nor a sound ranging out or a light appearing far away, it was a freaking attack from something.

Leiu didn't know what exactly attacked him, but he was certain it was a beast, fortunately he managed to react in time, not to dodge of course, but to unsheath his Steel Sword and block the attack.

Long sharp , they were sharper than the dark wolf, they were even longer, Leiu barely managed to resist it, he even backed away a few steps, the force of the attack overwhelmed him.

The 'thing' that attacked him then backed away and blended with the darkness yet again, it was really annoying, even with his eyes which were now used to the darkness, he couldn't exactly pinpoint the of the beast, what was good was that he could at least here the footsteps of the enemy.

But cold sweat and chills ran down his spines when he heard numerous footsteps, not of two or three beasts, there must be at least a dozen or so, he barely managed to resist one, how could he resist all of them?

'Yup! I'm definitely going to fail this, ohhh boy!'

Leiu knew, more than anyone how much strong he is, judging by the exchange, he judged that he was unable to defeat these 'things' or beasts at the same time, even if the wolves, it would be hard, I said hard and not impossible is because his stats increased a bit and he now had an armor, so facing several wolves can be done right now.

If those enemies were simple wolves, finishing them can be possible, but Leiu's luck was bad, bad enough for him to such enemies, totally blending with the darkness, what was worse is that there was a bunch of them, making him feel desperate.

But feeling desperate is not the same as giving up, he would fight until he's dead, if fate decided that his shall be swordsman then so be it, at least when he thinks back about the trials, he would not feel ashamed as he would have tried his best to pass those 'trials'.

While tightly holding his Steel Sword, Leiu who never liked talking, much less yelling out loud, shouted with all the strength he got

"Motherfuckers! Come at me, we'll see who will perish first!"


"Ah ah"

Leiu gasped for breath, it's been more than half an hour since the beasts showed up, what seemed impossible for him earlier, became possible somehow someway, he too couldn't believe he survived, the beasts that attacked him had huge frame, which worked to his advantage, they couldn't attack him from all , at best, 3 would attack him at the same time, of course, he can't dodge all, which is why he used 8 of his 10 Red

Messages popped up countless times, he ignored them, but he knew that he levelled up a few times, and that's because, each time someone levels up, some of their health, mana and stamina , not all of it, but a , which is precisely why, his stamina has not run out, yet.

But he won't be able to sustain much longer than 10 minutes, it seemed there was no end to those beasts, although only 2 hits were enough to kill them, sometimes 3 hits, they had strong strength and were quite agile, they only used their sharp and long , but he was hit a dozen of times by the and one hit would reduce his health by at least 6 or 7 points.

His leather armor, which is trash from the very beginning, was bloody and already destroyed, the bonus stats of it was gone and it was mere right now, it was hit too many times to be able to survive.

Even his Steel Sword was almost destroyed, it had only 5 durabilities left, albeit not giving up, Leiu knew that he won't hold on much, this was just too hard, and here he thought quests were very easy, even in other games, they were easy, so why is this one hard?

As he was heavily breathing, Leiu thrusted his sword at the beast, totally one-shotting him, the attack was extremely , after spending a long time fighting, he was totally used to the darkness, he could see the shape of the beast.

They were a bit to tigers, a bit bigger and had fur, countless small but terrifying teeth, and long in all of their limbs, they attacked him relentlessly, they seemed to see him as an enemy not as a food, as if he invaded their territory.

Fortunately, they weren't creatures like wolves, who were clever enough to team up to defeat an enemy, each attacked it felt there was an opportunity, this alone provided a huge advantage to Leiu, although it was not a huge one, it allowed him to survive until now.

If they attacked him from all sides and teamed up even for a bit, they could have killed him from the very beginning, but they were not clever or intelligent at all, they only relied on beastly instincts.


As Leiu killed that beast, he didn't stop, he marvelously leaped back, avoiding a dangerous from a beast in his right, then he his sword at that beast, it looked like one , but it was two consecutive , they were fast and dealt enough damage to kill the beast.

It was really a good thing they died fast, very fast, Leiu didn't know if it's his attacks that are very powerful to kill fast or that the beast are very weak in defense, but he didn't pay it any heed right now, he kept attacking and , hoping for it to end.

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