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Chapter 61 : Chapter 61 : Blind Mage

Re;Hell Gate

Normally, if you die in the middle of combat, there's a strong chance that you'll drop one of the equipment you're currently wearing. However, if you died when you're not in combat, you'll drop something from your inventory.

Next to the bloodied body of Chul, who died from the Hobgoblin's kick, laid a shiny bow that attracted the gazes of his EX-friends, who hid some time ago, purposely as to let that miserably.

It was Leiu's idea, he noticed Chul as the latter was sneaking away from the battle and heading toward the boss's hut. He signaled for others then retreated away from this area, they were confused on why he would run when the fight was going well so Leiu had to spit it out for them.

He merely told them to look at their map, only to see Chul, who appeared as a green dot, currently inside the boss's hut. At that moment, the three of them condemned this trickster, even his friend, Realman, didn't like what happened and agreed to kick Chul out of the party.

The ran a distance away until the boss stopped chasing them then they hid in nearby bushes, waiting for Chul to leave the hut and be instantly killed by the Hobgoblin.

The four silently watched as hut was killed by the boss without being able to retaliate, Realman wanted to help his friend but decided otherwise, it was either Chul or these people and apparently, he made the right by staying there, without going out there and risking his life for some scum who abandoned his teammates for some loot.

He no longer begrudged Leiu for what happened last time, it was their fault to begin with and he has no right to be angry, in fact, he should be the one apologizing.

Even Sui and Elena weren't angry anymore, especially the crazy ape, who everything once Leiu decided to sell that unique staff to her.

, Leiu managed to reduce the Hobgoblin's Health pool by quite a bit, unfortunately, he didn't severely injure the boss, so its Health instantly regenerated when it killed Chul and left its combat stance.

In Hell Gate, the Health of the bosses, or monsters in general, regenerate if the flee mid-combat. The monsters will chase the a certain distance, some will not chase while others will even follow the to the city, to kill them no matter what, it all depends on the type of the monsters and their

If, for example, a cuts off a limb of a certain boss, severely injuring the monster in the process, then the flees from that area. The boss will regenerate some of his Health, however, not all of it will , it'll only heal to a certain percentage.

This only applies to bosses and certain unique and elite monsters, normal monsters will always their full Health.

With no choice but to begin from scratch, the four of them came out of the bushes with Leiu leading the party, directly charging at the boss. With no adds around the hobgoblin, it'll be easier on him as the others will be backing him up and damaging the boss, which will be aggroed to him.

The large monster noticed the humans, it screeched loudly and raised its weapon and hammered down at Leiu, to turn him into minced meat.

Just before he was struck by the heavy hammer, Leiu rolled to the side, barely dodging the attack but still being affected by its aftereffects. The ground shook heavily, destabilizing his body which slowed him a bit, fortunately, a fireball followed by an arrow struck the boss, making it unable to attack Leiu for a short of time.

Leiu didn't want to risk it and use [Counter] as he didn't know if it would work against such a large and powerful boss, it may work against elite monsters but it isn't stated if it could stop big strikes such as the one.

Better safe than sorry, he didn't want to risk it, such a hit could one shot him if it's critical and even if it couldn't kill him, it'll break a lot of bones, rendering him unable to move, so it's a loss anyway.

As the boss was waving its hammer to disperse the annoying , Leiu swifly circled around it and threw his chains, entangling for a few This was but the beginning, Leiu didn't start his directly, he tightly held the chains and pulled with all his force, causing the big body of the hobgoblin to shake and back away as if it's about to fall down.

Leiu didn't have enough strength to pull it down forcefully, its size was just too big and it was too powerful. If he had more strength maybe it could have been done, but now, it's simply isn't doable to push the boss down then bombard him with all kinds of skills.

"Aim at its hands, not chest!"

Leiu shout at his comrades, Sui was just shooting at its chest. Most of the arrows hit but do minimal damage, there were some that were deflected by the boss's armor, at this rate, they won't be able to kill it anytime soon.

With Chul's death and his attitude, he'll certainly lure people here, telling them there are treasures and knowing how behave in this game, it won't be surprising if they kill them then finish the boss on their own, or what's left of the Hobgoblin's Health pool.

Leiu let go of the chains and unsheathed his sword and stabbed it at the feet of the boss, purposely aiming at vital spots where a heavy injure could lead to the target's

He followed his stab by [Invisible Strike], two powerful landed on the Hobgoblin, removing some Health Points from its pool.

Realman also knew where and when to attack, he appeared on the other side and did a quick stab and whilst the dagger was still engraved inside the disgusting flesh of the boss, the youth moved it down with a lot of force, causing lots of blood to gush out on the young man's face, however, he didn't care as he wanted to deal the most amount of damage in the small time gap that he's visible at.

Another fireball hit the shoulder of the hobgoblin, annoying it further and causing its hammer to be randomly swung in all , forcing Leiu and Realman to jump back.

"I said its hands not its shoulder, are you deaf or what?!"

Leiu shouted at Elena, who was enjoying her moment as she cast her fireballs and did lots amount of damage. From the point of view of many people, she was doing a marvelous job as a mage, but Leiu thought otherwise, he required more than dealing damage per from a mage.

He wanted , good timing and knowing what to do, take Realman for example, he knew when to exit his stealth and deal critical amount of damage coupled with a heavy [Bleeding] effect caused from his attacks.

As for Elena? She was just throwing her fireballs left and right without worrying where they'll hit, even though he told her to aim at the boss's hand to cause it to drop its hammer, she turned a deaf ear to him and continued attacking like a blind ape.

He was a melee and the hands of the boss are out of his reach, he could hit them with his chains but that wasn't really efficient.

The Hobgoblin was vulnerable to the Fire attribute and Elena was a mage which could hit from a long distance and could aim anywhere, so why not use this in a more helpful way, instead of wasting her Mana in hitting it on its shoulder.

There are already two DPS doing that, as a mage, she should try to disarm the beast, or so thought Leiu.

He didn't think Sui could do the job, for now, at least, since she didn't have much confidence in herself but that could be fixed with experience. As for Elena, she had it in her but she was too prideful and arrogant, which irritated the hell out of Leiu as he repeatedly cursed her in his mind.

The truth is that Elena is making the fight difficult for Leiu and Realman, the hobgoblin gets angry whenever its hit by her fireballs, so it starts swinging its hammer everywhere, this way, Leiu can't get close and keep the aggro.

At this rate, the hobgoblin will turn his focus to Elena and since the latter is a mage, her mobility is weak so she'll not be able to dodge its attack, much less its aoe, which will kill her immediately due to her incredibly weak defense.

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