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Chapter 59 : Chapter 59 : Teamwork

Re;Hell Gate

One enemy was down, five more to go, Leiu and Chul rushed at their targets, Chul's job was to take down the remaining archers along with Elena's help, as for Leiu, he would take care of the melee goblins, which are not a thread but can still cause trouble if ignored or underestimated.

Leiu's iron rule was to never look down on his enemies, even if they were. Such thinking would lead to death, sooner or later, although he was over ten levels above the goblins, he chose to go all out and not spare any of his strength, only like that would he improve, as someone who strives for

Once the distance was enough for his chains to reach their target, Leiu swung down his chains from above, utilizing all his mustered power in dealing high damage to the targets, which were the mage and the two archers, which needed to be entangled so that Chul and Elena could kill them, especially Elena, who wasn't that with her skills.

The bodies of three goblins were to the ground by the chains, which dragged them close to each other and pinned them down, entangling them for a short of time. Leiu's help only consisted of immobilizing these three, he had one more job and that is to deal with the melee goblins.

Leiu made use of his agility and swiftly interjected the two goblins, forcing them to stop and screech angrily at him, throwing menacing looks at him while foolishly their low intelligence by waving their daggers at him, trying to scare him.

Leiu paid them no heed as lunged himself at both of them, thrusting the and white sword into the abdomen of the first goblin and kicking the other one three meters, causing it to fall on the ground. In a quick , Leiu retrieved his sword from the deep wound he inflicted on the goblin's stomach and cleanly horizontally, beheading the wailing goblin, relieving him from its annoying voice.

Wasting no time, Leiu jumped on the remaining melee goblin, which picked its dagger and attacked him, unfortunately for the monster, its primitive and slow attack were of no use against a person such as Leiu, who easily dodged the dagger by sidestepping to the side, then he used [Invisible Strike], striking with his sword two times and purposely aiming for vital spots to finish it off with one hit.

The first hit did a third of its Health pool and the hit, which was stronger than the first, hit the poor goblin in its throat, resulting in the disgusting liquid to gush out of the wound.

Leiu waved his sword in the air, removing some of the blood which on its edges, then he made his way to the others, which were faring quite well, better than he had anticipated, at least.

Sui mustered her courage and started attacked once she that they were no longer focusing her, as Leiu had said, the first two hits of the goblins did miss her and she was worrying for nothing. She held her bow and fired several arrows, hitting the entangled archers.

As for Chul and Elena, the latter used simple fireball which caused fire damage over time to hit the goblins and Chul severed the short legs of the goblins so that hitting them way easier even without the chains.

Realman also did his job perfectly, the goblin mage which cast a magic attack against Chul, was instantly executed by a clean backstab from him, which did critical damage thanks to his ;s passive; the stab was instantaneously followed by fast of his daggers, which hit the wounded area, adding to the effect of the [Bleed] Debuff and emptying the target's Health pool.

The only one who was injured was Chul, who received the head-on attack from the goblin mage, it took a chunk of his Health but it wasn't enough to take him down.

Except for Leiu, the rest celebrated their almost perfect victory, then Chul proceeded in looting the corpses. They were pleased with loot despite it not being too good, as for Leiu, he literally considered 'garbage', however, he would still take share later as one extra copper will get him an extra which will save his life in a desperate

The Experience he was getting from these goblins is almost nonexistent so they didn't waste much time hunting and focused on finding the lost item.

To find a sword in these ruins is doable it takes a lot of time, so they paid more to finding the boss rather than searching for the sword since the boss will always be guarding the sword. It's how the quest was designed, there will always be something or someone protecting a rare treasure, you can't just find it in the middle of the road, ready for you to pick it and enjoy whatever benefits it brings you, from the point of view of any , that's illogical.

Twenty minutes later, after two more groups of goblins and disposing of them, their efforts finally resulted in finding the boss, which was the of a normal goblin, turning into a hobgoblin.

With a height of over 2.5 meters and a large hammer wrapped on its back with the help of thin vines. It had an ugly face, disgusting saliva leaked out of its mouth and a pointy nose, to pig's.

In more than a way, it looked to an orc, except for its height, which was taller than an Orc. Its skin was deep green and it had an old bronze armor, shoulder and knee guards, and a small helmet that covered the top of its head.

What annoyed Leiu was the presence of a few underlings, exactly four goblins, three of them were mages and the last had a steel sword, this was the first time he saw a sword-wielding goblin as most of the ones had daggers made of sharpened stones.

This was not the first time Elena's group have seen the hobgoblin, however, last time they were instantly obliterated, wiped before they got the chance to retaliate, which shows how weak their teamwork was.

Leiu was sure that if he was some kind of an SRPG game and he could control their , dealing with this boss, which had a Lv than theirs is an easy feat, , this was a realistic game and he could only rely on his words and hope they do not lose focus or get hit by an AoE.

"First and foremost, we need to get rid of that sword-wielding goblin, it will certainly a lot of damage so it's first The boss has a huge size and wields a hammer, so its movements will be slow compared to the others, it'll take it some time to reach us and initiate its attack, within this short of time, we must, at least, get rid of that sword-wielding goblin and one mage, this is the bare minimum.

, the boss usually focuses the tank but since we have no tanks, it'll shift its focus to whoever deals the most damage, since that's the case, don't touch it and let me grab its whilst you deal with the small ones."

"H-How will we deal with three mages and another one?"

Elena wasn't confident in being able to kill them all, goblin mages deal a lot of damage and they can use Earth-oriented skills, which can root its targets in , making them exposed to the bombardment of the rest.

"There are four of them and four of you. I can only entangle the sword-wielding goblin, Chul will then fight it. Realman will sneak attack one goblin mage, and the two of you focus on ONE goblin mage, leave the last one do whatever it wants for a little while. If both of you focus one each, it'll take more time to finish them and I might require aid killing the boss, so the faster you deal with them, the better and easier it is for me. One more thing, don't fight close to the boss, that big guy will definitely use AoE skills."

The four of them nervously nodded their heads, Elena gulped some saliva and the regrets of taking this quest started appearing.

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