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Chapter 59 : First Step to Capitalism!

Rebuilding the Sun Kingdom!

Author's note : Hey everyone. This is a two release day, so expect the next one soon. Crazy right? :D

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The next day a meeting was held in Mia's tent.

"We are meeting today to discuss Carl's report." Said Chris. "A group of Kunall has been hunting near our building site. So far they have remained in the southern territory as it is closer to the Kunall fortress. But we can not risk them spotting our site. We need to protect it and our workers."

Berg nodded. "I agree, we also need to be able to quickly dispatch forces to eliminate the as soon as our spots them. We can't do that in time from Brine City. However, my recruits are still training and are not ready... And our other forces all have their assignments."

Everyone thought for a while. This was a dangerous If the wall was spotted, the Kunalls would immediately send troops to destroy it, the consequences would be dire for the humans.

But if they sent troops to the wall, the city would be weakened.

Eventually, Cat spoke. "Cid's troops act as a defense and peacekeeping force. They can not be moved. Ferlin's hunters are busy hunting, their absence due to the past skirmishes have depleted our meat reserves, we should leave them alone for a while and Titus are dispatched to find more people in the southern , this is a ;

Everyone nodded, Cat's matched their own thoughts.

"However, my troop's usefulness has been decreasing lately. Most of the dangerous beasts in the area have been cleared. There are no more Gnolls dwellings. And I believe Cid's troops alone can handle the remaining dangers."

Chris looked at Mia. It was clear that she was reluctant to part with Cat for a long time. But she eventually acquiesced.

"Very well. We are all counting on you Cat. Make the and depart as soon as possible." Said Chris.

Mia spoke next. "The latest batch of refugees was by our usual standards. They will join the workforce in two days. Most of them were unspecialized and will have to work as farmers or miners. But there were still four carpenters, two , 5 potters and two tailors amongst them. I have notified the head of each of the concerned workshops." She switched to another scroll and continued.

"Fourteen were lightly wounded and five had deep wounds that required immediate A few were sick, but it was mostly colds and fevers or due to malnourishment, nothing ;

Titus stood up and made his report. "I have received reports from my that they have found 8 settlements, 5 of which have already agreed to join us and are on their way, we are in with the last 3. We can probably expect a big increase in refugees for the next few weeks. I think we should start preparing adequately to receive them as they will overwhelm our current ;

Chris sighed, this was the problem when you started with almost nothing, there was so many things to do, and for that he needed people, but the more people that joined, the more work needed to be done. "Very well, let's request the tailors to focus on tents for a while. And request Rinat for more communal housing."

Luckily it was still warm, so people could still sleep in tents without risks of falling ill.

Everyone finished their reports so Chris spoke up. "I'm happy to say that our treasury now has enough coins to start paying Mia, did you prepare us a ;

It seems she was ready as she took out a few scrolls and spread them on the table.

"The first step is to open government operated shops where daily necessities are sold at a fixed price. For this to work and to avoid market when our is still fragile, we need to temporarily forbid people from selling goods. All must be done through one of the government operated shops. We must also offer stable pricing or price will happen through markets."

"Next we need to decide what is sold and what is still guaranteed to each citizen. Here is a list of everything I believe should be sold in the first step, it mainly lists foods, clothes and tools for cooking, cleaning, eating and so on. This means that everyone will have to start cooking their own food, or pay to eat at the cafeteria."

"The price of the goods must be fair. To decide and prices in the markets, I have decided to start with the price of one loaf of bread and adjusts everything I have priced one loaf to be one copper. A basic meal with bread, one piece of meat and vegetables soup is priced at 5 coppers. That means 90 meals a month per person, which comes to 4 silvers and 50 coppers[1]. We need to allow room in the for children and the other daily products they will to buy for themselves. So I a basic of 15 silvers, to be increased in the next steps when they'll need to pay other goods and services, like rent, , taxes and so on."

"To prepare for the next step we need to increase the services and goods offered, for this of some of our workshops is the best move. This means our people will be able to buy their own businesses and sell their own products. This also means that will be introduced in this step."

There was of course a little more to it, but Mia only needed to the broad strokes to start the

Titus was the first to speak after Mia. "Fifteen silvers might seem a lot, but it really depends on the family. If the family has no children, they can live without worries, but if they have more than one children their budget will be very tight, they might not even have enough to feed everyone. Such differences can be understood if the market is open, people will also have other job , but shouldn't we try to avoid such since everyone will work and be paid by us?"

He was most sensible to this as he had a little girl himself.

Ferlin joined in. "That is true, we don't want to people from having children after all... But what can we do? If we increase the basic , this will just increase the difference in wealth between small and large families."

"If we leave it as it is, the living of large families will just decrease compared to what they currently enjoy, they can eat properly now but if a family has two children, this will make 4 people to feed, they won't have enough for everyone, this will brew ; Argued back Titus.

"How about we lower the minimum to 10 silvers, and grant a bonus for every child in the household?" Offered Chris.

The continued for a long time, until it was finally decided on a bonus of 3 silver for each child.

All of this meant a lot of extra work, and Chris would never ask Mia to take care of it alone.

Therefore, the first department was created with Mia at its head. It was in charge of keeping track of everyone's job, paying , and managing the sale of goods in the market.

But this raised a new worry that had to be addressed as fast as possible.

[Paper! We need paper!] Chris.

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