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Chapter 50 : Catnip for the ladies?

Rebuilding the Sun Kingdom!

Chris noticed something strange. He had been strangely the past two days.

Everywhere he went people kept coming and talking with him and, strangely, most of those people were women.

[Is it finally my time? Am I a king?] He was quite excited. He had a rough time with the ladies lately. Especially since his proposal of introducing naked mud baths for skin care fell through. It seems his proposal for mixed gender bathing had also been leaked, which didn't help. He was convinced it was Titus' fault.

[Damn that pretty boy... But winter is finally over for me.] He thought, a tear in his eyes.

Unfortunately, it soon became that... Everyone was just interested in the next water project.

It didn't matter where he was. He was swarmed by his subjects and they all asked about it.

He was torn between disappointment and happiness. On one side he was quite proud they looked forward to this project, but as it turns out, he was not still not lady catnip...

But even after witnessing the barrage of for the project, he still had underestimated its Everyone liked feeling clean, but having running water in the city meant so much more. Clear water could be used by almost all crafts. , carpenters, tailors, leatherworkers, cooks, masons, miners, alchemists... They all needed water for their job. And let's not that horses and cattle also needed to drink, even farmers needed to water the fields.

Having abundant water nearby would make everyone's life easier. And, as a bonus, the city would smell better too!

In the end, everyone he met, swarmed him with , and he answered them all with a smile.

"Are you back from checking progress on the water tower, my lord?" Asked a patrolling guard.

"Yes, it should be ready soon." Said Chris.

"Can I tell my wife she will be able to bath tonight?" Asked an excited man.

"Tell her tomorrow or after tomorrow at the latest."

"Could we get an near our fields, my lord?" Asked a farmer.

"I'll see what I can do."

"What happens if I put a booger on the pipe where the water comes out?" Asked someone else.

"...Please don't do that."

[Damn, I might need to go out with a disguise if this goes on. But it does feel great. And I have an important job to do.] He thought, while looking at the scroll he was holding.

Chris finally managed to slip away and reach Rinat's workshop, after answering a few more

He was notified this morning, by a messenger, that she was done with the prototype.

He found Rinat outside of her workshop, she was testing the screw pump while a big crowd surrounded her. Since there was no river nearby, she had one of her carpenters manually crank the pump which was in a big wooden vat filled with water.

A constant stream of water kept pouring at the top of the pump before falling back into the vat. Everyone was very impressed and in surprise as they watched the machine working.

Chris was impressed too. This was only a prototype and it was already usable for the water tower.

She had personally crafted it. After all she was quite interested in this machine, if she fully understood the principles behind it, it would open a whole new world for her as a carpenter.

He was very satisfied with the current , but Rinat still wanted to make some minor adjustments to the tubing. Too much water was leaking at the bottom. This was because there was too much room between the tube's walls and the rotating screw. If she improved on it, it would increase the water's flow.

But this meant she would have to craft a thinner tube from scratch.

Chris wanted the screw pump to be as quickly as possible so he offered a good fix. If she just tightened the bottom end of the current wooden tube, the screw would be closer to the walls and less water would leak down. As long as water didn't leak at the lowest end of the tube, it would be trapped inside and pushed up by the flow.

Rinat agreed and confirmed that it would be ready tomorrow.

Next, Chris left for the mason's workshop as the screw pump was in good hands.

Things were going very well on Aiden's side too. He used Gabin's[1] improved mortar for the water tower. It shortened the curing time by a whole day. It was now down from three days to two. The water tower's scale was small so it was finished fast.

The only challenge was that it needed to be as high as possible and building solid that could hold its filled weight would have been quite difficult and would have made it vulnerable to enemy attacks.

However, the was simple, they just had to find an elevated to build the water tower. Carmelo and Chris found an appropriate spot on a nearby hill overlooking the river.

The was over, and the tower only needed an extra day for the mortar to finish curing and for the water proofing paste to dry.

In the meantime, Aiden had his masons and a few miners he from the copper mine digging the trench and installing the wooden pipes connecting the city to the water tower. Work was progressing well as Chris didn't want the trench to be too deep. The wooden pipes would need to be , at least until they had a better , so it was better if they were easily But they still had to be buried to protect them from the eventual wild animal or gnoll.

Chris was surprised by the current progress. It was still within but everyone's was really shining through.

The first test was for tomorrow. And he couldn't wait.

On his way back to his tent, he met with Cat who just came back from her patrol.

Now that the Kunalls were no longer a risk, at least temporarily, she had resumed her initial task of patroling the surroundings to eliminate dangerous beasts.

As soon as she saw him, she asked: "Hi, my Lord. How is the water tower project going?"

"Not you too..." Sighed Chris. "It's going pretty well. We are doing tests tomorrow morning. Want to join us ?"

"Sure! I'll invite Mia too!" She said excitedly.

"Oh right, this reminds me. Please sign this." Chris handed her the scroll he had been showing around town to everyone.

This was his important secret job.

Cat looked at the scroll "What's this? ' - By Interested Parties'?" She continued reading below the title."We, the people, believe that it is in our kingdom's best interest that Miss Mia give our King a lap pillow once a day."

Cat suddenly remembered that Chris had pestered Mia about it yesterday but was coldly shot down. She continued reading.

'It would also be nice if she complimented one of his features every day.'

[What's with the change of tone between the first part and this one?]

'Hand Holding is extra but for a healthy ;...

[And now it sounds like advice...]

"You know Mia is going to kick your ass for this... Right my Lord?" But she was surprised when she looked at the back of the scroll and saw hundreds of signatures."Huh? How did you manage to get so many people to sign?" She thought of something."Don't tell me... You faked those?"

"I would never!" Chris appeared hurt by Cat's doubts. "People are just interested in our love! They even call us Miris!"[2] Said Chris.

"Why haven't I heard anyone call you that before? And isn't that the name of a disgusting bug?[3]" Asked Cat.

"Anyways, look!" Chris called someone over. "Hey, you! You signed this scroll right?"

The man was startled but smiled when he saw the scroll. "Of course my Lord! This is the sign in sheet for the new water delivery system right?"

*Cough* "Shoo, go away!" Chris tried to chase him out, but it was too late. Cat Heard him.

Most people didn't know how to read, so Chris was very patient and '; to everyone what they were signing.

Chris didn't dare meet Cat's eyes.

"My Lord you are..." Signed Cat.

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