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Chapter 47 : Arc II - Chapter 06 & Chapter 07 : His Wife Is Coming Soon!~

Rebirth : Naruto's World

{ Arc II - Chapter 06 }

Feeling my body's has been perfected than ever, I've purchased a big mirror which only has the standard so its cheap 2 Energy Point.

Setting it to appear before me, I'm surprised to see my current appearance since my hair which is changed into mixed colored since currently there's some of them which silver colored and every hair on my body which is my eyebrow etc changed into silver mixed with with my hear on my head.

My height increased from 140cm into 160cm which would make me who's still 8 years old appears as 15 years, although this isn't the biggest problem since my eyes which should be Sharingan Ruler changed into more bizarre than it since basically it has Rinnegan ability while there's many my own unique ability which some of it never appears in original.

My Appearance which is bugging me changed into more better since my cute side is disappeared half since 50% still make my appearance still cute child since there's immaturely mixed within this appearance of mine, though it can't be since I'm still children which are 8 years old.

Although I live in the past until adult age, my mentality still child since I'm ignorance with worldly experience in my past life.

So with this life, I'll enjoy its fullest while adventuring to see what this world offer for me, with this resolve my resentment for my past life, is gone while its memories starting to fade and my soul reached its peak that telling me I need the next level manual for my soul

Seeing there's nothing I can do with this new appearance, I checked my status which I never bother to check since I didn't feel to do it but since currently there's drastic change so I expect some change with my status.


Name : Uchiha Xazch

Health : Normal

Age : 8 Year

Sex : Male

Level : 0 [0/1000]

HP : 5500/5500 | STA : 425/425 | CKR : 10000/10000

ATK : 2000 | DEF : 3000

STR : 500 | AGI : 600 | DEX : 600

CON : 600 | WIS : 700 | INT : 700

Charm : 100 | Charisma : 100 | Luck : 40

With this I felt conflicted little, since its like 'No wonder my appearance seem to bewitching and ethereal', although I can see the future will be hard for me to avoid romance but at least I'll do what I want for now since I'm still a child since some people still call me brat.

Currently, my energy point is still enough to create something or in case there's emergency later, although I did spend my leisure time to see the participant within my [Infinity Dawn Judgment] star system.

I can see some of them mimicking attack from Btooom! or there are people who're purchasing ghoul bloodline and eating another participant, its kinda bugging me to see it at first but after his frequency eating made me indifference to every gore happened within that star system.

Although I find them annoying and sometimes I want to kill some people like this guy which ghouls, seeing that every participant is the people who have sin by killing someone already so I didn't do anything to them.

When I'm sending them before judging every single of people which captured with Karma's Book which I've purchased from the system since I don't want to send people blindly without checking their sin, almost half of people which Sen captured has sinned so I sent them with some for their struggle within my Star System as trial

Of course, as I was kind, I gave them a newbie box which has a weapon and daily need like food or drink. However, I did the cruel thing to them since I sent them in a separate world with their sin as basic.

My star system is little difference since its only horror genre, so Undead and ghost or any creature which I believe comes from the abyss has existed within my Star System.

Every creature is separated on their level and Xaqina categorized them into a more unique , since I need this Star System to be leveled from easy until nightmare, and every level has many worlds which are exact copy one another since I don't want this Star System to be conquered.

Of course, if there's someone who can conquer it then I'll give him/her chance to battle with me before getting their freedom, why? since even though they can die within this Star System, they will be revived in the random which is judged as a safe by Star System.

No one will insane within this Star System since I did a little tweaking on the participant soul, so they will stay sane and with the pain they suffer.

I myself don't know why, but even though that I didn't change but something like shackles within my body which sometimes conflicted with my choice has been dissipated.

(AN: Remember {Evil} Xazch which separated from him? that was his own shackles, so the current Xazch is something like paper which someone will give color and the one who will do it is himself and his closes one)

Sometimes I feel that the current me is like someone who changed into evil, but I really still love my family and would protect my closes one so I didn't mind this change too much.

(AN: No, he isn't evil! since no evil will judge the sinner, so he's like people which sit at the grey line which neither hero nor Of course, he only cruel to his enemy while he did protect his closest one, while himself which always kill people without and saving people which he think is a pity is choice which resulted by two personalities each other.)

Back to the current topic which is my body, this body feels really perfect and I can feel that if I did battle with Madara which in his weakened state again I will win easily even though I didn't use Susanoo, though I still feel the current me still far to fight in same ground with his full strength which this world inhabitant find troublesome even though they allying each other.

Seeing this time is already late, I go around my inner world checking its while trying to adapt with this new body. This inner world which always me from the moment I'm born here has changed so much with Xaqina's Help, so many strange and strange life form born from its energy.

Although it's starting to have its own life, Xaqina told me this is still beginning so this inner world will only give birth to unintelligent one while it still takes a long time to give birth into an intelligent life form.

Xaqina also introduces it to me the world's spirit which is beautiful neesan, if I remember in the past she's life mature women which have MILF vibe which is a bewitching young virgin.

Although she's beautiful, my little brother still stays limp since its still maturing process but that was in the past since currently, I need to check it if this change of my body is affecting my little brother or not.

If it is then, I'll speechless since I'm not ready to have some which demands me to walk into that path.


World's spirit POV.

Xazch-Sama which I feel connected with me appeared again, although every I always feel his presence but I can't contact him if I want to since he didn't enter this world which is part of me.

From this , I can feel that this world and myself are part of him but independent existence since I can think by myself, although sister Xaqina told me that she and me are his future wife but I still don't believe it even if its little since there's something which denies it inside my head.

It's said that Xazch-Sama still a kid, sometimes its say Its normal woman, not and sometimes it says Xazch-Sama is a cute boy which make it want to hug him but it still forcing herself since its think itself as a normal person.

Myself feel conflicted with that voice within me who I think as a strange woman, then suddenly I realize that Xazch-Sama changed his appearance into more perfected and it's causing the other existence within me screaming 'KYAAAAA' which I don't understand much about it.

While feeling confused I appeared in front of him since I felt he need me for something.


Xazch POV

"Hello Rina neesan, how are you today" seeing her appear suddenly kinda startles me, but seeing her body which is naked and my little brother still didn't react I felt little relief while mixed with some disappointment.

"Yes Xazch-Sama, I'm fine! back to you, did you need me to help with something?" she said with her alluring voice, tilting her head with innocence face while naked seems to be a strange scene.

"I'm fine too, and no! I didn't find you to help me with something, I only want to meet you since its kinda boring that I'm only talking with Xaqina"

[So, Xazch! you did find me bring huh?]

"eh, uh? I mean, we should talk together sometimes!" sudden from Xaqina caught me off, lately she's taking an initiative to talk and its kinda strange while I have a bad feeling that she will have nasty personality sooner or later.


{Arc II - Chapter 05}

Her sudden makes me feel strange about this , although her change is only little to be more like a human while its gender real female from her voice. I can still detect that mischief system from her, so I know it's her all along but it seems she is in processes of or something to it.

Sometimes I heard her voice is little , like voice's of someone who familiar with me but part of my heart told me that this woman is the pain in the ass while sometimes it's giving me feeling relief.

Although I felt the shackles which I felt influencing me in the past has been gone for good, foreboding earlier which told me that in the future it will be troublesome but it mixed with happy feeling while looking forward to her arrival make me confused.

This contradicted feeling is something I find a little strange, but it seems she's someone who closes with me in the past and she's existed in my lost memories.

Even though it's faint feeling, I caught it with its mixed detail that there's something bad happened with her and me at that time which causing my lost memories.

However, I didn't think too much about it nor I will try to find the truth about that since currently, I'm Xazch who's an inhabitant of this world so that past is unimportant for me.


Xaqina POV.


"Mother, I love you! will you marry me?" says the boy which is currently 17 years old to me, no matter how many times I told him there's no way that I will him since our age difference is too much.

Currently, I'm 37 years already and when I'm 20 years I found this boy somewhere closes with my home, I can see he's infant who's intelligence the moment I see his eyes even though he's still infant while back.

Back then I see him as my son also a little brother, so I've raised him by myself since I'm single without a husband. I didn't marry anyone because of my tragic trauma which letting me distancing myself with all man, I didn't hate them but I fear them since my trauma is caused by one of them.

So no one knows that I'm still a virgin, since when my boyfriend wants to do me. I found out that he has crazy fetish which is sharing his girlfriend with his friend, its almost killing me the moment I found out about it but fortunately policewoman who's my neighbor at that time is entered my home since she feels so when I'm about to be raped she shoot one of culprit in their leg.

I say she's quite courageous since she didn't bat an eye even little while shooting all men which numbered 5 and she shoots one each of their legs.

At that time I was dazed with blood and that event which is traumatic for me, and since then I've cold and chased away every male either its kid or adult one since that moment I only see the same from them.

But, when I found him which has beautiful eyes and a fresh smile. I was captivated with him, even though he's still infant back then.

When he's about 7 years, everything changed into amused moment every day since he always pestering me to his wife while still calling me his mother.

I felt since I'm old and he's still young so I only see it as his child's talk, but he proved it wrong since he always saying it until he's 17 years old without being tired to be rejected by me.

It's not I don't want to him, Its because I felt my age is an obstacle for this Although people will see it as immoral since they see him as my son, the truth is I didn't even give her breast-milk since I can't produce one so if I want him to be my husband it will be fine.

However since I feel its unfair for him to have me as a wife, I kept rejecting his funny propose. Why funny? because he always calls me mother while proposing me to be his wife, he knows that I'm not his real mother when he's still a child since I know he's an intelligent one.

Of course, no matter how hard I tried to reject him, I still giving in to his pestering since he's the only one who entered my frozen heart so when he's proposed to me once again at his 17 years, I him with bright smile since I feel lighter the moment I said it.

That day is the moment we lost our virginity, we do our love like a newlywed couple since I'm the one who's mature one so basically I'm the one who's guiding him.

After that day, we feel closer to each other. I'm opening up my heart more to this man which I've raised from his infant, I say this is quite ironic since I did raise him because I fall in love with his smile and his eyes back then.

We live together with happy feeling every day while he's working to get money for our living since he told me only to stay at home while he works, so I resign from my work because his demand and truthfully I felt happy and blessed.

However it seems the world say otherwise since my ex and his friend which should be in jail has come to my door, I don't know how they find out my current address but from their smiles, I know that they come to continue their activities in the past.

While I caught off my guard since I opened the door thinking that was my husband comes home from his work since the time is matched with his time finished his work, five of them in the way of out so I can't run away to outside house and currently this time is a night.

So panicking I tried to close the door, but they've prevented it to be closed so seeing it failed I fled to the kitchen since I want to take my kitchen knife to threaten them to go away.

They seem to think that I'm chicken which only can wait to be since they walk slowly entering the house. The moment they about to catch Up, I come out from Kitchen while waving my kitchen's knife to them while shouting for them to go away.

But, it's driving them to be more crazy with their act. With their lustful gaze, they tearing up my clothes while I tried to back away from them.

Seeing the current me will getting raped by them, I cried inwardly since I determined to end my life so I pointed my knife backward to my chest which is my heart while threatening them to go away or I will kill myself.

However its seem I'm underestimating their insanity since they get more riled up by my , they think I only coward girl like in the past since they didn't know I'm married already.

Proving them, I stab myself in the heart while coughing up blood from my throat but its bring me relief since I did protect my husband in my hear and his on my body.

I don't want my body to be sullied by other people aside from him, so I didn't regret what I did. However, we failed to hear someone entering the house with a hurried step, until the moment my husband arrive when it's too late since I stab myself already.

While I'm about to lost my , I sent him my brightest smile which I could muster for him and told him to run away since I know this psychotic group will kill him but I failed to see his madness since I'm losing my


3rd person POV.

He's back from his work while running to home with high spirit since he missed his wife, he didn't buy any souvenir since he's impatient to go home.

But, what greeted him is his wife almost naked since her clothing is in torn and she's holding knife which is now stabbed into her heart.

He felt something broken in his brain and heart, seeing his wife smile evoked his wrath further then suddenly he's screaming with bloodshot eyes.

After he's screamed, tyrannical pressure comes out from his body. It's destroying the 5 people who're in daze seeing their failed attempt and their victim which is dying and without warning their body shredded to little pieces of dust.

After the five people killed, unknown to him the five souls from their body is consumed by his pendant since it was his desire when he felt broken and wishing to keep his wife safe.

The 5 souls which are consumed is used as energy to create special space which inside his pendant, while he's walked slowly to reach his wife and hugging her body which has died.

Driven by his desire, his pendant blinking un-detected by him and the soul from his wife body is pulled in into that special space which is opened earlier.

To keep this soul intact forever, the pendant taking his ability as its source protecting his wife's soul while he himself lost and unknowingly that his personality is split apart into two since this moment is a big blow for the current him.

Currently, he's normal mortal which devoid his past self and his ability which he hides, and his pendant keeps blinking which is seem absorbing something from the world. If there's supreme being witnessing this, they will know that the pendant is absorbing the world's energy.

(AN: So here is his past story which wouldn't be again since Xazch didn't care about his past life when he's living there, sorry if this is too dark since I need to do this because its missing piece which I failed to tell all of you why he's loser which feels rejected by his past world)

(AN: Its take me too much of my patients to ignore critics about this MC is the one 'who's ALL OF IT to the WORLD, GOD, ANYTHING that does nothing to him at all, after all, he is just a loser who whining all the time' in every negative review)

(AN: Its really torturing me when I see some reader is impatient with my own progress which I fully and they didn't realize that they're the one who messes it up, so finished with my rambling and pleased to have you stay with me until now)


(Author Note)

Yeah this novel protagonist wives has been , two of them is this two while the third should be a sexy female character here {Within this World}!~

No, that female army which he creates by using system assistant shop ain't his harem! I'll make them disappear since they're basically part of Xaqina, so the moment she's appeared with the body is the day our protagonist lost a big chunk of his female army!~

Of course, they didn't disappear like that, they would be merged with Xaqina and her trait like her doppelganger which has an independent mind!~

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