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Chapter 45 : Arc II - Chapter 04 & 05 : Creating His Own Star System For Entertainment Sake & Godly Body.

Rebirth : Naruto's World

{Arc II - Chapter 04}

Xazch's Inner World.

Staying within my own in the throne room, I sat on the throne which could change its size depending on my body.

Although I feel its overkill to be like this, all of my people insisting for me to act more like what I should be as their leader.

With dignified atmosphere within the Throne room, the people in it tense suddenly, though it's diffused with my

"So, what's the deal with this?? is there's something important happening when I'm not around?" I ask everyone which present in the throne room.

"...." the answer is only silence before I repeat my the door of throne room is opened then Sen which should be finishing his business is entered with hurried pace then he's kneeling in front of me.

"Young Master, here's the 20 storage ring which full of loot from earlier and here's three pagoda which full of the prisoner I captured" while kneeling with respectful , he's presenting me the loot which he takes when he's doing his business.

"Ahh, then just do what you want to do with them! either kill them or torture them is fine, just be careful not to go with it too far since it would make your heart gone evil then it will be too late later and just let the loot into administrator within paradise so they can use it for their daily life" I tell him what to do with it since I didn't even care about them, as for the loot if I want something I can just buy from my system shop so I let him give it to my people in paradise.

"Yes, Young Master!! I've decided to give them to you, maybe you can decide their punishment which more fitting than what I think" He told me what he decides with a respectful tone.

"Why? I thought you want to kill them??" I ask him with on my face since I thought he would just kill them without any

"After I've captured them too easily, my hatred still there but I don't want to let them died that easily so I want to let young master decide!" He told me the reason for his choice to let me deal with them as I want to.

"What if I'm ordering you to let them go?" I teased him with a face and deep voice which didn't

"...Then I will do so since my life is your after you've saved me in the past!" He tensed his body while having cold sweat on his back, answering with hurried tone though I can see he's saying a lie just to make sure I know he's loyal to me.

"Hahahaha, it's just a joke! don't be tense like that! we can let them a little for their survival!! how about we let them an actor of horror Movie??" Seeing him like that, I can't keep this act so I laugh while telling him what's my for his prisoner.

"Actor?? Horror Movie?? what's that?" He's bewildered with strange word coming from my mouth, seeing him like that I know I messed up somehow but since its out already I don't care about it.

"*cough.... *cough.... what I mean is let them into some kind survival game while we just see them struggle for their survival! I'm sure it would be more fitting punishment for them!" I try to it with little detail which should be understandable for him as simple as I can.

"Then I'll let you decide then" he whatever I suggest, although I know he's still don't understand what I mean but it's not important for me to make him understand since with will be more convincing.

"Okay, left the pagoda here with me! we'll let them sleep there for a day, tomorrow or a day after we will send them somewhere fun! now all of you dismissed!" I told him to let his enemy sleep within pagoda while I think something to do with them or at least I'm going to buy something from my system since currently, I'm too rich which confused what to do with my wealth. ($_$)

'But..... well we can tell him later' Unknown to me every one of my people wants to tell me something but they're hesitating with it.


After everyone left from thrones room, I'm checking his Energy Point.


"Hmm, I'm really rich now! there are many cheats within a system but I didn't feel there's a need to get more overpowered, or should I God here? although this world isn't higher realm this world should be middle realm if we see it from power ranking" I'm in dilemma now since my system sudden change, it's too overpowered for my liking.

"Well, maybe I need a godly body which could be more durable? at least for ninjutsu or taijutsu could be manually trained since it would be more enjoyable like that, though its still faster than other since with my Sharingan every skill I see will mine and it could be more improved further" finally choosing to strengthen my body since I think with strong body, everything still could be trained normally since I didn't want to too powerful! at least I didn't want to go with that for now and didn't see its importance.

"Okay, system! is there something like Gate Door into another world for me to purchase within the system shop?" finished with my thinking, I ask the system about my idea earlier about the prisoner.

-There's an existing of Matching Item-

-World's Gate-

Price: 100.000.000

The door which has a special for its owner could connect to any world which its owner intended.

Cooldown 7 Days

"Ugh, this is unsuitable for what I'm intended to do with every sinner I got! at least just letting them into the dungeon is too easy for them since the despair they felt from it is too short because they die too fast." Frowning while feeling disappointed with this tool which isn't suited to my need.

"System! is there a way to make fantasy world based on , like if I want to create countless fantasy world then make some system which will act as its main system connector? basically, it would like last month which I read with title 'Terror Infinity'." I'm trying to describe it more in detail so the system could answer to what I need.

-Its possible for a host to make it into reality and its ruler with using me as its main terminal-

-Although its possible, I did not it since that method would take too much resource to make it from zero-

-But, there's another way which is easier and more efficient than creating it from zero-

"What is it? tell me?" I ask the system eagerly since I feel it would give me a good , probably.

-Seizing the world which has been existed already and take over it with a system-

-Arrange them into your own independent star system-

"Okay, I always trust you since you're always with me from the moment I'm born until now! please get the task done, make it only Horror genre which would lead the participant to feel despair and thrill!" smiling brightly I ordered the system to create it as what I requested, feeling happy that I created something with fantasy which I felt awesomely mixed pity.

"Ah, make its work system based on every which and fuse it into more ultimate ! for now, the participant will only be my enemy within this world, or at least my subordinate's enemy!" Feeling excited I told the system to make it more perfect by using other systems so it would be more better.


"So, after everything done! estimate the cost for it, even though I'll go bankrupt it should be worth it!"

-After analyzing everything as the task Host entrust to me, the cost is

"Huh? did I just jinx it? wait, how did it get expensive like that?" filled with bafflement, I ask the system why it's too expensive while thinking that it was caused by my boasting earlier.

-Answering to Host, the reason for this taking that much EP because it's by my initiative to make it as its system work's -

-Since the participant will be enabled to purchase ability, item and medicine etc with their achievement point-

-As the Host entrust it to me to create it based on your preference earlier, so its take that much since its creating a countless device which connects the world that would be collected or seized later-

-The of connecting device is infinite since it could be used as the bridge between the world, teleport point between world and energy as replenishment for that system use-

"Oh, okay! I understand now, it's quite awkward to see my system call another system as a system! hmm, from now on I will address you as Xaqina! since recently your voice more feminine, so I'll think your gender as female!" I feel awkward with the system voice which is changing into more feminine, although I think its good I can't help to think it as my unluckiness since I always see a system which has female gender as its operator will have a nasty personality.

To avoid it getting me trouble later, so I choose to give her name when I feel more awkward when it's call system when its basically also system.


For a there, I think that earlier my system's voice cheerful suddenly but I thought its just my so I didn't think too much about it.


{Arc II - Chapter 05}

Three Month Later.

Xazch who's doing his own training as usual, although he's little lazy since he isn't power chasing type. Finished today activity only after doing it only for 10 minutes, that's right it's short since he finds it troublesome and he keeps wondering why people who're living as protagonist within the story he read always crazy with chasing power while to enjoy their life.

Unknown to him that only he can live this lazy life while he can strong without effort since his system basically spoiling him to the extreme where the currently his system could collect source for him to use, maybe its for of system bullying him for the past year he's here or maybe for other reason but the system is too intelligent to do this and so far there's no harm done to him so he didn't think about this.

After the system finished the task he ordered, he's doing another while he finds its really boring since he tried to like weakling within this world which people who can fight him could be counted only at the level of Hokage or above.

So, in the end, he makes another clone which of course he told the system to prevent it to being mutated like what happened with 'One' while making sure it wouldn't be dismissed and let it die naturally like what human should since he didn't want another copy of him being permanent and independent.

Of course, the system offering him to modify the Shadow Clone technique into more advanced which almost exact living person, though he chooses to let it connected with him with soul and system offered him to split his 1/10 soul to control it.


Currently, after this three month, his Energy Point has increased again which lead to the current number.


Every dead has a different death energy number, so he didn't get a fixed number from them to be extracted and converted into Energy Point which is a pure form of energy based on system

The system's leads him to believe his system's work method is something like system, which uses Energy Point as its material or its should something like what he thought.


"Xaqina, please help me to buy that Dragon Method! but please modify it into this" Thinking its time for him to create his own body , he chooses Jiang Chen's method which he knows its good to use and modify as he like.

? Remove Dragon part, since I don't want to change my form into Dragon.

? Create Main Diagram and Sub Diagram which work like an array or something , the diagram which is mainly into my blood's marrow and its sub into every cell within my body.

? Give the Main Diagram its to create a cell which has Sub Diagram installed already, while Give Sub Diagram which installed on every cell to be able to absorb and merge with every foreign bloodline or elements which later I'll consume since this method work like that.

? Create enhancing Diagram symbol which installed into my heart, so it could help enhance my body slowly with its every beat.

? Give them A.I Basic which only has the instinct to help me refine my body, and with this, I didn't need to do training which I find troublesome.

? Of course, don't to change it's into Chakra based since I don't want to master another type of power aside one which I'm familiar with, and please change its name into [True God - Undying Body Refining Method]


-Estimated the Cost:

-Will host confirm this choice?-

"Of course I will confirm it, use it and apply it into my body immediately" he confirms his choice since it what he wants, unknown to him this choice would lead him feeling pain which he that he's experiencing something


-Proceeding to create [True God - Undying Body Refining Method] 10%.....50%...70%.....100%-

-Applying [True God - Undying Body Refining Method] into Host's body 10%.....50%...70%.....100%-

Suddenly he felt that his body is wrecked in pain which he finds but its more painful, he felt its slowly but the truth is that the processes are faster than what's he experiencing in the past.

However, the worse thing which he finds irritating is that this processes keeping his from losing so he's awake from its start until the end, he find that he's kinda reckless again since he didn't think that he will feel this long which he almost

"......" he couldn't even open his mouth to scream, every vein within his inner body is visible on his skin which someone will find its moving like a snake.

His veins which should be colored green changed into purple and its keep moving like it want to comes out from his body, his eyes which is normal suddenly activated its last stage which is Mangekyo Sharingan into Eternal one.

Although the truth is he didn't need Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan since the curse has been removed by him, its still changed rapidly into his own unique Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Suddenly Rinnegan pattern formed in his eyes, but its seem to be overpowered by his unique Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan which lead to its being devoured by his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, his Sharingan keep being mutated from Red Colored into Golden Colored lastly the Pattern which three tomoe and one star in their middle while other 8 stars is surrounded them from outside into Silver Colored Pattern.

Slowly after its keep mutating while devouring every Rinnegan's stage pattern which appeared, his Sharingan pattern connected from one to another by passing spherical symbol which appeared to connect them like what it should.

The pattern is too complex but since they're so tiny, its beautifully appears while it would fascinate every people who will see it to the point they will mesmerize and trapped into it.

For who knows how long time its take, his body full of filth and the dead cell which is expelled from his body, he felt that his body seem to be refreshed and his thinking has been more smooth than usual.

He feel that he can see half part of this world which he's currently inhabited, he felt like he's God within this area and he knows that with times passes he could control every life within this world if he wants it but since he finds its too troublesome so he will never do that.

"Ahhhhhh ...." Moaning with pleasure, then suddenly he's attacked with an unbearable smell which is complex since it's like fused from the rotten stench, human's wastage, sour smell and many more.

Feeling vexed with that sudden , he cast cleaning spell which he purchases in the past and with that the smell is gone and every filth is gone like smoke to who knows where it's gone to.

Exhaling his breath after deep breath, he felt like he's alive more than ever but earlier feeling is now gone so he didn't think too much about it since he knows that was temporary which he felt and later he sure that he would get it as his own permanent ability when his body reached its half peak or later at its peak.

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