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Chapter 44 : Announcement!~

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Well guys it's little bad news from me, my dad crazy sickness is really reappear!~

His is back again haha, here I thought he would change after my mother passed away last year!~

So here's the deal, he throws my phone and laptop since he thought I should change the way I live when the truth is he was the one who's forbidding me to find a job in the past!~

In the past when my mother still alive, there's still someone who can protect me, help me and let me lean on her while she lean on me!~

Although it's not to the point his is back like when I'm still a child where I'm beaten by him, this time it's still count as right? since he's destroying my phone and laptop just because I sleep when he want me to buy !~

So right now I can only borrow from my neighbor to read some of my favorite novel or updating maybe? so here's a little bad news!~

I can't keep my promise to update whenever I can, so I'll only do it when I have money to rent pc on net-pc rental on my city!~

So don't expect any often release from me, so for people who can't wait just delete this from your library!~

So far thx for staying with me, and sorry for those have for me but I can't meet it!~

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