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Chapter 42 : Arc II - Chapter 02 : Kidnapping Case Investigation.

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Third Hokage POV.

After hearing report about little monster team from Uchiha who's doing low level which it's real level is higher than what's given by giver within his is startled me, it's shocking my being which seem too lax on my team to judge the real level of

Its seem I need to make all officer and Shinobi which is working for me to be more careful and smart, but after seeing the real cause is the security of make me almost puke out blood from my mouth.

Its seem the security also need improvement, it's good that Little monster team is fine. If something happened to them, I can't imagine the new and stronger Uchiha will do since they seem to be more protective than the past where's their arrogance is above everything.

Although they're overprotective now, but they didn't change into overbearing like what they'd used to be.

They seem to be more positive while seeing their duty to make save as their pride and they really doing it with happy feeling, seeing them like that make me feel something wrong happened to them but not harm done with it so I've thrown that into the back of my mind.

Back to current results, 18 people captured while begging mercy that make strange scenery when Anbu and their teachers comes to

The funny thing is a boy named Xazch, he seem to be indifferent with their act but we know it should be his doing that make bunch of kidnapper to be like that.

Though it's shocking when we see there's 10 corpse killed with one at their throats, from what Anbu checking the body it seems the boys killing them with one per-people without

I'm really there's good Shinobi from young like him, even though I'm myself hate war but it's not going to make me not doing counterattack if my is attacked.

"Hmm, so the report saying that this kidnappers group is dealer?? then did you get the of their headquarters??" After his thoughts finished he's reading the report which Anbu give him, the results is surprising.

"Yes, third hokage" The Anbu answering with respectful tone.

"Get your team and another two team to go there and save every victim then capture all culprit, don't it since I don't want this big fish slip from our net just to bite our neck again later" Third hokage ordered Anbu to hurry into rescue while capturing criminal which left there.

"Yes, we will proceed with it immediately" Anbu answered with hurried tones then he's gone from there.


Xazch POV.

Such boring day, should I bully Akatsuki? nah, they would hide later if I do that! for Danzo, I'll let him alive for now! Since I don't want to prevent him spreading the fact of Naruto is Kyuubi's Junchuriki.

Why? because Naruto will not same Naruto if he didn't get to this process, even though there is no death casualty from what I heard there's about 50 or more Shinobi which is injured lightly to lost limb.

My interference is just erasing the death casualty that should happened, so even though their hatred will not at same level but it's still same in the end since it's human nature.

There's something like happened when Naruto is one year old, some being who think Minato and Kushina is fate twister since they're alive when they shouldn't.

That being isn't cruel to kill the two, but it still expelling the duo into space hole which it summoned and it's was unknown.

My system notified me about it, with my order the system using my point to alter its to some world which system could reach with from my current world and my point.

With the point I have the distance isn't far but if they want to go back it's impossible within 1-10 year, from my system they could return after maximum 15 year with my help later.

When I ask who's that being and what world is their , the system using usual style to answer that would make people mad but I'm numb into it so I don't mind it too much.

-Host currently didn't have enough authority level to know it-

That's what it say, the strange about this system is nowadays the voice is changing into more feminine from it's neutral and voice.

With that sudden change I got bad feeling from it, but the feeling isn't about danger so I'm ignoring it because it's no use to think about it when nothing happened, yet.

Tomorrow I will get again, since they know we could finish higher grade after that kidnapping case.

They will choose same level with that kidnapping case for us, though I don't mind it too much even if I only get to find lost cat haha.

With that in my mind the day is finished, in the end I fell asleep without me knowing when.


Uzumaki Kyo POV

My mother's breast is soft as always, it's tasty! what, you called me pervert? yeah, I'm pervert! so what? jealous?

Okay, enough! here's I didn't know where I'm currently is, this almost like paradise since no or noisy which is annoying like I know within Konoha so this isn't Konoha for sure.

But the is where is this, I didn't remember there's such a like this in my past life when I watch the series or reading it's manga.

Is it another butterfly effect because my birth? don't tell me, Naruto within this world is a woman and Hinata is a man??

If it's like that then I'm fucked up since I want to get Hinata sister for my waifu, if Hinata is male then her sister will also be male or she isn't exist.

That geez which call himself as God, if it's like what I'm imagining then later I'll strangle him until he beg me for my

Why not to the death? well, since that geezer didn't make me born as female hehe so I give little positive point for him.

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