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Chapter 41 : Arc II - Chapter 01 : My First Mission Is Finding Lost Child?~

Rebirth : Naruto's World

It's been a week after my and Itachi , with my absolute Sharingan I've made it so the teacher got Itachi And Izumi as a team with me.

Yeah, I'm helping Izumi secretly by making her into my absolute world, where she's trained hard with hard mode that made her too many times dying by living her life within

With my method her bloodlines ability is awakened into one tomoe and her ability as ninja reaching current Itachi level where Itachi before awakened his eyes into two tomoe.

Of course it's also my own doing, the two didn't aware of it because I'm sending them into world when they're asleep.

So because of that Izumi is graduated ahead with us, so using that moment when the there of us is graduated together, my interference to make us into team isn't too hard.;

Usually it's impossible for three Uchiha teamed up as one team but with my Overpowered Sharingan everything is possible, the third didn't even since I'm using my ability to make him think it's normal.

My sharingan could be called as overpowered because it's been mutated the moment 2 month ago happened, the purity of my Uchiha bloodlines is too pure to the point exceeding Madara.

I thought all people aside me has same method which purify their bloodline to awaken their eyes bloodline ability, but the system telling me that I'm special within the

There is advantage and its own disadvantage about my bloodline like this, the into Rinnegan manually will be close to impossible since my bloodline purified into it's unique Uchiha bloodline.

That was my own disadvantage, but since I have system it's not that bad to the point I can't reach it later if I want.

The advantages is my eyes bloodlines is changed into something which can rule Uchiha bloodline, I can make people which I think isn't worthy to have my bloodline then they should say goodbye to it since I can erase it from their body's system.

Then the last thing which make my sharingan into more powerful is my soul which has reached into peak of the basic grade, with 100% control of my power which included chakra control.


Today our first is really disappointing, buy since I'm not that eager to fo adventuring so I didn't mind it too much.

The same could be seen from Itachi which doing it with his straight face while Izumi still focused with Itachi, since she's getting hate from Itachi's fans then I let her do whatever she wants.

Izumi liking Itachi isn't same like Sakura which like dork, or like Hinata which will faint or stutter whenever she meet Naruto.

Izumi, She is calm and collected but she's still smiling herself whenever she's thinking about him, the one who's at fault to her change is me.

Its because within world, her life always entangled with Itachi, while I know Itachi is having same experience but it seem Itachi is little lost cause because he seem ignoring her so I think it's my job to make them together.

Now back to the current , we three separate ourselves to find the lost child.

After searching everywhere within just to find nothing, then I've proceeded to go out from since there's possibility of the child is outside.

If it's true then the security need to be upgraded later, the still too lax on its security and I only focused on my so there's nothing I can help for now but maybe after this I will do something about it.

The child which is lost were from Merchant family which staying within to do their business, it's girls so I have little that this is kidnapping case so I'm in hurry.

While running I'm ordering the system to scan whereabouts of the target with mapping feature, with only 5 the results is out.

Shockingly the of the child is together with big group about 20 people, it's really but no matter what the still so without I'm teleported into their with haste.

Without time to rest I'm starting killing people because there's no need to investigate since the girl is in fainted state and within some cage like device, with full speed and silence step I'm cutting their throats one by one with one to kill while blocking their mouth to prevent sounds leaked out.

After killing about 10 people in the back, the middle started to notice something wrong about the and I'm stopping my killing spree since all I need is to rescue the girl.

Then when they're moving to check the , I'm teleporting myself to inside of the cage and atter that taking the girl with princess carrying style I'm teleported to Izumi's

"Eh, Xazch! what's wrong, and how did you do that? eh is that our target?" Izumi startled seeing Xazch appear suddenly.

"Yeah, I'll later! just watch her until she's awake then take her to our teacher!" Xazch didn't have time to so he keep it short.

Without waiting for her response he's teleport back to the culprit , after he's gone from Izumi's Itachi comes with rush then he's startled with Izumi who's keeping watch the girl which he suspect as their target.


"Okay, since there's no hostage anymore! I can let out my power although its just 10%, since I think we should not overkill then I'll use Genjutsu to avoid killing them all" Xazch smirked with chilling eyes seeing the group of kidnapper.

?Genjutsu : Absolute Of Hell?

With Sharingan activated his tomoe which should be only three tomoe changed into three tomoe which trapped by nine star shaped which is his mutated last stage before Mangekyo.

Then without the kidnapper group entered into fainted state, while their is trapped into his world.

After seeing them like that then, he set the world into full of hell for them.

There, they will be raped by many man or tortured without mercy and many more.

With his new Sharingan he can keep their sanity so they will never broken, with that he contacted Itachi to let the teacher come to his

With that my first is finished, although it's into Kidnapping case it's still relief that since my uchiha working style improved the info of child missing isn't late.

Although they're already improved I still feel the Uchiha still need more improvement, and the also need improvement on their overall security.

"Ugh, they seem taking their time huh?? I need to report them about child labor, they're making me working while they take whole day just to get here!! *facepalm" Xazch murmured with defeated tone since after 5 minutes there's still no one who come.

Unknown to him, there's no one who can do teleport like him so their speed of course different.

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