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Chapter 39 : Arc I - Chapter 39 : Shadow clones benefits which Xazch think its Common Knowledge!~

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Xazch's POV

Ninja Academy, Xazch's

"*Yawn, it's the first time I'm attending this school! haha, only clone that always do job in the past but now I'm trying to see if I can find something interesting here." He's murmured with sleepy face which make all girl squeal like crazy since his posture is really beautiful to see in their eyes.

While the girl squealing the boys is opposite they're are seeing him with hostile eyes, although they're like that but Xazch didn't even bat an eyes since he can resist killing intent don't even only hostile gaze from bunch of brats.

"So, Itachi! is it your clone or its your real self is here currently??"


"Don't start to dumb with me you dimwit! so you are clones right?? tell him he should start enjoy his last year in academy and don't focus too much on training, since we need to graduate this year we should enjoy it for a while!"


'Though I didn't see the enjoyment that exists here, but for that stiff face which crazy about training. This atmosphere will help him more on his nerve, and I have to make him spend his little time with Sasuke so that child will stay away from my sister later hehe'


Xazch's Home, Toru's Household.

After boring attempting into academy, now I'm that I let my clones who's attending it from first time of start academy.

Its really boring, but since it just half year left and I did tell Itachi to attend then I have no one to for that.


This half year will be torture for me, I need to try to enjoy it so basically there's the need of my personality change.

Since I'm still a child then I should act like one, moreover I didn't even have any memories regarding my childhood so this moment should fill that needed memories.


Ririka's POV.

My child suddenly more filial now, sometime he will help me by with his siblings everyday.

Such cute beautiful and obedient child he is, sometimes I felt bliss to have him as my first child.

He's more mature than his , although there's someone named Itachi which son of current head is possess same mature

They're almost same with that point, but I still feel my son is most perfect one since he's basically almost

He's teaching his siblings to read while , just that he seem overprotective with them sometimes to the point I got headaches for that little of his.

He's spoiling me and his siblings with his creative mind, like when he create device for me to bring my child while it's could be used as groceries storage for me to push without effort.

He's also spoiling his father and aunt sometimes, with creating some bicycle for them to go out for or work.

He's my pride and will always my sweetheart, although he seems little afraid with his aunt since that girl always like to tease him sometimes.


Toru's POV

Haha, my little genius always make my life more easier. I think there's no one who will feel happiness more than me to have such a child like him, now whenever I'm going to work I only use little effort by using bicycle he created for me.

I didn't get headache to raise him since he's more understanding compared with other kids which same age with him, I've always bragging about my son with my friend almost to the point he find its annoying but I don't care since its the truth.



Somewhere within forest which always used by Itachi to train.




Two boys could be seen battling with exchanging their Taijutsu move with fast tempo, The two boys is Xazch and Itachi.

Itachi panting hard with his breathing while Xazch still calm without hard breathing at all, Seeing his friend Xazch smirked then with dash he's attacking with his kick into Itachi's stomach.

"Ugh..... huft...huft..." Itachi got blown into big tree.

"Hahaha, you still far away from my level Itachi! well, you've stressed too much whenever you train in the past! so I didn't find it strange you were like this, from now on you should take it slow and let your clones who do training instead!" Xazch smirking seeing Itachi lost to him like that.

"Why?? I thought it's better for me to train my own body instead letting the clones doing it!" Itachi which called genius surprised with Xazch's advice.

"Did you don't know about the secret of Shadow clones at all??" Xazch teasing him to remind Itachi about benefits of Shadow clones which should be known.

"What secret?? from what I know Everytime it's dismissed we got their memories then that's all!" Itachi's for a moment then he's answered to the best of his knowledge.

"Are you sure??" Xazch astonished with the genius in front of him who he know he is training addict when he's young but he just know that Itachi's mindset clouded with focusing on original body's training.

"Yeah, of course! stop being , just tell me straight without bullsh*ting Xazch!!" Itachi getting annoyed which caused him to snap while twitching his mouth seeing his friend antique.

"*sigh..... it's my fault to think it's common knowledge about the Shadow clones secret! *facepalm" Xaxch sighed with defeat while continuing his speech before Itachi interrupting.

"The secret is not only memories but everything which your clones experienced will be transferred into your original body, so basically you can let them train while you can just and or maybe study" Taking deep breath he's proceed to continue while Itachi listening with his most focused state.

"The point is you can do anything while letting your clones to do the hard work, then you can gain benefits from their efforts! now you understand?!" Xazch his knowledge which he knows from original timeline from system.

"Hmm?? really, no one told me about that! I thought Shadow clones role is just for our substitute?" Itachi for a moment to absorb new knowledge because he's still in doubts about it.

"Moron, no wonder your sickness is up within original timeline and you only focus on and training to the point neglecting Sasuke" Xazch murmured with angry feeling.

"What?? did you say something Xazch?" Itachi seem to heard something but since he's still focused on Shadow clones topic so he didn't heard it clear.

"Nah, it's just me who's mocking myself to think it's common knowledge about benefits Shadow clones had! to answer your , yeah they could help you in training! like if you use them as your spar partner then you will see your own in fighting technique when they're dismissed!" Xazch with more easy word since he fear this genius will continue asking the

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