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Chapter 38 : Arc I - Chapter 38 : Little Plan?

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Xazch POV.

Toru's household, usual courtyard.

While watching my mother doing her chores and my aunt who's with my little siblings, I'm enjoying this peaceful moment because I'm going to graduate with Itachi later if he's graduate as the story goes.

Although if he didn't reveal his power enough to graduate, I myself will force him to do so since it will be bad if the story deviated too much from there.

Though I doubt that I can keep them as the original plot story goes since I've messed up this timeline too much, not that I care about it since I'm doing what I want with this life of mine.

From there on I will start my life as Shinobi, so far I'm to create my own unique space jutsu which appearance is like invisible beast's mouth that devour enemy but the truth is just confine them into my own created hidden dungeon.

Yeah, it's dungeon which we know of from common RPG games and story.

I did buy that unique ability from system's shop, it's name is dungeon master.

Its giving me soul-bound grimoire which has gloomy aura emanated from it, with it I can create countless dungeon as long as my controls still possible to support it.

From what system telling me about it, that grimoire need some sacrifice from living being to make sure that I can create dungeon and summons some creature for it habitant.

But since I get it from my shop system, it has been modified into using same currency with my system so I didn't need to attack living being around.

The hidden dungeon which I create is just 9 level pagoda which has been build within my inner world, every level is at it's own nightmare level which impossible to solve and escaped.

So the choice is only to death or to advance, since I feel the scum which will be killed should be thrown there as their punishment is better than killing them fast.

Now I regret that I didn't send bandit which I've massacred in the past into this dungeon, well big reason is because I don't have it yet.

Later for , I'll reveal all my power which I fully control.

25% full control of my power should double of the current Itachi, now here's I'm wondering if I should give this two new friends of me some benefits from system or not.

Except Internal Technique, I'm interested with other technique which currently I'm doing exactly Soul type and later I would get body technique which has perks benefits for changing my into special type body.

So far whenever I'm free and bored I always read novel, manga and sometimes watch movie and or animes as passing empty times since I'm going to focus on basic soul until it's last level before doing another training and start leveling later.

Why? because I'm going to enjoy my life to its fullest, I'm not going to people who's only chase power without enjoying what's life offer to me.

I'm not going to copy some protagonist within which I read or watch, I'm myself which unique existence so I'll do what I want.

Power? I have my subordinates who will train hard whenever they have time, so why should I do same when they're loyal to me and will do everything for me.

Currently I'm in dilemma about what to do with Danzo, should I kill him or make him into my puppet with some method which I could found within the system shop.

It's sinister method since basically I'll trap his soul and into eternal prison while his body will do everything I ordered him to do without whatsoever.

There's another method which I'll reap his soul into eternal hell or devour it myself to strengthen my own soul which will leave his body empty then I can give something like A.I installed into it then his body will soulless puppet which I can order as I like to.

Since I'm thinking its pity if I erase ROOT existence which I can use as ;s shadow, although their method sometime is wrong but they only do that for Danzo.

So I'm thinking to keep Danzo as it's head while change that style on their work to fit my style, with it I can make my subordinate in Paradise realm to enter their ranks without

This little is more interesting the more I think about it, since I can make my people who want to go into outside world to get new identity as Konoha's habitant.

Maybe I still need to think little more about it, and lastly Orochimaru is the last headache for me.

Should I just kill him straight or let him go to do as he please? or should I have to do what I'm to Danzo to him? it's still need more thinking since I don't want to meddle too much on this world's way of doing.

I don't want to kill somebody which I didn't like with the way they do thing only to get someone to them later.

From what I get, Orochimaru has started to get contact with Akatsuki which Obito build.

I don't know how Akatsuki name still exist when I've secured Pain group already, Obito and Madara should be upset by their loss of pair of Rinnegan's eyes.

Although I'm sure of that, there's no guarantee about Madara won't have other agenda in case something like that happened.

Since from what I know about Madara within original timeline is sneaky one who has deep scheming for whatever he's doing, so I think if I do what I'm with Danzo to Orochimaru then basically I'll have eyes within Akatsuki for my own use.

Why not erase Akatsuki? I will not doing that since this world need common enemy which this will fill its job for that, beside I'm only enjoying my life here not to rule it into its weakness unless I'll use my system for all habitants of this world.

I'm not their Nanny, so let them mature themselves without my unnecessary assistance.

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