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Chapter 37 : Arc I - Chapter 37 : Multiverse of alternative which is mystery.

Rebirth : Naruto's World

(Okay my friends, from here on the story will be little different from original story since Xazch messed it up with his ego on securing people which should be dead just because he feel its pity for them to die like dog haha)


Xazch's POV

Toru's household resident, within his bedroom.

He's meditating soul , it's gaining breakthrough into first lvl which making him gaining 25% mastery on his body's stats.

Maybe you think it's weak huh?

No, by 25% mastery on my stat is my free power that I could utilize, but if I didn't control it the power which would come out will like a mess where's sometime I could attack with more than that though it will give extra fatigue on my body that will damage it

If I didn't have full control of my stats power then I'll consume my stamina and chakra more faster and it would waste much more than I'm intending to do.

That's what causing my wasted vitality when I'm battled with weakened Madara in the past that lead into my body weakened after, so to avoid it happened again in the future I have to master this soul into last of its level.

It would make me master 100% of my body's stat power, although it's just 100% but it would be perfect control which I can unleash my full power without harming my body and its vitality.

This soul is basic grade which has 4 level.

1st level : 25%

2nd level : 50%

3rd level : 75%

4th level : 100%

Truthfully within shop there's more advanced grade which could make me utilize my power that would multiples everytime I'm unleashing my power, but for now I will only train this basic grade into its peak before seeing if I need to train its next grade or not later.

Although with this soul I can control my power fully, but if I'm using which innate ability my bloodline have then it's more beneficial for it since my attack could be called upgraded.

So with this my focus will only mastering this into it's last level before doing more leveling and training my body, there's another technique which I'm interested in system shop but I'll think about it later since it would change my body's into more powerful but the price will be pain like being tortured in hell.


"Hah, so many thing added into system shop! its make me dizzy, there's also novel which I can read and there's also another with form like anime, manga etc within entertainments ; Xazch murmured with long sigh after his finished for today.

Now its been 6 and half years since I'm here, now its half year left for Itachi to graduate if we follow same plot.

I'm messing too much on plot until I don't know what future has for me, at least all I need is just to be strong enough to secure my family and my subordinates life.

Suddenly I'm wondering if there's another world which with this (Naruto) Shinobi's world or not, then my system which never answered more than necessary giving me answer that made me jump in surprise.

-Affirmative Host, there's countless world which almost with one or another-

-Furthermore there's some of the world which has been destroyed to the point its barren -

-All world which existing is just generated by someone which created the story based original timeline then make mess on it which suited their own preference, and it will be strengthened by people who give it's fantasy energy to the point it's real -

-Some of them will be abandoned by its creator and in the end it would real alternative which destroyed into barren since the world timeline didn't generated anymore while some fantasy energy's source still generating even though it's just little and slowly-

-Since Host sometimes read alternative timeline of story of this world which common called as fanfic, so Host should know basically there's countless alternative world with this one which you currently -

-Although you will feel this world should be the original timeline since you want it to be, but it's wrong since this world is just one of alternative-

-Since the first time you've born here this world also has been changed into alternative -

"So is there good thing that left within that countless barren which failed to live as living alternative ;

-There's only resources but the energy within them is changed into death energy, so they can't be used as for living being anymore-

"Hmm, then is there a way for me to use them?? its too wasteful just to let them rot like that!"

-There's a way for you to take them for you to use, some of them is safe while the other will generate disastrous -

"Interesting, so system can you scan how many barrens which fully can't be used as a for living anymore but the energy is fully envelope them?"

-I already has data of it's amount which has been imputed within my database, the quantity is about 99 number that has been fully abandoned by it's creator and all living being has been gone with their soul included-

"Whoa, so many huh? so what's the safe way for me to make use of them?"

-System for Host to pull then and merge them into this or into one of your realms-

"Hmm, so how many energy point will be used for me to pull each world into my current world?"

-100.000 Energy Point needed for every to be pulled and merged-

"Whoa, so expensive! wait, earlier you've told me that I could use death energy as energy point which system could use right?? then please estimate how many energy point will I get from them??"

-System estimated fo Host to get Energy point for each or world-

"Hahahaha, then I'm going to be rich huh?? okay system use all my point to get them here but don't merge them yet before you take the energy, don't want something bad to happen into this world when death energy comes into this world"

-You can't do that Host!-

"Huh? why?? I thought I only need to use my points then you do what job I want you to do?"

-Because I can only pull one or world per month since it's not easy job, so please Host to never overestimated me which only your helper system-

"....ugh, okay then pull one then! make task to pull one every month, but absorb the energy before merging it into this ;

-Affirmative, Proceeding the task... 10%.....50%.....100%]

[167 hours : 59 minutes: 59 ]

"Hmm, only a week?? what's countdown is that for?"

-For pulling the target into this alternative universe-


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