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Chapter 36 : Arc I - Chapter 36 : Their peaceful life....

Rebirth : Naruto's World

(Author's Note : okay friends, the two chapters is the only last chapter that will earth etc, so from now on it will be only Xazch's live within Naruto's world)

Xazch's POV

Its been a month since that event of my , there's many strange thing within my shop system from that day on.

Although there's many thing within, I'm not interested on aside it's soul category.

Within this month I'm focused on cultivating my soul, it's really hard to progress since now I'm still at lvl 0 peak of beginning soul

Even though the progress is really hard, the of my hard work of cultivating soul is good since my control of body is improved, now I can use my power in sync as what my status

Before I'm cultivating my soul, I can only 10% of my power in full control sometimes it will jump without my control to 50% to 100% but it would wreck my body since I'm not in control.

Now after a month soul cultivating, my control improved to 20%. It's improved my hand seal forming speed, though I never use hand seal since its taking a long time for my hand.

Usually I'm focused on taijutsu or weaponry like sword and kunai while using spell sometimes, but with this I'll back again to hand seal since I could form it with faster timing.

Meanwhile with cultivating soul will help my Sharingan ability to be more enhanced, and by the system answer that later when I'm at peak of this technique the from my Sharingan will be more alive and real.



Name : Uchiha Xazch

Health : Normal

Age : 6 Year

Sex : Male

Level : 0 [0/1000]

HP : 220/220 | STA : 50/50 | CKR : 3500/3500

ATK : 200 | DEF : 300

STR : 50 | AGI : 62 | DEX : 60

CON : 60 | WIS : 70 | INT : 70

Charm : 30 | Charisma : 30 | Luck : 20

Now my current base stat is like this, with this state I can capture weakened Madara and confused Obito with ease when I'm using Susanoo Avatar which multiplied my power temporarily.

Too bad it's just my wishful thinking, so Akatsuki still formed while maybe only filled with wicked one since the peace seeker has been secured by my subordinate.

They live happily while training hard to catch-up with their master level aka Jiraiya the pervert Sennin, although its good I feel they should be more selfish t pursue their own happiness.

Maybe with time they will found the goal which they want to reach later, my wish for securing character which I found pity to died like a dog has been fulfilled.

Now I'm going to be selfish, I will find my own happiness aside my family. Will it romance or whatever later I find it, anyway I'll enjoy my life which I think is really good.


Uchiha Itachi POV.

Since our talk, my belief is little wavered. Maybe everything that I see is only from my perspective, or maybe it's because my ignorance.

Xazch, he's strange kid. I felt like he's more mature than me although his maturity didn't reach my father but his word struck more to my heart.

Nowadays I feel Uchiha which seeing outside of with disdain seem changed little by little, and elites uchiha seem to be more warm to commoner within

I feel this atmosphere is really good although I feel there's something strange with it but seeing there's no harm being done so far, I didn't mind it too much since truthfully I feel this atmosphere is really the best for me.

Recently I feel my always full of smiles because I've been influenced by this fresh atmosphere within , all children seem more lively and actives.

Even though I know there's something changed their attitude slowly, but I know its not forced so I'm it with heartfelt and positive heart.

With this change, my goal now is to keep this peaceful life of my forever unchanged. I'll do everything with my power to protect it from external influence changing it back, I'll train my power so I can protect this , this and my family.


Shisui POV.

Hahaha, this happiness! I didn't think my is changed into more refreshing, is there someone do this sneakily? well, even though I know there's something about it I'll let it slide since it's not forceful and bringing harm.

Itachi and Xazch should know about it too, but since they didn't do anything then why should I care.

At least it's bring smile to that stiff face Itachi, hahahaha the one who did this is really doing good job.

Now the is like this, I wonder will the person which doing this will do same thing to the well, it's not like I care about it as long as there's no war going on.


Hokage Building.

Third's hokage POV

"Strange, the uchiha seem to be more peaceful than the past! is there something going on? well, nevermind as long as they didn't harm ;s safety then all is good!" Third murmured with low voice while smoking and monitoring from his room's window which has been opened.

"Danzo seem to be doing something with Orochimaru again, *sigh I should keep my guard up while focusing on ;s safety" He continued his murmur with defeated and tired tone.


Xazch's Mother POV.

Toru's household, House courtyard.

There's boy who sleep with peaceful smile while in each hand there's little toddler who's snuggling to his body while sleeping.

This scenery is enjoyed by a woman who's doing her chores drying clothes there, the body is Xazch and his little sibling while the woman is his mother Ririko.

She's praying for this will last forever without disturbance, even though she find her child is really monster grade genius she's still loved them like a mother should.

Feeling her heart filled with happiness after having three kids, she feel content while hoping the best for their future.

Even though she know it will never last forever since they're living in Shinobi age where power is everything, war happen for petty reason and civilian always victim while children that should still studying in Shinobi academy will be sent into war as soldier.

She's still hope this peaceful life to last forever, and it would never end it's only her wish since this peace will disturbed sooner or later, so her only wish is for her children to strong enough to protect themselves when the time is come although she hope it will never come.

(Editing some word and change of POV)

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