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Chapter 34 : Arc I - Chapter 34 : Connection.....

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Shinobi, almost all people within this world has their goal is to Shinobi.

Every older people always guide their descendants into Shinobi, sometimes normal people look up to the people whose work as Shinobi.

Even though many people think this is what they pursue but there's more people who see this as the source of their tragic life.

War that always happen between Shinobi's always leaving it's victim miserable, so most of civilian hate Shinobi although there's still many civilian who's respecting the Shinobi.


Uchiha , Toru's Household Residence

There's a bow who's lie down with smile in his courtyard, its because there's just 1 hour left for his body into its peak.

That boy is Xazch, He felt everything is going to be smooth sailing for him to live within this world as long as he has system, but he's still stay with everything without let his guard down.

Now he's thinking what's going to happen later since he's changing this world timeline with his act, although he didn't feel regret about doing it because he's going to face every consequences with confidence while of course his main focus is only his family safety before other people.

Currently there's some event taking where's the baby is gathered like in orphanages but the of graduated kid is unknown so his subordinate taking all baby in while capturing all officer there.

He's leaving it for 'One' to interrogate them for the truth behind that facility, and Xazch felt that would be first and the would be found later, and there's no guarantee that will be the last of it.

Now he's waiting for his while thinking what his next after this.

No matter what he's thinking, in the end everything is revolving around Konoha because his family and his own is here.

Even though he's rebirth-ed soul from modern world, so far from what he felt and think was this world is his own world not modern world because he didn't take any dead body for his birth since he's undergoing his birth as normal baby though there's strange thing joined with him that called as system.

Far from what he should think where he's just foreign elements, he's instead always think himself as this world residence, because he didn't have any pleasant memories within his past life and any attachment on that world in his past world.


Uchiha's , Fugaku's Residence.

Within this house courtyard, Itachi training hard with his kunai and his hand seal speed. Fugaku seeing his son practice with smile while his wife tending with their youngest son Sasuke who keep his hand while laughing cheerfully seeing his big brother practicing.


Earth, Xazch Former residence

temperature spread almost half kilometer, this zone forbidden zone which government still trying to research but nothing could be helped to speed up process since they can't even come close to it.

In the center of this there two crack that connected with rainbow colored line, the left crack is almost closed but it's prevented by the line.

From the way of energy route this crack is the source of energy that


Konoha, Hokage Building.

Third Hokage could be seen busying himself with paperwork, he's quite busy from morning till now but he did everything for his love to this

He's checking everything with careful attitude while any paper that need his , he didn't sign it blindly but he's reading all of content within the paper before signing it if he think it's needed.

Breathing with relief after he's finished every paperwork just to be given more job by his assistant.

"*Sigh* can you give me a rest? my back is really started to hurting now!!"


"*Sigh* just give it to me then, damn you heartless woman!!" he's murmured last part with low voice.


( A.N : I don't know if he has assistance like tsunade but just consider it butterfly effect haha )


Paradise Realms.

All people there still living peacefully without care about outside world, though there's some of them who trained hard for their own dream and goal but the important one is everything they do is for the sake of their

Within their heart Xazch is like God, they will do everything for him that until the point if Xazch want they commit suicide they will do without


Somewhere in hidden layer at earth.

"It's been a month that boy who always steal world's energy gone, but there's still a little crack point that , I really need to investigate it before it's too late" Unknown voice sounded ancient and ethereal.


Somewhere in far away from earth

"My lost child is dead, for this month my team finally found the real after his death. Such pathetic parents I am, he must be resentful with us! hopefully his soul could safely entered cycle like what your dead-comrade told us about that ; Unknown woman voiced his concern about his son.

"No need to concern with that woman, even though he's resent us for his hard life, there's nothing we can do since we're the ones who's teleport him with random Although he's death but he should be safely reincarnated with his intact memories since my comrade will never lied with what he tell me ever" Unknown man retorted the woman without stop.

"Also that which called earth should get it's punishment since they dare to kill this Emperor son, even though he's only one of our son but he's our first son. That earth dare to kill him? then let them him in cycle!!" He's continued his talk with wrathful and chilling tone.

"*sigh..... do whatever you want dear, at least I'll give them little help to survive even though their number will be little" Unknown woman murmured the last part with low voice.


Back to Xazch POV.

"Okay!! it's almost time for my strength is back! hahahaha, should I apply to graduate early? too bad I didn't get to born at Kakashi's time, that Rin is really pitiful! such a waste of good medical shinobi" Xazch murmured with high spirit for first sentence but it's with hint of pity at the end of his sentence.

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