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Chapter 33 : Arc I - Chapter 33 : Untitled

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Xazch's Inner world.

In front of a white colored gate, there's suddenly hole with a 3m diameter.

Then 7 Shadow which each brings 2 children in their arm coming out from it, they stand in left line while waiting for someone.

10 later there's boy with a smile coming out from that hole while crossing hand at the back of his head while whistling.

After he comes out from the hole, its closed with fast rate while the boys in daze seeing the white colored gate in front of him.

Then using his hand to touch the gate, the key within his mark in cheek was responding with then the gate is opened without long waiting.

With his eyes signal the 7 shadow soldier entering the Paradise realm with him following behind them, with a smile again appears in his face the gate is closed after he's gone from Xazch's inner world.


Paradise Realm~

After summoning 20 teachers with 10:10 with their gender, he's telling them to standby on the academy, after that he's gone from the roof with his usual teleport skill.


Sen appeared together with his Shadow soldiers at the forest, the children still in awestruck after they get multiple surprises when they were brought by Sen.

Twice, the thing surprisingly like a miracle in their eyes then when they focused their eyes to look around the last they arrived, once again they get surprised from it because the is beautiful and the air is fresh.

Even though the earlier is having more fresh air but their isn't allowing them to look around while Sen didn't stay too long before entering Paradise Realm.


"Okay, now we've arrived here! how? cool right? this is still not the end of our ! we'll go to our home, and it will be your home too later so be prepared"



Before Sen walk far to go into the settlement, Xazch suddenly appeared in front of him.

Shocked but quick to Sen proceeding to kneeled his body without any

"Xazch-Sama, Is there anything that I can do to help you?"

"Ah, Sen? I didn't know it's you when I feel there's someone entered this realm! hmm, you've brought in 14 children now? then we need to go directly into the settlement!"

*Click* sfx of clicking finger

Xazch teleporting all people around him to go back into Settlements.

"Stand up Sen! let the children into their room, you can do your thing afterward"


After hearing Sen's answer, Xazch is back to the roof where he's earlier.


'System get the coordinates to change into directly to settlement after the mark bearer entering the gate into this settlement'



Konoha, Hokage's building.

The third Hokage furrowing his brow tight, he's inhaled his while thinking something that he finds unbelievable.

He gets new from his Anbu, within the forest there's something unbelievable happening and it's whether it's good or bad thing.

There's happened in forest , they seem to gain intelligent.

Even though so far there's no sign that they were hostile because they didn't attack his Anbu.

He can't rule out the possibility that the will forever stay like that, so he's ordering all of his Anbu to retreat for now.


Paradise Realm, Xazch's settlement.

Xazch smiling while seeing the settlement from the highest building's roof, he felt everything he did is worthwhile because he can see his people smile though he feels that this world will not the same world with original because of his interference.

Even though it will end as a different story, but he's trying to not change too much so he can take advantage of knowledge within the system.

Though he's already purchased season one anime from system, but its timeline still far away from his current day because he's still 6 years old and maybe he felt that 4 years will be enough for him to make his secure and solid enough so his people will have a to call as home.


Near the wall west side of the settlement, there's tall building resemble apartment like in the modern world.

"Here you can use this room, each room 2 people! at least until you're adult you should stay here! adapt with your new to live, later you can go to the park or training field if you want to interact with other people here"

"Don't worry about security here, within this realm everything is peaceful because all people here is almost same with you people"

"Enough about that, go in! I have to go back into your hiding , maybe I'll get more of you from there if there's other but even if there's no one I need to know who has the power to kill my shadow"

Without giving 14 children he brought time to react, he's dismissed his shadow soldier then he's gone from there with shadow


Konoha, Fugaku's residence.

"Why do I feel strange lately? it feels like I'm something important but maybe it's not too much important because I'm about that!"

Fugaku furrowed his brow while mumbling something words when he's going to think it further his wife interrupting his thoughts.

"What's wrong dear? is there a problem with your work?"

"Ah? no, there's nothing wrong! I just feel strange lately but it seems to be only my , where's Sasuke?"

Fugaku's startled with his wife's but he's quickly while telling his thoughts to his wife but he still thinking that's not too important.

"He's sleeping after drink his milk"

"Haha, that brat is too lazy! unlike his brother, I hope he can be more like Itachi later"

Fugaku's laughing after hearing his son is sleeping, then he's telling his wife about his wish to have his son to be like his first son so he can be at ease.

After all, within this world where's everything always about fighting and war, he wants his children to have enough power to protect themselves least he's gone later.

"You don't need to worry about that, he's still too young! but seeing how close he's to his big brother I doubt he'll lazy later *giggles*"

"Hahaha, that's true!!"

Fugaku laughing together with his wife while keeping their voice low to prevent their son woken up from his sleep.

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