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Chapter 31 : Arc I - Chapter 31 : His foundation.

Rebirth : Naruto's World

"Whoa, it's big! this settlement should have the same size as Konoha huh?"

"Maybe, but since I've been here not that long so I didn't know how large exactly this ;

"Hmm, that brat really hid it well! too bad now this is already detached from our then there's no way I can enter this freely later"


"Ah, is that the so you'll practice within that , did you know what's in there exactly?"

"Nope, it's my first time entering so I'm the same with you who didn't know anything. Just check it out right now, but I'm prepared for surprise seeing Xazch-Sama's style on this we can expect the big surprise."


"...." Itachi still standing in the middle of road silently while furrowing his brow, the seeing him as a strange boy who stand there all alone but because they see him together with their master so they left him all alone without any attempt to bother his silent.


"Hmm, good! it seems the three children that Xazch-Sama want is still there"

"Yeah, but it seems they did gather quite a bunch of kids too. It's good since we don't need to go around to search them one by one"

"Hmm, it's a good sign! let's go, just tell them what Xazch-Sama ordered without any concealing or any exaggerating word"

"Yeah, don't to tell them that Xazch-Sama is people from the same with their teacher! at least they could be convinced with that!"

"Yes! Let's go!"


They jumped from the tallest building into next building, proceeding with while focusing on the target.


Earth, former Xazch's home

There's suddenly crack formed and one deformed body full of bloody wounds come out from it and its landed in hot-like-lava surface without any suspense.

It's breathing faintly like it was a hard effort, if one didn't focus on it they will only see a deformed corpse.

After expelling the body, the space crack is in the process of closing but there's sudden from space where Laptop device is operating.

The space crack is solidified and its connected into Space where Laptop is operating.

If one focusing on their line, there's some energy that flowing from that unknown space crack into space where the laptop is operating.

While that's happening, the deformed body is in the process disintegrating into pure energy while there's pure white orb that can be seen as it's soul floating around the area.

The soul seeing there's flow of energy nearby, it's proceeded to follow it's flow with its instinct while it's seem almost gone but it's prevented after its connecting into energy line.

The soul followed the energy into space where's laptop still operating, unknown to it the of energy line is somewhere that he can't go out from anymore.


Tallest building at the center of his settlement, At the roof Xazch standing while overseeing his new realm.

His hand crossed in his chest while he feels the atmosphere within his realm and he's trying to check whether his realm is perfect or not.

Closing his eyes while spreading his arm wide, he felt his with his realm while checking the number of people within his settlement and other lifeforms within his realm.

He felt the presence of human more than 100, while he can see the beast within his realm is almost exceeding his total counting the people that have been outside for their

Feeling relief that he's creating this settlement with a tall and thick wall, the beast is guaranteed will never have any chance to invading the settlements.

Opening his eyes while breathing impure air, he's thinking something while trying to search something within his pocket.

Taking out his smartphone that he purchase within his system, he's scanning his subordinate and locking their sign with system help within his smartphone GPS

'System, give them new mark to open the gate within my inner world! let the sign to have multiple features so they can enter from outside world.



?Deducting 2000 Energy-Point

?Applying new mark into target....1%....25%.....50%...100%

?Applying the new feature into mark.....1%....25%....50%.....100%

?Mark applied.

After hearing the system , he's breathing with relief.


Outside world, everywhere in the world where his subordinate staying hidden.

All subordinate of his in the same time felt burning in their cheek like some hot fire burning straight line from their eyes to their mouth.

The burning feeling lasted just for 2 , their body drenched with sweat while they wear bewildered

Then after that, they get new into their brain regarding earlier

They get new knowledge about its use and how to use it, they were breathing with relief after knowing that mark was created as identity and the key to go back.

Some of them trying to use water for so they can see the mark, the mark is white colored while its is on their cheeks from their bottom eyes straight on the line with their mouth.

Unknown to Xazch, this mark will horror sign within ninja world.


Xazch felt the mark has been connected with his world, then he's gone with from the roof of the building.


Within his world suddenly Xazch appeared without any sign, in front of him is the giant gate with 3-meter height and 3-meter width.

Its appearance is with a color of white, there's no handle to opening because the key mark is needed to open it.

After seeing the gate, he's feeling his world has been expanded again with diameter 100km.

His world still , there's nothing within it while at the center is a just room that he always used to monitor anything his flying-cam captures.

The gate is a 1km distance from the room in the center, feeling that his world is too he's thinking how to make it more beautiful with his system's help.

Even though he knows that the cost will make his heart bleeding, he's still going to proceed with it because this world is his and within this world basically, he's god that no one can oppose.

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