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Chapter 28 : Arc I - Chapter 28 : They'll meet soon.......

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Konoha, Uchiha — Fugaku's Residence.

"Itachi, it's been a long time your friend Xazch didn't come here! Did something happen to him?"

"Hmm? Dad it's just only 1 week he didn't come, and nothing happened to him so far within my knowledge! I'm sure of it because he's still attending Academy without a day lost in his absence"

"Oh, is it only a week? I feel it's quite a long time already, then did you talk with him in academy recently? Did you sparring with him there?"

"No, dad! We're only talking when there's free time! Though it's quite strange this week he didn't stay too long in academy! Every-time school is finished he left the academy immediately"

"Hmm, it seems he has something to do then! Try to ask him if he need your help later if later he's still like that"

"Understand Dad"


Hidden Facility.

It's just taking 1 hour after giving this girl the Vitality Liquid for her to fully , now she's woken up with fresh look.

She's continuing her story about tragedy that befall to her family, so the is her story is quite same with Sen.

After hearing her full , I give her same offer with Sen, and she agrees immediately though her face seem to have some doubt about it.

I call 'One' to take her to tower because she's healthy already, now after finishing this nursing though not quite because all work is fulfilled by machine already while I'm just monitoring it.

Just 3 week left for me to my peak strength, now my current task is to make this facility into floating that has its own independent realm.

Of course, I was an egoistic person, because of that I did create design for this independent realm to not have entered door from outside except from my own world.

'System, about my to create this facility and its surrounding land into independent realm and it's appearance will floating ! Do it as my settings yesterday!'


~Applying surrounding area as one area.

~Detaching the area.

~Applying the world law into area.

~Expanding fog as realm-border.

~Applying reverse gravity into detached land.

~Decreasing 1000000 Energy-Point.

~ lost land within forest.

Energy-Point : 1000329 pts

"Err, ..... well whatever!!" Xazch mumbling with slightly frown in his face after seeing the number system deducting from his saving.

Suddenly the Facility felt like quaking, then my body feel like its slightly pushed from ground into the sky for a moment then it's disappeared.

Meanwhile, outside hidden lab, his people seem to be surprised with change of their home. The area increasingly larger on its size without giving them time to react because it's too fast for them to respond.

They feel slightly thrown into the air but the feeling disappeared instantly like its appeared, they feel but remembering who's their master they calmed down immediately and resuming their activity like there's nothing unusual.


Tower Inheritance, Unknown floor.

"Hmm, is this where I'll get power for my revenge? It's amazing , is this something what my parent always telling me that there's legendary realm mean? Who's that boy real identity?" The girl who's in lab can be seen in daze within tower after being transferred into tower inheritance.


Somewhere within forest inner area quite far with hidden facility.

"What's this? The ground within this forest is quaking, is there an earthquake? Or strong beast activity? What's wrong? Whoa.... ugh!" Shisui with while his body almost fall from earthquake.

", that fog suddenly moved to outer area Ugh! Watch out Itachi!!" Shisui with fright while retreating trying to avoid fog that expanding.

".... Strange! Did something happen in the inner area? We should retreat to report this to the !" Itachi retreating while wondering about what he sees.

The two trying to retreat as hard as they can, but in an instant the fog has passed their body without any change.

"Ugh!!" Shisui & Itachi crossing their hand in front of their face while preparing to brace with the pain they expect to come.


But there's nothing happened, everything has been back to normal that make the two feel strange while wearing bewildered wondering what's the deal with earlier event.

"So? What's wrong with fog earlier? .... Huh, is that a Since when there's within this forest?" Shisui with wonder then suddenly he sees something unbelievable scene where's suddenly appear in the most inner area within forest, the is quite far from their but since they're Shinobi the distance like that is easy as breathing.

".... We should try to check it out! If that is enemy's lair, then we'll go back report what happened here! Let's go!" Itachi scrutinized his eyes staring into distant that has appearance with , then he's that the two should investigate the before going back to to report this to hokage.

The two proceeding into , unknown to them that is hidden that their friend own and unknown to them the area that Currently they reside is already detached from their world so there's no way for them to go back after investigating the


~Setting the entrance into Host world.

~Applying the entrance as secret door to enter independent realm.

~Setting the name 'Paradise' into independent realm interface.

~Strengthening the space.

Xazch listening into the system about the task that it's doing for him while his mind, he's his guard down without minding everything around him.

Unknown to him, soon the two people that close to him is nearing to his , and they'll meet soon while his secret will be known to the two, but he's too for caring about it.


".. Hmmm? There's two familiar auras? How is it they could be here? The two seem trying to enter, did Zero letting them this It seems that I have to meet them!" 'One' who's monitoring the while waiting the girl he's attending.

'Zero, Itachi & Shisui is nearby! Is this you're doing?' 'One' communicates with Xazch to ask his about the two appearance.

'Huh? What? How is it possible? This should have detached from their world, how? Try to prevent them entering the without , or the guard system will see them as infiltrator' Xazch with startled tone, after calming down he ask 'One' to prevent the two to entering the facility without his

'Roger!' 'One' immediately act to meet them while trying to prevent disaster happened.

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