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Chapter 27 : Arc I - Chapter 27 : The girl's circumstances....

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Mother, Father, Big Brother and Big Sister don't leave alone!!!

"Haa.... Haa..... Haa...." I woke up from my nightmare, while my body soaked with sweat and my breathing is erratic, so I didn't realize there's someone in my room or should I say this is not my room when my memories about my family massacres come to me like it was real suddenly.

"Ugh... Mother, Father, Big Brother and Big Sister why you leave me alone! What do I do now that I'm all alone" I'm clutching my head in sadness when the memory is so vivid that I remember what happened to my family.

"Hiks.... Hiks...." I'm crying while hugging my body and burying my head the only crying voice resounding within this room, though after about 15 minutes tired with crying finally I realize there's Little boy who's I remember that he's the one who's helping me and seeing me naked in my dream (She didn't realize that was not dream) his eyes deep dark and with doll like appearance plus that red mark in his forehead increasing his cutely handsome appearance charm. I'm sure when he's adult he'll make many girls fallen in love with him.

"Umm, thanks for helping me! My name is ... can you tell me who are you and where is this?" After I'm calming my mind after shocking memories I immediately greetings my benefactor though he's just little boy but because teaching from my parents not to judge book with its cover, so I faced him with adult facing adult (Well she's still brat but pretending as adult).

"Ah, did you finished with your crying?(Such ungentlemanly though he's still boy and inexperienced) Hmm, My name? Uchiha Xazch, you can call me Xazch and here's my hidden facility! Ne big sister, what's happened to you? When I found you one week ago your body is so much messed up full of wound! If I'm not there, then you'll be corpse when someone found you!" The boy answering with clear voice full of innocence and (It's just her own ) then in the end he's asking something sensitive about what happened to me, though these boys seem didn't know it's not good for a man to ask something sensitive when a girl is feeling down, so I didn't mind it.

"Ah, etto ne! My family is killed by bandit and I'm the only survivor, *sobs* err so basically I don't have anywhere to go anymore *sobs* ..." Even though I don't mind his sensitive but it's bringing back my sadness so the answer that coming out from my mouth is full of crying sound that made my answer

"Err.. Ah no need to answer me big sister! It's just my is nagging me after seeing your state when I've found you, so for now just get your feeling stabilize first then later you can tell me everything when you're ready!" the boy seem to feel sorry for me since he's telling me to stop answering while telling me to stabilize my feeling, he's kind boy if not for my current state then my habit will bring me to huge him because he's so cute and kind.

"Ah yes, then please me because I feel tired just from that talking! Can I sleep again for a while until my body's least until I'm healthy enough to move!" I feel ashamed with my weakened state, I can't even talk a long enough answer him.

"Hmm, no problem! Because here's my area no one can disturb your rest without my , so big sister can rest here with ease! Then I'll take my leave then, hopefully your body will be fine later!" He's really kind, though there's something bothering about his answer but because my weak body I can't be thinking about it, so I throw my doubt to the back of my mind.

"Yes, thanks! Hopefully I can answer your when I awake later! *yawn*" I see him off with my sleepy eyes, then after seeing him going outside of this room my body can't take it anymore then I fell asleep immediately.


So from what I deducted in her answer, her is more or less same with Sen where their family is wiped out though her seem bit different but I can't see this answer as final, so I need to see her full answer later. ??

At least from her attitude and little , I can see her as trustworthy person, so I'll help her with restoring her lost vitality.

Although it's quite strange she didn't remember that I see her naked body, and she's panicking while covering her body earlier.

Well that's not important though, now let's get her vitality restored, so she can talk without getting exhausted later.


Somewhere quite far with Konoha, within underground room.

"That little girl still not found? Did all of you is You can't do your job? You should find her until she's found or you don't need to come back! Scram!!" A Man whose body is big sitting in the throne.

".... Ye-Yes Boss! We'll find her immediately!" A kneeling man answered with hurried tone while retreating with his kneeling to door

"Worthless subordinate! All of my money is wasted feeding this bastard! They should do good job with their finding the girl or else they should say goodbye with their head" After seeing his subordinate out of his room he's talking with wrathful tone.

"Ma... don't be too mad Boss! It's just a week, nothing will go wrong with it! Remember she's run away with wounded body so even thought she can't be found at least she'll never make it alive!" Soothing sound from the man's right can be heard, the speaker middle-aged woman with sexy body while her face wearing light make-up.

"I know, but if she's really died then I need to see her corpse, so I can feel at ease! At least there's no threat left if she can be proved died" the man with gentle tone after hearing comfort word from her

"Yeah Boss! I'll get my boys to find them so this searching will be finished quickly" She's giving her promise to help the man with reassuring tone.

"Good, with your help at least that little girl will surely found" The man laughing with happy tone.


Let's see, because there's liquid already within this tube then I need to pour this Vitality Liquid into another tube huh?

Then she need to be naked again to enter it, How about using method like in the hospital? Hmm, I think it's more doable.

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