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Chapter 25 : Arc I - Chapter 25 : The Preparation for My next plan...

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Uchiha , Toru's Residence.

It's morning where the sunlight entering my window's room, it's waking me up like usual with sleepy eyes because it's light quite disturbing for me who prefer more into dark.

This body still weak, its still 5 months left for my body back to its peak There's many things happened this 4 month though nothing important in my eyes so just ignore it.

As usual 'One' substitute me to attend the academy, Itachi still using his clone while training hard like someone chases him as usual.

I'm waiting, waiting when my body is back to its peak then I can proceed with my next

My sibling now has grown into fine toddler after this 4 month they can walk already though its just until 3 steps then fall again ha ha.

Their face almost 70% with mine except there's no red mark in their forehead, my parent is quite confused at first, but they think my mark is just normal birthmark.


This 4 month my Energy-Point saved quite a lot, except using it for strengthening my family's body and improving their health, I rarely use it so its really until this number.

Energy-Point : 1780922

Although it's till this number but today it's raised just 1 point per hour, when I tried to ask the system about it the answer is.

-There's possibility the negative energy in target area is almost thinning out-

Then I checked it's log, in its log I can see that nothing gained in my facilities this week so I think the device there should be moved but system telling me that I need to upgrade it with 200k point.

Although it's quite a lot in the past but now it's just little number for me now, though for me there's no need to rush thing because there's rarely time that I need point at least until I'm


As usual I'm training within my world, seeing there's only 5 months left for my weakened state its bring me happiness.

Currently there's nothing special happened, so I'm quite though I didn't stop my training because while my body still weakened I'm sure the result will be good for later when my body

Besides training I always sparring weekly with Itachi, sometime Shisui will join us though he's rarely appeared.


Sasuke now currently with my sibling, in the past I always feel uneasy whenever my little sister with him but nowadays I can see my worry is unneeded because she didn't even have sparkling eyes or whatever like other girl on series.

My little sister didn't even take him in the eyes whenever I'm present, her eyes always sparkling when she saw me though its not only her because her twin brother has same with her when he saw me.

Now I feel sorry for him, though I'm not from the same , so he can be at ease for his will not decrease unless I their teacher, but seeing our age difference there's zero possibility for that to happen.

Ah, I almost our main protagonist! Naruto, my flying-cam sometimes caught their family in its screen but seeing their I feel there's good possibility for noisy Naruto is back though his cheery personality will not just facade that cover his fragile heart like in the series.

Why? Because Jiraiya still there! In the last time my flying-cam caught their family scene together, Jiraiya telling them that unless there's urgent he'll stay with them until their soul injuries cured and this scene ended with them go to Mount Myōboku so they can heal their soul injuries faster there.

Its just Naruto's parent going there, Jiraiya and Naruto still in Konoha for a day while telling Third about it then after that they go to Mount Myōboku too though not before stocking food and drink in large number with green face for unknown reason to me.


In my home this three toddler is together with my aunt, while Mikoto and My Mother is currently talking while sometimes laughing with bright face.

Even though I can see them, but they can't because I'm seeing their activity from Screen in my world. I really think my sibling is the only one who has good but Sasuke has it to though its still below the twin.

When I'm focusing too long on Sasuke in my screen, he will feel my stare but the twin will feel it immediately when I'm just focusing on them so it's still my twin whose

Although its really like that currently, their difference will not that far because this Sasuke is like someone who's late bloomer,

If I'm not wrong Sasuke's Sharingan is awakened when the Uchiha has been wiped out so his talent will be good too, though there's no way he can surpass the twin because my sibling get every best of and facilities from my system.

There's difference from their eyes, while my sibling has some intelligence in them while Sasuke didn't reach that point yet so of course my sibling is more Genius


While monitoring their activity, I give the system new task to search or create device that has same with tower and orb in my settlement within the forest though it's is almost same but I demand the power that will generate is something like Shadow Assassin depicted from one Inheritance in the tower.

My demand on its feature is quite big because from that device I'll create real Shadow Corps that will spread all over world though the member still too little because this Corps direct command is taken from me so the member need to be trusted and loyal people only to me.

The that existed for me to choose currently is from Assistant summoning, but I think there's need for me to get war orphan that has nowhere to go, Then I can train them to make Shadow Corps member from it.

The current target for me is to secure Nagato, Konan & Yahiko for My Shadow Corps, hopefully it's not too late for me to get them but if it's too late already then its fine.

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