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Chapter 23 : Arc I - Chapter 23 : Take the Power that you want.....

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Uchiha , Toru's Residence.

After the family finished their lunch together, father and son duo hanging out in their courtyard together and suddenly the son ask his father something that has bugged his mind since earlier he's entered academy.

"So dad, from what I know Shisui is same but in academy I didn't see him anywhere" Xazch asking his father about something that always he want to ask since he's entered academy but always until earlier he's remember about it after detecting Shisui nearby with his facilities.

"Shisui? even though that uncle of your keep calling Shisui as your , he's older than you and Itachi with 2 or 3 years difference! of course he isn't exist within your academy! why?" His father answering his with confused tone.

"There's nothing dad, I'm just wondering why Uncle Daigo keep calling Shisui as the same with me!" Xazch was wondering why there's something that contradict with his father and his uncle's babblement.

"Ah, he has something wrong with his brain! except when it's come to something like free food he's really good remembering about it, if it's about how to remember something except food he's really bad remembering! not long ago he didn't remember that he's the only one who's still single! hahahaha" his father once again about how that I take everything my Uncle babblement as thing.

"..... here's I always wondering why there's no Shisui in the same year within Academy! ugh, you shouldn't bully him too much dad! I'm sure he's like that was because your bullying, now I'm almost your victim! what will you do if I'm starting to think he's same age with me, you should it to me before my misunderstanding deepened!" Xazch roaring with his childish tantrum about his father

"..." His father feeling wronged after his son him about his bad influence to his own friend and his careless to not about that to his son.


In the Middle of Forest that quite near with Konoha's Hidden

Xazch Facilities / Settlements, Main building.

Within the settlement we can see some building in it's center that almost exactly mimicked Hokage building but it's white colored.

In it's front courtyard there's gathering of current , they were lined up like they're trained soldier.

Everything is silence, their is really stern.

In the right side there's 90 male with robust and healthy appearance that contradicted with their old where their is really like a skeleton but right now their body full of muscle though some of them has potbelly.

In the left side there's 104 female with almost all of them has healthy appearance that some of them is curvaceous except 70 female who's like -ed people because this 70 people is since they'd just settled here a day ago.


After about 10 minutes silence within front courtyard of the Main Building, there's 30 sexy and beautiful female walk to the front of people who's lined up.

The 30 sexy woman is creating straight line behind podium like they're waiting someone to come, then after they're waiting for about 1 more minutes there's little boy who's walking with steady step while every step releasing his confident and stern aura into his surrounding.

With this arrival, the people who's gathered here tensed their body while every one of them has respect mixed with awe in their face.

He's slowly walk but steady until he's stopped in podium, then he's turned his body to face the people there and with loud but clear voice he give them announcement that will change their fate forever.

"Everyone that has gathered here, within this settlement that has been created by our leader! I'm sure some of you know him maybe some of you didn't know but I'm sure you know what's the meaning of him creating this !"

"Yeah, it's to help you people! pitiful human who don't have anywhere to go, and I'm really sure that some of you want to get revenge while some of you want to pay back what our leader give to you!"

"Now, here I'm ordering all of you to gather is to give good news that come from our leader! so please focus on what I'm about to tell you all!"

"Earlier morning, the leader has come to give new device that will give miracle for all of you who want power to revenge! power to protect someone! and power to protect your loved one!"

"Then without wasting time, I need 99 of you to enter the tower! be careful, though our leader is kind enough that he's giving device that hasn't life risk if you failed! but your chance will be gone if you failed so be careful!"

"Lastly for everyone who's failed! though your chance to get power from the tower is lost, don't be sad because our leader is giving us another device that slightly weaker than tower but has easy way to get the power from it so just give your best but don't be disheartened because the difference is almost nonexistent as long as you can cover it's with your hard work"

"Now, we'll choose 99 from you to enter the tower while the rest stay here to wait their turn!"

"Yoshifumi Rinji, Nishizaka Yoshihisa ...."


"Now 99 of you that has been called, immediately enter and use your chance to run the trial you meet within with your best! GO!"

After 'One' finished his order the 99 people who's choose walk together to the tower in order.

While the rest people still stay there with little hopeful , then after 99 people entered there's sudden grey color in front of tower entrance.

Suddenly there's little boy with frightening aura appeared, without giving the boy chance to react 'One' appeared in front of him and taking him with him with teleport then the two of them is gone from there.


Inside of main building, in secret room that prevent any leakage of aura suddenly with two boy appeared within the room.

"Good! you've your trial! right now you need to consolidate you power and restrain that unneeded leakage, before you can control it don't try to do anything" After he take Sen from tower entrance, 'One' immediately telling Sen to train his control then without giving Sen chance to reply 'One' teleport back to the front courtyard of main building.

"..." Sen who just teleport-ed staring into 'One' who's already gone with speechless while opening his mouth but closed it again.

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