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Chapter 20 : Arc I - Chapter 20 : Eyes full of Hatred

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Somewhere quite far from Konoha, Bandit's Lair.

Seeing the time after killing the last Bandit, there's still 20 minutes or more before I have to go back. Seeing the number of energy-point brought excited smile into my face.

Energy-Point : 100900 pts

Earlier there's quite strong fighter between 50 bandit, 2 of them have Jonin grade strength while 8 of them has Chunin grade strength while the rest has almost full Genin grade strength. This brought quite from me, which noble that has it's as backer but seeing I'm already too much has problem so I didn't need fight them if they didn't threatening my family.

Though after killing the bandit, every one of my subordinate [Sexy Female Assistant] still in high spirit to loot the lair for anything that valuable for me.

Then suddenly on of my girl's which have Sasha Grey appearance coming to me with sad and pitiful face, though I'm already numbed to killing but seeing one of model AV from my past life running to me with her mount bouncing up and down made my face blushing.

"Master, there's pitiful fellow inside one of the room! his body is almost like corpse but he's still alive, can you give me to help him using my healing ability? please!!" she's nearing my face with puppy eyes, her breath and his face nearing me giving me big fright that made me jump to the back in retreat like my butt on fire.

"Er-err it-it's fine Sasha! you can do that without my but after you heal him take him to meet me okay?" I answered her request with hurried tone while trying to keep my blushing face's hidden.

"Oookkkaayy!" she's going back to do her work healing the boy she found earlier while smiling after teasing me.

"Haizz, it's almost like ....." I'm mumbling while feeling relief but another one of my girl come near to me again, she has appearance of Sora Aoi.

"What's wrong Master? did you have fever?" Sora touching my cheek with her two hand while blinking in seeing my cheek is red.

"*Gulp, ah no! nothing, it's just I feel a little hot so don't worry about me! just finish your looting and we'll prepare to go back, okay?" I'm panicked a little because how close her two mountain to my face but I managed to keep my composure back to normal.

"Hmm? really? but ... well alright then!" Sora gone back to her looting work together with her sisters, it's really relier because even though their appearance is same but their personality is randomized so Sora who has that face is kind of innocence type while Sasha who's having quite mature type but hobby to tease me.


"So much our loot this time huh?" I'm startled with the gain.

"Yeah, though with usual way of your method, this much didn't have any meaning! so as usual?" 'One' ask my with the way of my usual method to dispose good.

"Of course, the truth is with having system! the currency within world didn't mean much for me, so just give little of money to grandma with usual method and dispose the rest to people within facilities!" I order him with authoritative tone that different with usual tone.

What facilities you ask? well this month, every-time I kill the criminal there's always victim we saved! because their basically nonexistent, I order 'One' to establish one of hidden within the forest near Konoha though with me purchasing any type helper like builder, guard and helper robot to help them settle.

Then with this last lair, the total of people within my hidden is almost 200. This bandit group quite have good time with their life, earlier my girls found almost 70 woman though their is rather poor because their treatment from the bandit scum is quite harsh.

I don't need to go into more detail because it's quite disgusting, and it's quite regret that I just kill them with without torturing but it's too late because 'One' doing that on purpose to avoid my bad side appearing like in the past he's quite startled seeing me torturing one of boss bandit who's always and torturing his victim.

Why you ask? I didn't know but it's seem there's something in the past that almost I remember but my repressing it to be , because of that incident 'One' always hide the detail of crime so I can focus on saving point instead insane suddenly.

"Understand, so do I need continue this activity or not?" 'One' nodded with affirmative tone.

"Just stop it for now, because my weakened state! we can't go too far with this so we need to avoid problem come up because our act, we can't underestimate this world!" I tell him to stop this activity because I got feeling if we continued this act sooner or later I'll meet the enemy that would give trouble next time.

"Even though i'm quite strong but I'm not that strong enough to someone who can ignore this world rule at least wait until my body is back the the peak ! I have feeling that, this world was not that simple!" I didn't to tell 'One' warning that we're not strong enough to ignore rule of , while I can erase every rotten people in this world with just time but the new rotten people will the old one so it's better to stop when we can.

"Undertood!" 'One' agreeing with my without

"All right, prepare to go back and help the victim to settle in facilities"

"Okay" 'One' answered my order while proceeding to finish it.


While I think for my next after this, I can see Sasha running with her usual bounced mount but let's ignore that and focus on what she bring.

"Master, Here! this fellow quite fierce when's woken up, but when i've began telling him that we've already wiped out all bandit he's calmed down though it's seem he's regretting something" She's bringing the boy who's quite firce on his gaze, his gaze full hatred that seem deep but sometimes it's changed to regret but soon with deep hatred.

"Oh, What's your name kid?" I ask the boy who's not that far with my current boy's age, though I keep the fact I'm a kid myself.

"Who you call kid? you're the kid yourself!" he's roaring like tiger after hearing me calling him a kid.

"..." My face twiching from his roar, though he's right I'm a kid myself.

"Ehh, little fellow! why you screaming to my Master? if not for his , I'll never heal you! say sorry! and tell him thanks! hurry, or you want me to spank your butt? huh? " Sasha the boy after his outburst.

"... Sorry! Thank you!" he's meekly complying with Sasha's order with wronged

"Good, now tell him your name!" without giving him time to she's giving her next order to answer my

"..... Yonezawa Sen" he's meekly answered my like obedient son who's ordered by his mother.

"Okay, I'll call you Sen from now on! then tell me, why you still feeling hatred?" then after hearing his name, without giving chance for him to give I began to call him Sen and proceeding with my earlier seeing the hatred within his eyes.

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