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Chapter 19 : Arc I - Chapter 19 : Criminal Slayer!!

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Uchiha , Fugaku Residence.

Within the courtyard there's two boy who's sparing with their taijutsu only, one of them is Itachi and other one is Xazch.

The two hit it of because their on always practicing everyday, while Xazch feeling conflicted about it he choose to let it be.

It's been a month from the time their mother friend from their meeting at Market, since then Xazch mother always try to find excuse to there.

Even though I'm quite conflicted with this , but I'm happy to see my mother has new friend and the bad news is Fugaku is quite decent man.

He find out who's my father but he didn't change his attitude, he's still friendly like when he meet me and my mother.

I really thought that he will look down on my family but he's wearing happy when he see his wife getting my mother as her new friend while he's more brightened when he see me sparing with his son on equal ground.

Although he didn't know if I want to, I can one hit K.O his son when my body back to the peak

He's even try to talk with my father when father come to get my mother back to home while apologizing about our but he's tell my father everything is fine, and he's even telling my father that he can come to this once in a while to drink tea together while watching their respective son sparing.

With that, everything about my is gone like smoke, and right now I'm feeling confused about how to prevent the demise of this It's really headache, Because with this sudden friendship formed, I'm forced to create more new future like where I helped Naruto's parent.

Though after thinking about this quite long, I've arrived with 'Because I've saved Naruto's parent, it's already deviated from original story so no harm will done if I've mess it up more'.

With that , I'm already while giving new task for system to get me new device where I can absorb the negative and their dissatisfied feeling that will harming other without impacting their life.

Thankfully the system give positive answer about it, it's telling me that there's one device that has but with it's more tweaking the device will like what I want it to be. Just that the problem is the price was expensive, it's needed 20k Energy-Point so without purchasing anything for 5-10 month could be enough for me to get it.

Although that was good news for me, but it's bad news for overall Uchiha because with that device the Uchiha bloodline will be hard to advance since the hatred included as negative

So with that as one of choice, I gave new task to system about new device that can help with changing Uchiha bloodline to unlock their potential.

Though the system answer is positive, the price for such device is almost scared the hell out of me. How much you ask? 50k Energy-Point! so to help Uchiha I need 70k Energy-Point!!

Since I'm weakened like this, I can't get energy-point more than 2k-4k Energy-Point per month! Imagine 70k Energy-Point, how much time that I have to sacrifice for this

Fortunately the system stopped being troll because it's kindly telling me how to get more faster Energy-Point, It's from killing and the essence from my killed target could be used as Energy-Point but if I choose that I can't use that to level up until I get 70k Energy-Point.

That of mine giving fright to all criminal and beast around Konoha, because they're my first target to get this fulfilled

So while sparing with Itachi, I'm waiting for 'One' report about capturing beast or criminal while giving me last killing blow.

So far for this month my Energy-Point has been increased with good boost, it's already 35700 Energy-Point that was halfway to my target.

One criminal worth from 1k-10k depend on their strength, but I need to kill them when their body is still good because if there's defect like big wound or exhausted the point from essence will be low.

It's same with beast, but their essence is more robust since they were harder to capture so it's rare for 'One' to capturing beast.

After about 30 minutes sparing, finally 'One' sent message to me that he's capturing 1 group gang full of criminal.

With sudden stop, I apologized to Itachi and his father while telling them I need to go for about 30 minutes to do something for a while.

Even though it's quite sudden, it's almost my routine so they just though it's some boy activity to meet his friend then back again.

Fortunately with my cutely plus handsome appearance, they didn't get any about where I'm going since they know I could do crafting so they think if it's not meeting my friend then it's metal work though the only one who know that I can create weapon is just Itachi.


"Whoa, it's quite many that you capture 'One'! so what's their crime list?" with teleport and my with 'One', I've arrived with just 5 to this

This quite far from Konoha, from the appearance of this it's like Bandit lair.

"They always killing, or Raping and the victim is always ordinary or caravan! From our they have with some noble nearby but I think we just need to erase them while leaving the noble for now! in case we get to the more complex problem if we start fight with noble" One answered my with detail of his team

From where the team come from? of course using the corpse as material while using little Energy-Point to purchase the assistant, though I'm only using high grade corpse one like Boss of syndicate or strong fighter.

Of course don't me, all of them is female and most of them have AV idol appearance! hehe.

Seeing the captured criminal numbered to 50, this group quite big, I'm sure with me erasing them the normal people live will be more easy.

"Hmm? noble again huh? so there's within this world too? let it be then, for now I don't have a time to act like ! because even though I rooted them all, then new rotten piece will grow again with no time!" my answer giving 'One' tensed body to be because he fear that I will suddenly choose to deal with noble.

"All right, get them here one by one for me to kill! ugh I really hate this weak feeling, even though I can act faster if I didn't spare with Itachi but it would raise from my mother!" I'm ordering my subordinate to get them here to save my stamina so I can kill within one , so far killing the scum is numbed my feeling to kill though the first time I've vomited all my food but right now not anymore.

If I'm willing it, I can kill someone with my killing intent alone though the target should be weaker than the current weakened me.

While feeling about killing, but seeing the point that I will get after killing this group is exciting me because the number of targeted point should be achieved.

So after this, the terror that criminal feel from me targeting them will weakened because I'm stopping this act for at least until my weakened state is ended.

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