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Chapter 18 : Arc I - Chapter 18 : Crafting.... It's become trouble but .....

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Konoha's Hidden , General Market.

In a weekend I was forced to my mother for shopping kitchen stock, she's telling me because right now I'm a big brother so I have to nurse my sibling if she's busy.

Now she want to go shopping for family's need then the one who should hold the twin is me, fortunately there's new ability that appeared within system shop.

It's crafting ability, if I'm not remember it wrong this ability's data was gotten from MMORPG game within my laptop though it's seem the system tweaking it to be more useful and simple.

With this ability I've created every part of baby's carriage with jumbo size because the twin should be together and after I've finished it yesterday I've assembling it immediately so it can be used to hold them while I just need to push or pull it.

Right now I'm feeling that it's fortunate I've already done that or I have to hold them with my little hand, though my mother seeing the device I've created how genius I'm to create something strange like that.

Of course I have to how to use it and the role of baby's carriage, but soon I'm starting to regret that because she's telling me to create something but it's used to hold groceries.

That was why right now I'm pushing the twin within baby carriage while she's pushing Groceries carriage to here for shopping.

While we're shopping, suddenly we've meet a women that I've never though we'll meet because I'm trying to stay away from their family.

Too bad, it's seem I can't avoid them anymore. Well, she's kind because the moment my mother bowing her head she's immediately stopping it, Because of that my of her is rising, though I can't hope for her husband is same with her.

It's Mikoto! Itachi & Sasuke's mother, she's quite beautiful like within the anime. I thought about why she's suddenly has interest in my mother, but after hearing their talk. My face is paled, because the culprit who's creating this chance is myself.

Yeah, it's because the carriage! because it's unique Mikoto has interest in it and asking my mother where's she get it then when she know it was me who create it, she's how smart I'm and seeing me who's about same age with her eldest son she's suddenly ask did I know Itachi? of course I can't lie and answer her truthfully about how her son and me is within same

After that? of course they hit it of like they're friend for a long time already, it's destroying my to let them die in their eldest hand while I save other innocent Uchiha but it's seem I have to change my after I see that Fugaku is good person or not.

How I will see him as good person or not? it's easy, see how they treat my family then it's enough for me because my family is everything for me.

While thinking about my that has been destroyed, I've followed them to finish their shopping together.


Uchiha , Fugaku's Residence.

"Come, Lets get inside! Let the twin with my son! Sasuke, be a good boy alright? you've got 2 new friend!" Mikoto taking Ririku's hand so they can enter to her home while she her son and she tell Ririka to let her twin with Sasuke.

"Wa au" Sasuke tilted his head while gazing to his mother with

"Wah, he's cute! his name Sasuke? Sasuke, this daughter of mine is Rieko and this son of mine is Rikiya! hopefully you can be friend with them" Ririko introduce her children to Sasuke with sparkling eyes.

"Heheheh" Sasuke's laughing while waving his hand to my mother like he's agreeing with her.

Me, who's seeing my mother introduce her children from her daughter first to Sasuke! Suddenly feel crisis because she's like mother who's gonna betrothed her daughter to her son in-law to be.

Why? Because I don't want to make her chasing future fugitive! It's enough for Sakura who's going to be like that!

So from there I've started new to let my little sister dislike Sasuke, or at least decreasing probability of her fallen for him later.

"Ne, Xazch if aunty want to buy carriage that same with your mother! what do I need to prepare? and how much money?" Mikoto ask me with gentle tone.

Ho Ho~ she's started to herself as my aunt to get close to me, though because her friendly attitude to my mother I'll let it slide for a while.

When I'm gonna made it end like business, my mother interrupted with bright face.

"EH? why would you pay for it, Mikoto? You just need to give him the ingredient to make this device and its should be done! Right my Xazch?" my mother interrupting my though then with stare she's asking me to work on it for free.

"Eh? how can I get Xazch to for free! he need to get payed for it because he still need money to save for later use! Shinobi will always have high need later so it's good to save early!" Mikoto interject my mother forceful attitude, Nice! her image keep rising in my eyes.

"Err, then how about we see it later aunty! let me work on it, then you can pay me for my work worth later after you've satisfied with it!" I'm answering Mikoto with hurried tone because I'm afraid that my mother will interrupt this talk into free work again.

"Okay then! ITACHI!!" Mikoto agrees with my word then she's suddenly called her eldest son.

"Yes? what's up mom? err, Xazch?" Itachi suddenly appear in front of her, though there's no one except my mother who feel surprised.

"Ah, haha! hi Itachi!" I'm answering his doubt with awkward greeting while waving my hand.

"Good, you two already know each other! I though that you don't know each other even though you two from same ; Mikoto with bright face

"Ah, I almost about that! Itachi can you bring Xazch to our metal warehouse? I need him to create somthing from it! okay?" Mikoto's remember her purpose to call him then she's telling him to bring me to their metal warehouse.

"Okay mom! Xazch, let's go! I'll bring you there!" He's his mother order immediately while feeling

"Err, okay!" I'm answering his invite while scratching my back-head.


While walking, Itachi suddenly can't held his anymore and he's asking what's on his mind.

"So, what's my mother want you to create with metal?" Itachi ask me suddenly, it's quite startling he can hold it for quite long before asking me.

"Ah? you see, earlier there's strange device nearby my mother? that's what your mother want me to create for her!" I answered his with startled then changed to proud while telling him about my work.

"Ah! the strange thing that could hold baby and groceries earlier?" he's with enlightened

"Yeah, that's it!" my answer with affirmative nod while feeling proud.

"Woah, that was created by you? that was complex device! then could you made simple weapon like kunai, shuriken etc?" he's with awe while speaking with sparkling eyes like a boy who's seeing treasure.

"Ah, that was more easy! why? you want to create something unique for yourself? just tell me and give the material together with your desired design! I'll create it, though you need to pay for my work! Err, please don't tell anyone about it alright? because I didn't have any to busying myself creating metal work for people even though the money I get from it should be decent!" I answered him with more proud while I didn't about telling him to keep it secret.

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