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Chapter 16 : Arc I - Chapter 16 : Xazch going to be big brother!!

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Uchiha , Toru's Residence.

It's almost 1 month after Kyuubi event, Xazch who's feeling his mother gonna give birth soon finished preparing for her safety by giving diluted medicine for strengthening body from system shop while he's installing 4 stone that has to preventing the aura leaking from area in every side of his residence.

In case the birth of his sibling will have some aura leaked later, because he's sometimes always give them diluted medicine water to his family's water drink. So there's possibility his sibling will have some of his/her element leaked the moment he/she come out from his mother womb, while he know from the system that his abnormal aura from having system didn't leak because the system preventing it to happening.

After everything is ready, he's in his world while monitoring any side from his residence using his flying-camera ( tell that this flying drone has stealth mode so no one can detect it since it's not living so there's no intent coming from it), this 3 week time almost everyday he's forcing himself to help his family for Energy-Point to buy 4 more flying camera.

It's really tiring month for him, because he can's risk his sibling fate if there's leakage of abnormal element later. He's still wary of Danzo while in his weakened form, so he's focusing on using not on full assault

It will be massacre if he didn't prevent it, in case his sibling catch the from higher up of or Not massacre from or to his family, but he's preventing his hand to do unneeded massacre if the thing goes south for his sibling and his family.

Because it's the first time in his two lifetimes to have sibling, while right now he's enjoying the feeling love and care from his family but he can't be for his sibling safety, at least he love this and his because this is the of his birth so he want to protect it while not doing anything to causing change the story if he can but if he it's needed for his family safety he will change the story if it's best for him.

"Yosh! everything is ready, even though there will be abnormal element come out from my sibling later I can preventing it's to be detected at least not like when I'm applying my talent."

"Though I've preferred that my sibling is normal so he/she could enjoy his/her life without joining this murky water like world, but while we live in this era within this world there's nothing I can do to prevent us to enter this murky water!"


Uchiha , Main Building.

As usual there's duo who's always guard the entrance while talking with hushed tone.

"Hey man, it's near huh? I hope your wife safe as always!" Toru's friend giving Toru his cheer.

"Yeah, hopefully nothing wrong! I don't know why, but iIfeel her stomach is more bigger than when she's conceive our first son" Toru's answering his friend with worry in his face.

"Don't worry too much, maybe she will give birth to twin? who knows? but if it's really twin your treat should be two times hahahaha" Toru's friend attempting to make him at ease, though he's still made his habit come out about free food.

"Hmm, maybe! enough about me, I heard you like someone? I though you were going to alone for your life but it's seem you have interest on having family huh? so, how's she?" Toru's relieved after his friend attempt to cheer him up, but he tease his friend back about his love life.

"Ah? where did you hear it? damn it, did you really think of me like that! didn't you know that I always envy your life? she? well she's pretty, kind and shy? well we still in the process of , so you don't need to expect treat from me!" His friend answered with his guard up.

"Hahaha, almost all housewife gossiping about the ;s guard who's still single finally has giving up his lonely live! if it's not you, then who else!" Toru's attempting to stay teasing his friend.

"Ugh, damn it! did I was the only one who's still single from so many guard within ; Toru's friend Toru with disbelief

"Yeah!! you didn't know?" Toru answered his friend with smirk.

"....Fuck!" his friend with crying face but no tears.


Konoha , Minato's Residence.

Within this household family room, Jiraiya his face to make Naruto laugh.

"Peek-A-Boo!! weeee....." Jiraiya made funny on his face while facing Naruto.

"Hehehehe.." Naruto laughing after seeing his godfather's funny face.

Nearby, there's Minato and Kushina who's meditating with form that they got from Gama to heal their vitality and soul injury.

"With current pace, you two will got your vitality back for 5-10 year! but don't expect same speed with your soul injury! well, it's already good deal for not dying so you can't !" Jiraiya didn't to tell them to be patience while continuing his funny face for entertain his Godchild.

"Ahh, it's better to be like this than Naruto's orphan with him having parent it's should be more better because he can get more faster to be strong later!" Jiraiya telling them about his

"Remember later, don't be reckless! You two attempting to seal Kyuubi into your son while having mind to sacrifice yourself? it's relief there's someone called Zero when you're sealing it, I can't imagine if there's no one except you two there! Even though with your dying, Naruto will have more faster time to mature but it will still not worth than having his parent guiding him themselves!" Jiraiya still nagging about their act without giving time for them to retort or giving excuse.

"..." Minato & Kushina twitching their mouth because Jiraiya antic talking by himself.

"Yosh, yosh! see that Naruto? see your parent face twitching! it's funny right? hahahaha!" Jiraiya lifting his Godchild to face the Minato & Kushina.

"Hehehehe" Naruto Laughing like he's agreeing with his godfather.

"..." Kushina & Minato have a helpless after hearing their laugh.

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