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Chapter 14 : Arc I : Chapter 14 : Investigation & Monitoring .....

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Uchiha , Main Building.

There's two guard who's talking with hushed tone while their is stern and their face stay facing the front.

"Whoa, it's really scary! that pressure, though i'm fainted instantly the internal injury is applied because of it! it's relief that we're Shinobi, our body has been so with just medicine the injuries is gone if we let it 1-2 month" Toru's friend

"Yeah, I heard the civilian get more injury though no one die because person warning" Toru agreed with his friend.

"I know right, but man! why did your body is fine? you body is just slightly pale but not more than that, even your family is same! though your son pale face is worse than other, nothing wlse worth ! did you do secret training?" his friend about his wonder.

"Well, I don't know about it myself! because when the pressure appeared all of my family including me is fainted immediately, so we don't even sure about it!" Toru's answering with feeling too while he feel dejected for higher up after that incident.

'It's quite startling the higher up starting to their about our fine body!' Toru's though with gloomy feeling.

"It's quite strange huh? by the way how's your wife doing? is it about time she give birth to another child? is it next week?" his friend changing the topic when he's detected the gloomy feeling.

"Nah, we can't know the exact time but at least within this month my son will big brother hehe" Toru's answered his friend with bright when he's about his wife who's soon will giving another child for him

"Another treat then? hehe" His friend habit come out again.

"You! fine then!" Toru's answering with speechless


Uchiha , Toru's Residence.

"So, One! did anything worth on academy?"

"Nothing Zero, though I feel like there's someone who's monitoring me since I left from here until i'm back again here! then the feeling is disappeared when i'm inside"

"Hmm, it's strange"

'System, did you check who's monitoring 'One'?'

-One of them has Kushina's aura, and one more has faint aura with ANBU or ROOT-

'Kushina? did she has bad intent or she's following from the start?'

-No, she's following him like she follow you in the past but she's like pondering something-

'Hmm, that woman instinct is quite sharp! it's relief the me who she following earlier is 'One' not myself! or she will immediately found out because my chaotic aura will be same when i'm together with them at sealing ;


Konoha's Hidden , Hokage's Building.

"So, he's just normal smart boy? are you really sure?" Third Hokage making sure about report from the Anbu who's kneeling in front of him.

"Yes Hokage-Sama, but i think we need monitor him for more days so we can be sure or we may be miss something" Anbu answering him with respectful tone.

"Hmm, alright! just monitor him for 1 week, if there's still nothing! just stop the , we should avoid to hurt innocent if he's just normal boy! dismissed!" Third Hokage giving the next order then waving his hand to dismiss the Anbu.

"Yes Hokage-Sama" The Anbu hurriedly answer with respectful tone while his body gone like shadow.

"Hmm, I though I can at least check if he was Zero or no! but I think Kushina just saying that on whim because his doll like appearance" Third Hokage mumbling word while enjoying his

Unknown to Third Hokage, he's almost get it right if he's ordering full monitor into Xazch's home but too bad he just ordering the Anbu to monitor only Xazch not his residence.


Konoha's Hidden , Minato New Residence.

There's person in front of Minato new Residence, but if there's someone who know him there they will feel respect because he's Jiraiya one of three legendary Sanin.

"Hahaha, finally I've found their home!" Jiraiya with delight, suddenly from his back there's woman voice who's filled surprised tone.

"Jiraiya san? when did you back?"

"Huh? ah is that you Kushina?" Jiraiya turned around to see who's voice is that.

"Yeah, though i'm disguised myself! did you already entered or just arrived here?" Kushina answering with feeling awkward then she ask him to change the topic

"Ah, i'm just arrived here! if not i'm not shinobi, it will be hard to find this ! ah by the way, is that Naruto?" Jiraiya with wonder feeling because his hardship finding this

"Hmm, yeah this is Naruto! Naruto, Greet you Godfather!" Kushina answering him while lifting Naruto to face Jiraiya.

"Wa au..." Naruto's greet Jiraiya while waving his tiny hand.

"Hahahaha, this child almost like Minato!" Jiraiya with delight about how smart Naruto to greet him like what his mother tell him to.

"Hmmph, he's like me too!" Kushina dissagree with Jiraiya

"Err, yeah yeah! you were right, i'm the one who's wrong!" Jiraiya hurriedly change his word to match her with tone while sweating.

"Hmmph, good if you know! alright then, how about we enter our home? Minato surely will happy if he know you came" Kushina his like it's fact with slight smile.

"Ah? yeah, I want to see him too! because I hear he's injured, oh of course you too injured so I want to see you two! hehehe" Jiraiya the invite while telling her his goal to come here but he feel there's wrong word so he's change it immediately before its too late.

Uchiha , Toru's Residence.

Xazch's Room

"Haizz, this weak feeling! it's feel like i'm back to normal boy, I really hate this state! though seeing earlier my weakened status it's should be normal for me to feel this weak! from my health status it's telling me that I need full a year to restore my body so it's can reach peak again, though my vitality has been decreased too much already" Xazch mumbling with exhausted tone.

'System, how much Energy-Point needed to purchase the medicine that can restore my lost vitality?'

-2000 Energy-Points, One Vitality Pill's price is 500! to fully restore your lost vitality, you need 4 pill-

"...haizz, it's really depressing! why can't I get point from 'One' work? isn't he same with me because I was his source?"

-Negative, even though I the past he's part of Host but right now he's different existence and his with system is once the is finished-

"[email protected]#$#@!" Xazch cursing his system because it's too picky!

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