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Chapter 13 : Arc I - Chapter 13 : Jiraiya Appear!!

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Uchiha , Toru's residence.

Xazch who's just woken up staying on his home courtyard while thinking of something, suddenly from his back there's voice of his grandmother calling to him.

"Oya oya, What're you doing here? how's your day my baby? here come to grandma!" his grandma calling to him while spreading her arm to hug.

"Hmm, i'm fine! how about your health now grandma? did your back still hurting?" he's running to hug his grandma and his heart warmed again from this love he got, so he ask her health because he love this grandma of him who's always spoil him.

"Hmm? it's not hurting often anymore, it's should be thanks to your massage last week! enough about me, how's your school? did anyone bully my grandson? tell me, i'll spank their butt for you!" his grandma still focusing on his grandson instead on her health though she feel warm about her grandson

"Eh, Bullying me? no way! i'm super strong, grandma! so you don't need to worry about me, grandma should worry about other who want to bully me because i'll punch them until their teeth fallen of from their mouth! hehehe" he answering his grandma with boasting tone while waving his fist into air! then laughing with childish tone.

"Hahahaha! Really? hmm, whatever then! did you eat yet? not yet? how about we eat together? grandma coming here while bringing her cooking, last week you were telling me that you like my food! so we can eat it together! ok?" his grandma take his boasting as a joke to humor her then she bring him to eat together inside of his home.


Near the gate of Konoha, there's person because his strange outfit though if one who know him will feel awe because he's one of Legendary Sanin with name Jiraiya.

"Haizz, i'm late for my godchild birth huh? hey you! yeah you! come here!" he's forcing by passer to stop.

"Ye-yes, is there anything I can do for you? sir?" the man who's stopped answered with frightened because he feel this person is crazy person.

"Ah, I just want to ask something! is there something happened this week?" he ask the man because he's afraid the Kyuubi seal is weakened when Kushina's childbirth.

"Hmm? ah about that? there's big though there's nothing dangerous happening to the because Fourth Hokage's sacrifice" the man sighing relief after hearing then he's answering the with feeling respect when he's Fourth hokage.

"WHAT????? WHAT DO YOU MEAN? TELL ME IN DETAIL!!" Jiraiya's with then he's lifting the man by while demand the with Ordering tone which didn't take no as answer.

"Ye-yes sir! it-its's li-like this, a week ago his wife giving birth to their son then suddenly a man who's wearing mask attacking them then he take Kushina-Sama away after separating her with Minato-Sama who's rescuing his son from enemy's hand"

"The-then when he's arrive at his wife , the Kyuubi has been extracted from her and the masked man is about to leave while ordering Kyuubi to kill Kushina-Sama though it's relief Minato-Sama arrive on time when she's about to be killed by Kyuubi who's controlled by Masked Man" he's expressed hatred when he's the Masked Man.

"Though after this I don't know the next detail but the point is that after they battled to the point exhausted, the fourth hokage severing the from this masked man and Kyuubi! causing the masked man to retreat with lost, then Kushina-Sama & Minato-Sama proceeding to seal Kyuubi into their son for ensuring ;s safety, though right now their son is secret because Third Hokage want to protect him from harm"

"Si-sir, that's all I know! ple-please let me go! it's hurting, ugh" the man begging to be freed but his speech interrupted because Jiraiya has been gone and his body falling with Butt first.


Konoha's Hidden , Hokage building.

*Crask (Sound of window opened)

"Oy Sensei" suddenly Jiraiya pop out from window startling Third Hokage who's enjoying his

"Ugh *cough..*cough! you! you've startling me, JIRAIYA! do you want to choke me to the death huh? can you enter using normal door? that was window not door!!" Third hokage after stabilize his hurting chess while coughing with startled

"Ah, Sorry! but what's happened with My student and his family? is it the truth that they're die? please tell me it's lie!!" seeing his sensei , he's blushing in shame but its quickly with while his sensei about his student.

"Calm down, just sit down first and don't to close the windows!" Third Hokage with after seeing his student's , then he's waving his hand to signalling for ANBU to stay away from there.

"So, the thing is when..." Third Hokage proceeding to tell his student the truth because Jiraiya is Minato's teacher so he should know but not after seeing no one around the area.


Uchiha , Toru's residence.

After his grandma to eating together and talk about daily life while joking sometime, he's helping his tired grandma to rest within guest room.

After he make sure his grandma is sleeping already, he's back to courtyard while in daze because the his nonexistent point.

Energy-Point : 0 pts

He didn't know how to feel because even though there's about 400 before he fell asleep last week, right now all of it has been used up for mutating his clone, though after long time pondering he feel it's worth it because for that point lost he got trusty comrade who can help him to cover him when's he's gone somewhere like in the last week event.

Right now his clone is hiding within his world, and tomorrow his clone will start to substituting him to attend the academy though he's telling 'One' to be low-key. Unless it's life threatening 'One' shouldn't use his full power, so there will be no problem he though.

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