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Chapter 9 : Arc I - Chapter 09 : [E] Naruto's parent is safe, but why ......

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Konoha Hidden , Namikaze Minato Residence.

"Kushina, hurry eat this pill!" Minato who's suddenly appeared with his teleport hurriedly telling his wife to eat the blue colored pill while wearing for her full

"Hmm? Minato, what's wrong? How's the ; Kushina Startled with Minato's sudden appearance because she thought his arrival is too fast if the problem has been solved.

"Just eat this pill first, then we can talk again! All right!?" Minato didn't answer instead he's urging kushina to eat the pill from Xazch because he knew after eating the pill his wife should be safe at least though he has more for her full , but he didn't want to cling into false hope.

"Errr, all right then! heup! *gulp" Kushina has on her face but seeing her husband hopeful she's forced to eat that unknown pill, though from the appearance she can see its should be medicine pill but from her experience with the past even with her current no matter what we do or what medicine we eat there's nothing we can do to prevent death of Jinchuriki who has it's Bijuu extracted especially when it's forcefully extracted like her.

Kushina continue her silent while thinking how pity for her to die after having kind husband and cute son, she felt the world is unfair, but she didn't anyone except the culprit, and she feels that her regret will continue until she died, so she's praying in silent for safety at least her own son to be safe then suddenly something startling happening to her that interrupting her though.

Kushina, she's currently feeling her injury from the past until earlier incident is cured like there's no injury on the first , and she felt warm throughout every inch of her body and the energy from warm feeling is like acting as restoring her vitality's lost.

About 5 minutes later, the warm energy is used up and the warm feeling earlier finally is gone. The healthy rose color back to Kushina's face and it's brightening Minato's

'It's relief to see her back to normal, I must thank the boy earlier for his help' Minato's though

'Really? You want to thank me? No need to thank me though, just make sure to use your two full power and effort with sealing Kyuubi into your son of course without harming him!'

'Ah, of course that's will be done because there's no one who has Uzumaki's bloodline anymore other than my son after my wife. But are you all right? Then, what about the culprit...did you capture him?' Minato hesitantly want to ask more but Xazch once again interrupting his though.

'Ma..Don't ask that yet!It's make my wrecked body hurt more remembering my failure to capture him though it's because that old fart traitor whose most shallow mind, enough about that for now! Right now we should go to the that I've prepared to safely seal Kyuubi before my control on Kyuubi's mind is severed because right now it's started to weakening' Xazch's mouth twitched because Minato's sudden bringing back his shame about losing 1 traitor + 1 of that traitor's tragic pawn while he's almost lost control of his control with his own bloodline power though it's seem the reality is he's too to remember that he has another skill to use but never using it when chasing Madara and when his mind calmed by his Gamer perks, he's blushing his head about too focusing on using only bloodline power.

'Err all right then, after all the first is bringing the into peaceful again so the people within could continue their life! Then how about you tell me where's the , so I can go there directly, then I can use my Hiraishin to..." he felt his family feeling down after that, so he's answered about sealing Kyuubi to help Xazch not to mind about it for now.

'No need, I can take you three there immediately right now so be prepared!' then without giving time for Minato and family to react suddenly suited masked ninja's boy appeared between them and bringing them away immediately with space ability.

"Wha..." Kushina with fright because she though it's another enemy who's appear but after seeing his husband startled but thankful she knew the is not enemy.


Somewhere far away from Konoha, there's Kyuubi whose stay still like statue. If not for sometimes there's struggle's from its and body, no one will know it's really living beast.

In front of the current Kyuubi who's frozen, there's suddenly 2 adult person 1 boy and 1 baby in one of adult person's hand.

"Whoa .... no element trace? This teleport seem to be to mine! Anoo, how do I call you....?" Minato with awe because he felt this teleport is stronger than him but it's not enough to made him disheartened, though now he's confused because he didn't know how to call this little guy who's saved the indirectly.

"Hmm? Call me? Ah my name? Just call me Zero for now! Then how about we start the sealing now before my control on this big guy severed" Xazch carelessly give cool name that appear from his head with attitude while he's urging for this yellow headed guy to stay focus on the first

"Ah, yes Zero? Ne, Kushina.. I know you want to know about it but later all right, we should seal Kyuubi into Naruto before it's too late!" Minato's with wonder about that name

"Err, all right!" Kushina's agree with her husband point, though she's still feeling familiar about the voice from this little Zero's guy.

Then without wasting time anymore, the two proceeding with sealing ritual.

Without warning Kushina joining her hand then some goldens like chain appeared from her back, the golden chain seem to be had its own life because after it's appeared the golden chain immediately proceeding to seal Kyuubi movement though with my control the Kyuubi almost didn't give any resistance.

Even though Kushina has but Minato is the one who will doing the seal with reaper death seal, his choice is almost scared Kushina but their touching moment is interrupted by Xazch who's doing another bewildered thing for them.

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