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Chapter 8 : Arc I - Chapter 08 : [E] Madara's appeared

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Somewhere within the forest quite far from Konoha, there's 2 people who's currently should be locked with combat, but they're strangely staying still like statue with wary

The truth is our MC pretending to be some person, though it's seem childish he's forced because he didn't know that they still fight when he's arrived though from their appearance is the battle should be concluded soon, but he can't take a risk for Kushina's death, so he's interrupting their battle to make Fourth Hokage go back.

While he's messing with Obito, he's sending his own voice to Minato's head, so he can tell him to hurry back and seal the Kyuubi.

'Hello fourth hokage? Did you hear me?' the voice suddenly called to Minato head.

'Ah? Yes I can hear you!' Minato answering with hurried tone.

'Good, now take this pill to cure your wife! At least she can healthy again but you need seal the Kyuubi into your son because your wife can't host anymore unless you want her to die' The voice telling him so while there's jade pot appear in front of Minato suddenly without warning.

'Who are you? Why did you help me? And who's this masked man?' Minato hurried ask about the voice origin and his enemy.

'Ah, there's no time for you to waste Fourth Hokage! You should hurry to your wife and son, later I'll appear again before you! Then I will tell you about this! So now go! Don't waste my hard effort' The voice keep urging him to left the

'All right then, I owe you my whole family's and life' Minato thanked the voice then with he's teleport-ed to his wife and son

"You! What do you know about it? Huh??" Tobi the voice with agitated tone.

"Nothing, but what I know is that Madara is just who didn't care about you so don't his pawn for nothing" The voice answering with attitude

Suddenly when tobi about to get breakdown with his mental, the voice owner suddenly appear in front of him and ;s hand was about to take tobi head then there's suddenly frightening pressure by voice.

"Kid! Don't meddle yourself with my business, I see your Uchiha bloodline is quite same with my peak but your strength still too young! So just scram from here before I crush you!"

"Hoho, you're Madara? Hey old fart! I though you're already died, but you still stubborn huh? Don't threatening me you old fart, I'm not that coward for me to fear some old fart who's almost died! Ahh you can know my name at least! Uchiha Xazch" The voice owner smirking while answering Madara with attitude.


He's attacking Madara without any warning and it's quite effective because one of Madara's hand has been crippled.

"Hahaha old fart your body is almost like zombie but surprisingly you've still alive until now? How about you scram into earth right now?"

~Kamui Release : Specialize Warping

While he's focusing on Madara, Tobi running away from there using his ability.

"FUCK! He's gone! Now you've done it old fart, now as your descendant I will clean the stain right now!" Xazch growling with though its hidden with his mask.



"DIE YOU OLD FART!!!!" Xazch charging with his Susano'o full form while it's two hand clenches twin sword that has dragon pattern, while dashing his Susano'o his twin sword into Madara's

"This is bad, White Zetsu! Buy me some time!" Madara with startled then he's ordering his loyal subordinate to shield himself while he's retreating.

"Understood, Master!" White Zetsu suddenly appeared in front susano'o to guard his master until it's died by though it's keep appearing one after another after it's by Xazch, and it's almost countless time the White Zetsu keep appearing but finally after 10 minutes full charging the White Zetsu army has been wiped out though right now Madara is nowhere to be seen.

"DAMN IT!! FUCK!!" he's growling while deactivating his susano'o, after susano'o avatar is gone Xazch is pale to the point his face full of sweat and his body trembling while his mouth color blue, but he's still stubborn to keep his body standing.

"Ugh, it's seem that I'm using my ability too much! Status!" Xazch after seeing his current

Name : Uchiha Xazch

Health : Extreme Fatigue [Suggested to Rest for 6 months without using Bloodline Ability]



".... *sigh~" He's sighing like old man whose back is hurting.

I wonder what'll happen after I messed up the plot? Will it raise more problem arise for me? Hopefully not! Too bad I can't kill that old fart or capture that Obito, at least if I can do one of them the tragedy that will befall to this world should be decreased but well I can't expect too much from myself where I'm sure if we compare with itachi then I was more ahead of him right now.

Although I'm powerful now, I can't be arrogant because I don't know when this world will act like my past world that it's made everything around me suddenly enemies.

[A.N : don't worry this is not !~]

All right, it's time for me to go back! At least I'll be relieved until I see Minato and Kushina alive in the end, though I'm quite feeling hopeless to do more because my inability but this is more than enough.

I wonder what will with Naruto of this world where's his parent still exist? hahaha it will be amusing to watch!~

The thing I need to settle now is my ;s demise, I'll try with preventing it if there's possibility but if it's not possible then maybe I'll have to do my just to cut rotten part while keeping fresh part.


Suddenly without trace he's gone from there, and the area after battle suddenly deathly silent like there's nothing happened except there's big crater with scar all over area while the countless trees destroyed with burn mark and sword mark as it's almost there's apocalypse descending onto this silent forest.


Konoha , Minato's Residence.


There's sudden of yellow light then Minato with exhausted is appeared in the room where's Kushina and Naruto resting, after he's arrived he's hurriedly to his wife to tell her, so she can eat the cure he gets from person though earlier he did test if it's poisonous or not but the test results is this is really genuine medicine pill because of that he's at ease to give this pill to his wife while he's hopeful about its effect.

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