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Chapter 6 : Arc I - Chapter 06 : [E] Kyuubi Unsealed, Disaster Come to Konoha's door...

Rebirth : Naruto's World

Konoha's Hidden , that resemble underground temple with seal mark all over

At the center of that , there's woman on the bed who's doing childbirth. She's Kushina, the wife of current Fourth Hokage Minato.

Currently in nearby , Minato pacing back and forth with panic but hopeful on his face.

Then after 10-15 minutes there's baby's crying sound from within that made his bright with full of delight.

"Hahaha, I'm Father now!..." he's laughing while gazing his son and wife with love and tenderness.

"Naruto! ... we've finally meet...." his wife greeting her son with exhausted but delight , her eyes full of loving and tenderness while gazing her son.

"All right kushina, I know that you still exhausted, but we need to suppress the seal of kyuubi before it's causing us problem" he's reminding his wife with apologetic but full of tenderness because he knew how exhausting earlier childbirth to his wife but the current can't wait for her wife to her health.

"Yeah I know, Minato ..." His wife answering but something interrupting their talk.


".....? What?" He's turned around to check what's happened but the scene in front of their eyes is startling because some masked hooded person is taking their son as hostage while the medical ninja has been killed by him.

"Fourth Hokage Minato, .... stay away from the jinchuriki, ...or else this child will die after it's first minute..." The masked man threatened him using their child as hostage.

"Wh-Who are you...?" Minato answering with frightened feeling because his child was taken hostage.

"Ugh... unh" Kushina groaning because the Kyuubi's seal weakening and its taking advantage of her distraught that caused by her child got taken as hostage.

"Kushina?? that seal weakening? Why now of all time, this Kyuubi!" Minato's with flustered feeling.

"Hurry up and move away from Jinchuriki, ... don't you care about what's happen to your little brat?.." Masked man keep demanding Minato to move away from his wife while using his son's life as threat.

"Wait!! Stay calm, okay!" Minato answered with hasty.

"Oh Fourth Hokage, Please speak for yourself! i'm always supremely calm until now" Masked man retort with Sarcastic tone then he's suddenly thrown Naruto in his arm to the air then preparing his kunai to stab the baby.

"NARUTO!!" Kushina's with fright, then suddenly with of light nearby her husband Minato's gone from there and suddenly he's appear behind the Masked mad with Naruto in his hand.

"Impressive, es expected from yellow ! however,...." Masked man's with attitude like he's already expecting it to happen.

"Paper bombs?" Minato's with fright because there's paper bomb sticking into his son's clothes.

"MINATO!! NARUTO!!" Kushina calling her family with surprise tone because she hear paper bombs.

BBOOOMMMMM!!!!!!! *Sound of paper bomb exploding.

Somewhere within forest near Konoha, there's suddenly yellow light then suddenly Minato with Naruto in his hand appeared there.

"Phew, ... thankfully Naruto isn't hurt.. That masked man forced me to use my Flying Raijin Jutsu, .. His target was Kushina.. So he's separating us! Urgh! Gotta hurry!!" Minato is relived but still has his doubt about this and suddenly his gone bad because he's reminded with that masked man real target then with of yellow light he's disappeared from there with his son.

Somewhere on mountain quite far from Konoha, there's 3 rock that 2 of them high enough to be called tower while between them is 1 medium size and on top of it there's a woman who's chained there.

"What,.. What do you want?.." Kushina ask the masked man with gaze full of and hatred.

The woman is Kushina, after his to separate them the masked man immediately taking Kushina here to do some ritual about Kyuubi.

"I'm going to extract Kyuubi from you then destroy the Konoha's with it" Masked man answered her with full hatred tone.

"What...?" Kushina's with startled because of his answer quite frightening.

"Hahahaha, The Kyuubi's seal has been weakened due to childbirth and that troublesome Minato is now far away! There's no one around who will save you, so don't try to think buying time" Masked man talk about the reason for her not to have some

"Ugh..." Kushina groaning with pained

"Do you know, how long I've waited for this??" Masked man suddenly ask kushina about his waiting but suddenly he's activating his only Sharingan pupils while locking into Kushina's eyes.

"!!??" Kushina's startled because she's seeing Sharingan appear within his eyes.


Suddenly Kyuubi aura appear outside of Kushina's body without her control, not long after that the Kyuubi come out from the seal in her stomach.

"Now, come on out Kyuubi!!" Masked Man's with delighted tone after extracting the Kyuubi


The Kyuubi roaring with delight after coming out from his seal, though his happy feeling soon interrupted because he found out that he's been controlled.

"Now, to take care of the Konoha's ; Masked Man Proceeding to leave after seeing this while mumbling.

"Ugh,.. Wait..." Kushina calling to him with extreme pained

"My... My... My... you Uzumaki sure are amazing, you can't die right away when the Kyuubi is extracted already?" Masked Man with surprised tone.

"You were his Jinchuriki, so I'll let you die by his hand" Masked Man mumbling while ordering the Kyuubi with his mind control.

Then without warning the Kyuubi attacking Kushina.




Frightening pressure appear after screaming sound from whom know where it's source except one person who know what's this mean.

"What? So soon? Then, I'm really too late to prevent this happening huh? At least now I have to protect my family, thankfully I'm here! With me taking most of that fox pressure they just fainted if not their body will ruin from within. Now my world is almost half of Konoha's size, I can transfer my family included my home for temporary until this event end!" Xazch with depressed tone because he's feeling that he can't change this sad event happened with Naruto's live.

After he's calming his disturbed mind because his powerlessness, he's quick enough to then he's proceeding to transfer his home and its content together with his family.

He's really thankful because tonight when Kyuubi appear is when his big family is gathered within his home, though his home is not that big but because his dad is just sole children of his paternal grandmother while his maternal is already deceased so there's only him, his father, his mother, his aunt and lastly his paternal grandmother.

If it's happen tomorrow, he can't think what will happen to his grandmother when her home is quite far for him to get her quick enough because this event is sudden so even though its just 500 meter distance it's still quite far.

"Now, all of them is already safe! I can use my strength without hiding, at least in this chaos no one will have enough time to pay to me! So I'll use my customized Anbu Uniform that I've purchased from system's shop to rescue people who need my help, at least with this I can help Naruto's by decreasing the hatred that will to him later" He's mumbling while changing his outfit into some pitch uniform that resembling Konoha Special Corps ANBU uniform then he's setting his kunai, shuriken in some pocket on his hip while he's clenching the sword in his hand, though his mask is quite strange too because it's pitch colored without pattern, and he's changing his hair style that always tied into ponytail by his mother into that loose hair.

If there's someone who's seeing his new appearance, they will think it's some shadow with humanoid form because all of his is except his hand that didn't cover.

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