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Chapter 1 : Arc I - Chapter 01 : [Ex] Strange System!

Rebirth : Naruto's World

[A.N: Because there's some eager reader, I'm writing it shorts to 1k word, so I can release it early! Usually, I'm always fixed on 2k word for my original but it's always an obstacle on my releasing schedule so I'll try to release whenever I'm on 1k point so it will be faster, hopefully!]

Uchiha , somewhere that close with ;s entrance gate there's home that not too big but not too small either.

Within it, there's some mother who has finishes giving birth to her child and her little sister who attend to her need.

The little sister suddenly ask her big sister while cleaning the room "So sister, what's name will you give to this child? since he's your firstborn, I'm sure you will give the best name for him!".

"Uchiha Xazch, I feel that this name suit him! Though we'll see it if his father will agree or maybe he wants to give the name himself?" her big sister answered.


Meanwhile, somewhere within the center of Uchiha , there's a big building that almost can be seen its status from building appearance.

Here's a where the elite within always gathers for this is main residence, at the door of the building there are 2 guards who're talking with a hush.

[A.N: sorry if some of you Naruto's die-hard fans if there's something wrong with building on Uchiha , I'm writing on my own so maybe there's wrong about it so please bear with it he he]

"Hey man, now you're a father already! When will you treat me to big lunch for ;

"Haizz, later! After this shift finished, I'll go back to my home while checking my wife & son ! Even though earlier my sister-in-law sent a message to me that saying they're fine, I still have to see it with my own eyes!"

"Okay, no problem! How about tomorrow? Today you can spend all your time with your family, after all, you didn't there when you're needed! At least you need to compensate them now, it's about time to finish shift so you should prepare to go back and don't worry because there's me here so you can go ahead with your !"

"Thanks, friend, later then! Ah, don't worry about tomorrow! I'll treat you tomorrow to a restaurant, then you can eat all you want until your stomach burst ha ha!"

"Okay, don't worry! Tomorrow I'll starve myself first, so I can empty your pocket hahaha!"


It's been a month already since I'm reborn into this world.

After this month, I got to know that I'm reborn into Naruto's world.

My mother's name is Ririko, while my father's name is Toru and lastly my aunt who's pinching my bottom when I'm born is talkative Erize.

After my father hearing my mother about my name, he's reluctantly that weird name though I don't know why my mother feel that's name suit me? While the truth is that name was my name in my past lives.

What's the meaning of my name? Well, that's not really my name but in my past world, the name that given by my parent is too common!

So I'm creating my own nickname for cool namesake, but that's name is now have its own meaning because it's my past trace and the mark of my new life.

Now let's continue! The First thing I do after getting born as a baby? Of course, suckling my own mother milk breast.

What do you expect from me who still a baby? Do you think there's some kind cheat that me into this world?.

Of course, no cheat exist and it's quite disappointing for me because I feel fear about the unknown, but that was until today.

After everyday suckling milk from my mother, my body and brain seem to be finished adapting with this world law or maybe Well, whatever I don't know what it is.

Earlier after my baby's nap, some strange sound ringing within my soul? Or Maybe my head? Well, the point is that sound is just me who listening to it because surrounding me is like frozen its time?.

The content of its sound is more or less as follows.

*Ding soul binding has been finished!

*Ding initializing the Helper system!

*Processing data! 0%.... 10% ..... 50% ... 80% ..... 100%!

*Installing Helper's feature, applying data & saving data.

it's quite long.

So this cheat of mine is not that overpowered, but not that average.

Because it's like some which processing data faster? But it's just too bad this cheat system is something because the data it gets is just from my laptop storage.

While it seems to be good for some people, it's bad for me because my activity on my laptop is just watching some movie or some super casual game, there's MOBA, MMORPG game too and finally the anime with title Naruto that I finished downloading until its finish but too bad most of it is locked because I only watch about 20 episodes before I died.

So the rest of data about this world still locked, I don't know how to get point for unlocking it. Why? Because the has its price for me to see or watch? Maybe watch because it's

The episode of Naruto before Shippuden need 10 Guide-Point for me to unlock per episode, the bad thing is my Guide-Point is 0[ZERO] so nothing.

I don't know how to get that point but thankfully this system seems to have more feature, like talent customizing.

This feature is a one-time feature, it's still locked because I need to be at least 3 or 4 years and there's 10000 Talent-Point for me to use later, though I don't know how I got that big number.

There's shop system too, but the content is too much expensive for me right now and some of its content has blur effect while has it's % progressed. I think this feature still not finished it's installing, maybe it's still synchronizing with this world.

There's no inventory system but I get another thing that inventory feature, it's red dot mark at the center of my forehead and from the , I got from it is that mark has its own world but it's still small world but it will grow together with my power.

Then lastly, Status! When I'm checking my status, the appears in my head is this.

Name : Uchiha Xazch

Health : Normal

Age : 1 Month

Sex : Male

HP : 5/5 | STA : 2/2 |

ATK : 0 | DEF : 0

STR : 1 | AGI : 0 | DEX : 1

CON : 2 | WIS : 1 | INT : 1

Charm : 10 | Charisma : 5 | Luck : 2

[Bloodline] [Talent] [Ability] [Skill]

This is still temporary because I'm still baby after all and the 0 is not exactly 0 but there's number behind it like 0.2 or etc but this system of mine is troublesome after all so bear with it.


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