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Chapter -1 : Chapter 0 - [Ex] Prologue

Rebirth : Naruto's World

My name is Xazch, I just unimportant orphan who has been abandoned when I'm still a baby.

I've been called trash for my whole life.

I wasn't born with any special point within my life, so I couldn't say anything as retort whenever I was called trash.

That isn't to say I never struggled to the better person, but at the end, it's still futile attempt for me.

This goddamned life, this fucking world and everything within this world I hate because I feel they are rejecting me.

God or whatever that exist seem like a joke within my eyes, if there's god within the world! Why the hell that my life is fucked up like this? Is my life was funny for them to watch from there?.

Even though I the world for everything happened to me, it's useless, so I started to feel indifference toward this life of mine.

I've begun to act as a spectator that see anything around me just something like show or film, I didn't try to interact or talk unless it's really necessary.

Everything is fine until there's meteor reaching into my home when I'm sleeping, yeah I'm dead! Without leaving any important mark to this world as my life about to end.

I really regret it that I stay late until its almost dawn just for doing my research, yeah it's just watching anime because of my about what's so good about this thing.

The anime title is something like Naruto whatever, my is picked up when I'm listening to two boys who talk loudly about it like something awesome happened to them.

The two boy is discussing that anime while moving their hand around while forming something like seal then shouting some words like Jutsu whatever because my boring life I feel that I should try to watch that anime whatever that two boys talking about.

Then because of my that I feel tired after watching about 10-20 chapter? I don't remember but I feel like this thing called anime is a good thing that I can use to spend my time, but the world says otherwise.

I didn't realize that I fell asleep while the video still because I didn't even turn off my laptop so it's currently Naruto from the last episode I watch and its mode is ' next file in the folder' so it's continuing the

That's when the meteor struck, I feel that this world, really despise me! For fuck's sake, I didn't even know why? Why would I get this treatment from this world who give nothing good to me? When I finally found something that could be called fun for me! I'm wondering about it until I really die.

Then everything is , my is gone from this world or, so I would say my existence is erased by the world itself.


Unknown to him, his pendant shining before his body turned into ash and it's disappeared.


I feel that I'm wandering within this unknown void like forever, without any event happening here.

All I feel is just emptiness, 'is this afterlife?' I ask myself about this feeling.

If it is, it's really worse! Why do I feel that even though now I'm dead, everything still rejecting me?


What sin that I have for me to get this treatment?Did my past life is some bastard that sinned to the world? If so, why should they give me chance to live another life? Just erase my soul is enough.

Is it something like tormenting me that will erase my sin if it's really my past life if it is! Go fuck yourself! I didn't even have any of my past memories, so who can tell me that I really deserve this treatment?.

My soul is currently raging, I feel mad for who knows how long it's have been.

Until I feel my current indifference get more solid, so I just take everything for something to himself.

Even though currently this unknown event is happening to me, I didn't even care anymore, so I just let it be.

Then after whom know how long that time has been ticked, I feel there's change into this void like the

The temperature is warm, it's comfortable enough for me to moan if I'm still alive. For who knows how long I feel my body is formed from nothing while I'm feeling comfortable within this space.

Someday there's suddenly balled of light within this , I feel that light is something that should be exit door from this void like space.

Then I'm trying to reach it using my full strength though I feel that I can't move at all that light seem to have some pulling force that sucking me from here.

It feels like forever until I feel that all my body is come out from that void like space, I've tried to open my eyes, so I can check my current but my eyes feel heavy.

Then I've tried to open my mouth, so I can check if I can talk or not, but the sound that comes out is bewildering me.

"Aa uu... aa... uu ..... ooaaa..."

Not long after the sound of my voice comes out, suddenly I feel pain from my bottom then I try to curse someone like 'FUCK ITS HURT!! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE!!' but all I can push out from my mouth is just crying voice.

"Waa... Waaahhhhh ..... Wahhh Waaaaahhh" [A.N: Did I do right with baby's cries? Well whatever!]

"Thank God, I thought there's something wrong with your child! Here's your child, and it's son so with your delivery sister! I wonder when I have a son that cute like him hehe!"

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